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CLASS:y Members Profile : Age, Birthdays, Positions & Fandom Name

by Ethan

K-pop aficionados across the planet, brace yourselves to plunge into the universe of CLASS:y, the fresh-faced and effervescent girl group that’s ensnaring hearts with their singular sound and electric performances. If you’re itching to unearth every last detail about CLASS:y—from their members’ stories to their fandom moniker—then you’ve hit the jackpot!

Introduction of CLASS:y

CLASS:y is a South Korean girl group that made waves with their debut under Universal Music Japan and M25. Leaping onto the scene in 2022, they have soared to the forefront of the K-pop realm. The squad features seven members, each infusing the mix with their distinctive zest and prowess. CLASS:y’s genesis was sparked by a survival show named “My Teenage Girl,” where blossoming stars vied for a slot in this novel ensemble. As they ascend the ladder of fame, CLASS:y has blossomed into an emblem of K-pop’s new era, exhibiting a kaleidoscope of concepts and melodies that echo with enthusiasts around the globe.

CLASS:y Members Profile

CLASS:y Member: Chaewon

Chaewon was born on November 11, 2002, landing her as a Scorpio. She’s celebrated for her magnetic stage aura and mighty vocal chops. As a pivotal member of the group, her leadership sparks as much as her voice. Shrouded in secrecy, Chaewon’s MBTI personality type remains under wraps, sprinkling added intrigue to her persona.

CLASS:y Member: Hyungseo

Hyungseo, debuting on May 25, 2004, is a Gemini celebrated for her honeyed voice and bewitching charm. Her role in CLASS:y spotlights her vocal finesse and knack for weaving ties with the crowd. Her MBTI personality type, still a mystery, shines through in her high-voltage yet delicate performances.

CLASS:y Member: Seonyou

Seonyou graced the world on November 19, 2004, under the Scorpio sign. In CLASS:y, she’s lauded for her slick dance moves and captivating presence. She morphs seamlessly across musical landscapes, a testament to her performative agility.

CLASS:y Member: Jimin

Jimin joined the celebration of life on July 31, 2005, as a Leo. With CLASS:y, she broadcasts her dance and rap artistry, enriching the team’s vibrant image. Peering into Jimin’s MBTI type reveals the imaginative spirit behind her showmanship.

CLASS:y Member: Boeun

Boeun, an enchanting Pisces born; on February 29, 2008, is recognized for her otherworldly visuals and vocal gifts. A bloom amongst thorns, her youthful exuberance enlivens CLASS:y, holding fans spellbound with her prowess and allure.

CLASS:y Member: Hyeju

Hyeju, a steadfast Capricorn, arrived on January 11, 2006. In CLASS:y, she illuminates the stage with her dance and song. Her enigmatic MBTI personality type layers depth into her compelling stage demeanor.

CLASS:y Member: Seoyeon

Seoyeon’s entrance to the world falls on February 24, 2006, making her a dreamy Pisces. In CLASS:y, she’s acclaimed for her commanding vocals that seize adoration. Her astrological and MBTI mystique courses through her artistry and stagecraft.

CLASS:y Members’ Birthdays

MemberBirthdayZodiac Sign
ChaewonNovember 11, 2002Scorpio
HyungseoMay 25, 2004Gemini
SeonyouNovember 19, 2004Scorpio
JiminJuly 31, 2005Leo
BoeunFebruary 29, 2008Pisces
HyejuJanuary 11, 2006Capricorn
SeoyeonFebruary 24, 2006Pisces

CLASS:y Members’ Positions

ChaewonLeader, Main Vocalist
SeonyouMain Dancer, Vocalist
JiminMain Rapper, Lead Dancer
BoeunLead Vocalist
HyejuLead Dancer, Vocalist
SeoyeonMain Vocalist

CLASS:y’s Fandom Name

Every K-pop troupe boasts a distinctive fandom alias that binds them to their admirers. CLASS:y’s fandom is christened ‘CLASS:y CROWN’, symbolizing the regal distinction bestowed by fans who support them like sovereigns. This moniker crystallizes the deep reverence and fondness shared between CLASS:y and their loyal fan army.

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What is the official fandom alias for CLASS:y enthusiasts?

Supporters of CLASS:y don the title ‘CLASS:y CROWN’, the name that echoes their cherished and esteemed fellowship with the troop.

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