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AB6IX Members Profile : Age, Birthdays, Positions & Fandom Name

by Ethan

K-pop has swept across the globe like a hurricane, and within this exciting cultural tide, one boy band that has captured hearts is AB6IX. This South Korean ensemble dazzles with their entrancing live acts, signature tunes, and the distinct charm of each member. AB6IX shines as a beacon within the dynamic, ever-changing world of K-pop, beckoning admirers from every corner to plunge into their melodies and discover the talents crafting these chart-topping anthems.

Introduction of AB6IX

AB6IX is a South Korean boy band unveiled by Brand New Music in 2019. The squad is comprised of four artists: Jeon Woong, Kim Dong-hyun, Park Woo-jin, and Lee Dae-hwi. Each member infuses their own essence into the group, showcasing skills in vocals, rap, and dance. AB6IX burst onto the scene with their EP “B:COMPLETE,” which promptly resonated in the K-pop realm. Their group’s moniker, “Absolute Six,” represents the quintet and their fans uniting to create a flawless collective.

AB6IX Member Profile

AB6IX Member: Jeon Woong

Jeon Woong was born on October 15, 1997. Among the group, he shines as the main vocalist, celebrated for his robust and expressive timbre. With a past speckled with training from various talent agencies, Woong contributes a wealth of experience and a polished flair on stage to AB6IX. His MBTI personality type is ENFJ, matching his astrological sign, Libra.

AB6IX Member: Kim Dong-hyun

Kim Dong-hyun, born on September 17, 1998, assumes the role of lead vocalist. Preceding his time with AB6IX, Dong-hyun was half of the duo MXM. His velvety vocal hues and magnetic aura have marked him as an exceptional entertainer. His personality is of the ISFP variety, and he is a Virgo by star sign.

AB6IX Member: Park Woo-jin

Park Woo-jin was born on November 2, 1999. Famed for his kinetic displays and rapping prowess in AB6IX, Woo-jin energizes their performances. He also enjoyed prior acclaim with the ensemble Wanna One. As per MBTI, he is an ISTJ, and his zodiac is Scorpio.

AB6IX Member: Lee Dae-hwi

Lee Dae-hwi was born on January 29, 2001, and is the ensemble’s youngest luminary. As lead vocalist and maknae, he is noted for his compositional ingenuity and vocal amplitude. Dae-hwi also earned his fame with Wanna One. His personality, an INFP, complements his Aquarius sign.

AB6IX Members’ Birthdays

MemberBirthdayZodiac Sign
Jeon WoongOctober 15, 1997Libra
Kim Dong-hyunSeptember 17, 1998Virgo
Park Woo-jinNovember 2, 1999Scorpio
Lee Dae-hwiJanuary 29, 2001Aquarius

AB6IX Members’ Positions

Jeon WoongMain Vocalist
Kim Dong-hyunLead Vocalist
Park Woo-jinMain Dancer, Rapper
Lee Dae-hwiLead Vocalist, Maknae

AB6IX’s Fandom Name

AB6IX greets their fans with the name “ABNEW,” which embodies “Absolute New.” It symbolizes the tight-knit bond with their fanbase and mirrors the novel chapters they’ll craft together on the AB6IX sonic odyssey.

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What is AB6IX’s official fandom name?

The official fandom title of AB6IX is “ABNEW,” signifying the close rapport between the ensemble and their devoted followers, along with the fresh escapades they will embark upon together.

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