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Block B Members Profile : Age, Birthdays, Positions & Fandom Name

by Ethan

K-pop admirers across the planet have been mesmerized by the distinctive rhythms and magnetic stage acts of Block B. This South Korean boy band has etched a towering impression on the music landscape, bewitching fans with their special fusion of hip-hop beats and pop melodies.

Introduction of Block B

Block B burst onto the K-pop battlefield in 2011, imagined into existence by Cho PD and reared by KQ Entertainment. A septet of talent, the group stars Zico, Taeil, B-Bomb, Jaehyo, U-Kwon, Park Kyung, and P.O. Renowned for their explosive rap battles and energetic dance dazzles, Block B has crafted an image of being more hard-hitting and streetwise than your average K-pop boy squad. Riding the rollercoaster of fame, they’ve ignited a devoted fan following, the BBC (Block B Club), who’ve weathered the storms of legal skirmishes and shifts in the group’s musical compass.

Block B Members Profile

Block B Member: Zico

Zico, unveiled to the world as Woo Ji-ho on September 14, 1992, is the beating heart and the chief architect of Block B’s sound. His MBTI type is ENTP, and his cosmic sign is Virgo. Acclaimed for his rapping prowess, Zico commands a flourishing solo journey in tandem with his commitments to Block B.

Block B Member: Taeil

Lee Tae-il, crowned Taeil, was born on September 24, 1990. An ISFJ, he brings warmth and empathy in abundance, and balances under the sign of Libra. As the main vocal powerhouse, Taeil’s sonorous bellows are a bedrock for Block B’s melodies.

Block B Member: B-Bomb

B-Bomb, christened Lee Min-hyuk and born on December 14, 1990, wears his INFP badge and Sagittarius sign with a creative and dreamer’s spirit. Serving as a principal dancer, he spins and soars while also lending his voice to the harmony.

Block B Member: Jaehyo

Introduced to the stage as Ahn Jae-hyo and born on December 23, 1990, Jaehyo’s ISTP personality and Capricorn starsign present a pillar of calm. A vocalist with striking features, he shines as the group’s visual beacon.

Block B Member: U-Kwon

Known as U-Kwon and born Kim Yu-kwon on April 9, 1992, he radiates ENFJ traits and Aries fire. U-Kwon captivates as a premiere dancer and secondary vocalist, hypnotizing audiences with his fluid moves and compelling presence.

Block B Member: Park Kyung

Park Kyung, alighting the world on July 8, 1992, navigates life with an INTP mind and under the Cancer constellation. As a wordsmith and beatsmith, he’s lauded for his sharp lyricism and sophisticated musical craft.

Block B Member: P.O

Pyo Ji-hoon, the group’s spark and known as P.O, arrived on February 2, 1993. Brandishing an ESFJ blueprint and the sign of an Aquarius, he embellishes Block B’s rap and vocals with youthful verve as the youngest of the clan.

Block B Members’ Birthdays

  • Zico: born on September 14, 1992 (Virgo)
  • Taeil: born on September 24, 1990 (Libra)
  • B-Bomb: born on December 14, 1990 (Sagittarius)
  • Jaehyo: born on December 23, 1990 (Capricorn)
  • U-Kwon: born on April 9, 1992 (Aries)
  • Park Kyung: born on July 8, 1992 (Cancer)
  • P.O: born on February 2, 1993 (Aquarius)

Block B Members’ Positions

  • Zico: Captain, Chief Rapper, Sonic Architect
  • Taeil: Lead Vocal Dynamo
  • B-Bomb: Premier Dance Artiste, Vocal Contributor
  • Jaehyo: Melodic Crafter, Visual Luminary
  • U-Kwon: Dance Vanguard, Vocal Support
  • Park Kyung: Lyric Maestro, Sonic Innovator
  • P.O: Rhyme Slinger, Vocal Energizer

Block B’s Fandom Name

The ardent admirers of Block B are affectionately christened BBC, short for Block B Club. Their resolute camaraderie with the band has been pivotal in Block B’s saga of stardom, signifying the mighty currents of K-pop congregations.

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What is the official fandom name for Block B fans?

Block B enthusiasts officially rally under the banner of BBC, an acronym for Block B Club.

When did Block B thunder onto the music scene?

Block B unfurled their flag in April 2011 with the launch of their initial anthem “Freeze!”

How can international fans drink in K-pop culture in Seoul?

Global devotees can submerge themselves in Seoul’s K-pop extravaganza by setting out on the Seoul Kpop Tour, roaming the corridors of entertainment entities, basking in live musical spectacles, and hopping into rhythm-packed dance forays.

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