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DIA Members Profile : Age, Birthdays, Positions & Fandom Name

by Ethan

Plunging into the core of the K-pop craze, you can’t simply skim past the electrifying girl group that is DIA. Since their electric debut, DIA has snatched the adoration of fans all across the globe with their distinctive magnetism, addictive tunes, and lively stage shows. No matter if you’re a seasoned K-pop aficionado or just dipping your toes into the scene, wanting to discover everything about DIA, this all-encompassing guide unfurls the tales about the group’s lineup, their special roles, and a whole lot more.

Introduction of DIA

DIA, short for “Do It Amazing,” is a South Korean girl ensemble sculpted by MBK Entertainment. The crew erupted onto the scene on September 14, 2015, launching their anthology “Do It Amazing” and swiftly ascended to stardom in the K-pop realm. DIA blends a concoction of musical flavors, embracing pop, ballads, and dance tunes, underscoring their adaptability and broad allure. Traversing through lineup metamorphoses, the squad has persevered in thrilling their followers – warmly known as AID – with novel and fascinating beats.

DIA Members Profile

DIA Member: Eunice

Eunice, born Heo Soo-yeon on September 2, 1991, pulsates at the heart of DIA. She energizes as the main songstress and dancer, showering fans with robust melodies and spirited rhythmic moves. Her MBTI personality sparkles as ENFJ, with a Zodiac of Virgo, underscoring her methodical and nurturing essence.

DIA Member: Jueun

Jueun, truly Lee Ju-eun, welcomed the world on June 7, 1995. As a principal songbird, Jueun weaves harmony into DIA’s tracks, her MBTI type ISFP hinting at her creative and tender soul. Her Gemini Zodiac shines with her knack for adaptability and eloquence.

DIA Member: Huihyeon

Huihyeon, also christened Ki Hui-hyeon, greeted life on June 16, 1995. She shoulders the mantle of leader, chief rapper, and dancer. Huihyeon’s command of the stage and incisive rapping carves a striking presence. Her MBTI reveals an ESTP persona, with a Gemini Zodiac showing her vibrant and sharp-witted nature.

DIA Member: Yebin

Yebin, inaugurated Baek Ye-bin on July 13, 1997, enhances DIA as lead vocalist and sub-rapper. Her dulcet vocal charm and jack-of-all-trades talent have earned her a swarm of fans. An INFP in the MBTI realm, her Cancer Zodiac underlines her empathic and visionary flair.

DIA Member: Chaeyeon

Chaeyeon, formally Jung Chae-yeon, celebrates being born on December 1, 1997. As a secondary songstress and the group’s visual, she beguiles with her photogenic grace and soft-spoken vocals. Guided by an ESFJ MBTI and a Sagittarius Zodiac, she embodies a blend of sociability and adventurousness.

DIA Member: Eunchae

Eunchae, known offstage as Kwon Chae-won, emerged on May 26, 1999. As the lead dancer and backing vocalist, she infuses the group with vitality. Her ESFP MBTI and Gemini Zodiac underscore her vivacious and spry spirit.

DIA Members’ Birthdays

MemberBirthdayZodiac Sign
EuniceSeptember 2, 1991Virgo
JueunJune 7, 1995Gemini
HuihyeonJune 16, 1995Gemini
YebinJuly 13, 1997Cancer
ChaeyeonDecember 1, 1997Sagittarius
EunchaeMay 26, 1999Gemini

DIA Members’ Positions

EuniceMain Vocalist, Dancer
JueunMain Vocalist
HuihyeonLeader, Main Rapper, Dancer
YebinLead Vocalist, Sub-Rapper
ChaeyeonSub-Vocalist, Visual
EunchaeLead Dancer, Sub-Vocalist

DIA’s Fandom Name

DIA’s official fan banner is “AID,” echoing the strength and backing the fans lavish upon the group. AID crystallizes the mutual bond between DIA and their supporters, fueling each other’s ascent in the fierce arena of K-pop.

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What is the official fandom name of DIA?

The official fandom name of DIA is AID, emblematic of the encouragement and assistance the enthusiasts extend to the group.

Where can I bask in K-pop culture in Seoul?

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