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DreamNote Members Profile : Age, Birthdays, Positions & Fandom Name

by Ethan

As the pulsating rhythms and electric grooves of K-pop seize hearts across the globe, DreamNote emerges as a shining beacon in the vast K-pop cosmos. This sprightly girl group has swiftly captured a loyal legion of fans with their irresistible melodies, mesmerizing dance moves, and infectious charm. In this thorough voyage, we’ll plunge into the universe of DreamNote, uncovering the secrets from the members’ profiles to their roles in the troupe and the fervent community of admirers cheering them on.

# Introduction of DreamNote

DreamNote is a South Korean girl group launched by iMe KOREA that burst onto the scene in November 2018. Their musical flair melds the buzz of pop with a youthful twinkle, echoing their name as the “dreamy notes” that sprinkle happiness on their fans. Initially, eight members danced onto the stage, but as of early 2023, they continue to weave their spell in the K-pop domain, winning over more fans by the minute.

# DreamNote Member Profile

Each DreamNote member infuses the group with her individual zest and spark. Now, let’s zoom in on the DreamNote members.

### DreamNote Member: Youi

Youi, the magnetic force leading DreamNote, was born on May 10. She dances and sings, lighting up the stage. Her MBTI personality type along with her zodiac sign mirror her dynamic presence and guiding light.

### DreamNote Member: Boni

Boni, born on August 21, lends her melodious voice to DreamNote. Her harmonies and showmanship beam with every performance. Her MBTI and star sign offer glimpses into her creative spirit and rapport with the crowd.

### DreamNote Member: Lara

Lara celebrates her birthday on February 10, enchanting audiences with her vocal prowess and stage magnetism. Her critical role in DreamNote is illuminated by her MBTI and zodiac sign, depicting her character both in the spotlight and beyond.

### DreamNote Member: Miso

Miso, born on March 27, enriches DreamNote with her distinctive sound and grooves. Her talents are accented by her MBTI and zodiac sign, shedding light on the qualities that make her an indispensable member of the ensemble.

### DreamNote Member: Sumin

Sumin, who cherishes her birthday on November 13, dazzles as DreamNote’s dancer and songstress. Her vivacious performances pay homage to her MBTI and zodiac sign, aligning with her vigorous stage persona.

### DreamNote Member: Eunjo

Eunjo, born on September 19, adds another layer of vocal harmony to DreamNote. Her sonorous voice enhances the collective melody, and her MBTI plus zodiac sign underscore her ties with the fans.

### DreamNote Member: Hanbyeol

Hanbyeol, with her special day on January 13, lends her singing and dancing abilities to round off DreamNote. Her MBTI and zodiac sign reflect the attributes she brings to the group, invigorating their shows and interactions with enthusiasts.

### DreamNote Member: Habin

Habin, born on August 12, is a past member of DreamNote who parted ways due to health challenges. Throughout her time, her gift as a dancer and vocalist played a pivotal role in DreamNote’s initial triumphs.

# DreamNote Member’s Birthdays

MemberBirthdayZodiac Sign
YouiMay 10Taurus
BoniAugust 21Leo
LaraFebruary 10Aquarius
MisoMarch 27Aries
SuminNovember 13Scorpio
EunjoSeptember 19Virgo
HanbyeolJanuary 13Capricorn

# DreamNote Member’s Positions

YouiLeader, Vocalist, Dancer
BoniMain Vocalist
LaraLead Vocalist
MisoMain Dancer, Vocalist
SuminMain Dancer, Vocalist
HanbyeolLead Dancer, Vocalist

# DreamNote’s Fandom Name

The fandom of DreamNote is tenderly known as “Page,” denoting that every fan is a precious leaf in DreamNote’s grand storybook. This warmth between the idols and their admirers is key to K-pop’s essence, crafting a robust fellowship around the tunes and performers.

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What is the official fandom name for DreamNote fans?

Adoringly, DreamNote fans are dubbed “Page,” symbolizing the notion that each fan embellishes DreamNote’s sonnet of melody with their own narrative.

Where can I dive into K-pop culture with all my senses in Seoul?

In Seoul, K-pop pulses everywhere, from dance workshops to the haunts of idols. You might also book a Seoul Kpop Tour for an all-encompassing K-pop escapade.

What are the prime neighborhoods for K-pop enthusiasts to bunk down in Seoul?

For the K-pop hearted, consider Hongdae for its electric tunes and zesty spirit, or Myeongdong for prime shopping and strategic hotel locations – both brimming with K-pop thrills.

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