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APINK Members Profile : Age, Birthdays, Positions & Fandom Name

by Ethan

K-pop has swept across the globe, with APINK leading the charge as a girl group adored for their infectious tunes, mesmerizing dance moves, and devoted following. Since their introduction to the music scene, APINK has stolen hearts with their irresistible charm and formidable skills, etching their name into the annals of music history.

Introduction of APINK

Assembled by Play M Entertainment (once A Cube Entertainment), APINK burst onto the scene on April 19, 2011, with their EP “Seven Springs of Apink.” This ensemble initially featured seven members, but now rocks as a sextet after the amicable separation with Hong Yookyung in 2013. APINK has won acclaim for their consistently refreshing and wholesome vibe, a signature of their embodiment. The passing years have seen them churn out hit after hit and rake in numerous accolades, cementing their legacy as one of the K-pop realm’s most stalwart girl groups.

APINK Member Profile

APINK Member: Park Chorong

Park Chorong, born on March 3, 1991, helms the group as the captain and lends her vocals to APINK. Bearing the MBTI of ISFP and under the Pisces star sign, Chorong infuses a serene yet resolute spirit into the collective. She shines with a nurturing heart and showcases flair in acting and penning songs.

APINK Member: Yoon Bomi

Yoon Bomi graced the earth on August 13, 1993. As the ace dancer and key vocalist of APINK, she exudes a vibrancy that captivates all. With an ENFJ personality and a Leo Zodiac, Bomi radiates a magnetic and heartwarming presence.

APINK Member: Jung Eunji

Jung Eunji arrived on August 18, 1993. Occupying the role of principal vocalist, Eunji astonishes with her resonant voice and the intensity she brings to each performance. Her INFP classification on the MBTI and Leo Zodiac testify to her innate artistry and fiery passion.

APINK Member: Son Naeun

Celebrating her birth on February 10, 1994, Son Naeun lends her vocals to APINK and dazzles as the group’s visual. With an INFJ personality and Aquarius sign, she embodies reflection and creativity, traits that flow through her effortlessly.

APINK Member: Kim Namjoo

Kim Namjoo was born on April 15, 1995, and serves as both a lead vocalist and rhyme-spitter for APINK. Her ENFP MBTI and Aries Zodiac depict her as a bubbling cauldron of exuberance and inspiration, fueling the ensemble’s artistic fires.

APINK Member: Oh Hayoung

First welcomed on July 19, 1996, Oh Hayoung is APINK’s youngest, adding her laid-back raps and supportive vocals to the mix. Hayoung’s ESFJ nature and Cancer sign reveal her nurturing energy and upbeat presence in the sisterhood’s fabric.

APINK Members’ Birthdays

  • Park Chorong: March 3, 1991 (Pisces)
  • Yoon Bomi: August 13, 1993 (Leo)
  • Jung Eunji: August 18, 1993 (Leo)
  • Son Naeun: February 10, 1994 (Aquarius)
  • Kim Namjoo: April 15, 1995 (Aries)
  • Oh Hayoung: July 19, 1996 (Cancer)

APINK Members’ Positions

  • Park Chorong: Leader, Vocalist
  • Yoon Bomi: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist
  • Jung Eunji: Main Vocalist
  • Son Naeun: Vocalist, Visual
  • Kim Namjoo: Lead Vocalist, Rapper
  • Oh Hayoung: Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Maknae

APINK’s Fandom Name

The fan community of APINK is endearingly coined “Panda,” a name drawn from where ‘A’ heralds as the apex and ‘PINK’ embodies their pursuit to reign supreme in all arenas. This moniker also mirrors the rare and treasured alliance between APINK and their admirers, as distinctive as the bond shared by pandas and their guardians.

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What is the official fandom name for APINK fans?

“Panda” is the chosen sobriquet for the supporters of APINK, illustrating the tight-knit and heartfelt camaraderie between the ensemble and those who cheer them on.

Which APINK member is the main vocalist acclaimed for her resonant singing?

Jung Eunji stands out as the predominant vocalist of APINK, renowned for her booming and evocative arias that stir the souls of fans across the globe.

How can global fans plunge into the K-pop heartbeat in Seoul?

Global aficionados can plunge into K-pop’s essence with bespoke escapades in Seoul, such as the K-pop enthusiast tour, unfolding a wealth of insider knowledge into the beats and lives of K-pop icons.

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