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DRIPPIN Members Profile : Age, Birthdays, Positions & Fandom Name

by Ethan

In the dazzling universe of K-pop, fresh waves of talent are always rolling in, snatching attention and reigning supreme over playlists worldwide. Among these new sensations is DRIPPIN, a boy band whose electrifying shows and magnetic charm have positioned them as ones to keep an eye on in the arena. Radiating youthful vigor and a breezy, novel approach to tunes, DRIPPIN has swiftly built a devoted following, all set to trail their every stride.

Introduction of DRIPPIN

DRIPPIN is a South Korean boy band crafted by Woollim Entertainment, a home for numerous famed K-pop ensembles. The squad made their splash on October 28, 2020, with their inaugural extended play (EP) “Boyager.” DRIPPIN unites seven spirited members: Hyeop, Yunseong, Changuk, Dongyun, Minseo, Junho, and Alex. Every comrade infuses the band with their distinctive zest, feeding into their electric acts and varied tunes. Their entrance onto the music battleground was heralded with original melodies and lively dance moves, paving their path to skyrocketing acclaim both near and afar.

DRIPPIN Member Profile

DRIPPIN Member: Hyeop

Lee Hyeop, known simply as Hyeop, was born on August 13, 1999. As the main vocalist of DRIPPIN, his robust and tuneful voice shines in the group’s offerings. A veteran of the survival show “Produce X 101,” Hyeop has refined his vocal prowess to become a standout artist. His MBTI personality type is ENFP, while his Zodiac sign is Leo.

DRIPPIN Member: Yunseong

Kim Yunseong, born on February 8, 2000, dances into the spotlight as the group’s lead dancer and vocalist. Yunseong’s fervor for dance and velvety vocals are pivotal to the allure of DRIPPIN. Before his days with DRIPPIN, he too graced “Produce X 101,” broadening his appeal. His MBTI reads ISFJ, and by Zodiac, he’s an Aquarius.

DRIPPIN Member: Changuk

Joo Changuk celebrates his birthday on July 25, 2001, and adorns the band as a vocalist. His gentle and heartwarming tones lend a distinct texture to DRIPPIN’s harmony. Prior to DRIPPIN, Changuk dedicated time as a trainee and has since charmed fans with his likeable persona. His MBTI type is INFP, crowned with a Leo Zodiac sign.

DRIPPIN Member: Dongyun

Kim Dongyun, who was born on February 18, 2002, snaps and pops as a rapper and dancer in the band. Dongyun’s incisive rap flow and nimble footwork inject a dose of vitality into DRIPPIN’s shows. His pre-debut days on “Produce X 101” fostered a robust fanbase. With an ESFJ personality and zodiac skies reflecting Aquarius, he’s a whirlwind of talent.

DRIPPIN Member: Minseo

Kim Minseo, born on April 21, 2002, showcases his talent as another vocalist in DRIPPIN. He’s lauded for his extensive vocal range and control, smoothly navigating various genres. Minseo’s soft-spoken nature paired with his steadfast talent has secured him a dedicated fan contingent. His MBTI is ENFJ, and he’s a Taurus by the Zodiac.

DRIPPIN Member: Junho

Cha Junho’s tones resonate with fans, having been born on July 9, 2002. A vocalist, his lucid and expressive singing amplifies many of DRIPPIN’s tracks. Junho sprang to prominence with “Produce X 101,” celebrated for his visuals coupled with vocal finesse. His MBTI delineates him as an ISTJ and the celestial waves of Cancer grace his Zodiac sign.

DRIPPIN Member: Alex

Alexander Vincent Schmidt, familiar as Alex, was born on October 1, 2004, in Germany. As the junior-most and the sole international member, he rocks the roles of rapper and dancer. Alex’s inclusion weaves a distinct global thread through the group’s fabric. His MBTI is ENTP, balanced by the equilibrium of a Libra Zodiac sign.

DRIPPIN Member’s Birthdays

Here’s a rundown of the members’ birthdays and their Zodiac companions:

MemberBirthdayZodiac Sign
HyeopAugust 13, 1999Leo
YunseongFebruary 8, 2000Aquarius
ChangukJuly 25, 2001Leo
DongyunFebruary 18, 2002Aquarius
MinseoApril 21, 2002Taurus
JunhoJuly 9, 2002Cancer
AlexOctober 1, 2004Libra

DRIPPIN Member’s Positions

Behold the distribution of talents within DRIPPIN detailed in the table below:

HyeopMain Vocalist
YunseongLead Dancer, Vocalist
DongyunRapper, Dancer
AlexRapper, Dancer

DRIPPIN’s Fandom Name

All K-pop bands christen their fan legions with distinct monikers, and DRIPPIN follows suit. Their enthusiasts go by the endearing name “DREAMIN’.” This tag dear to fans signifies those who intertwine their dreams with the band, offering steadfast backing on their musical voyage. DRIPPIN and DREAMIN’s unison epitomizes the intense camaraderie forged through tunes and mutual dreams.

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What is the nuance within the name of DRIPPIN’s fandom?

“DREAMIN’” baptizes the faithful aficionados of DRIPPIN, emblematic of the fans dreaming in harmony with the ensemble, anchoring them with unflagging encouragement as they navigate the charts.

When did DRIPPIN burst onto the scene?

DRIPPIN leaped onto the stage on October 28, 2020, launching their premiere EP “Boyager,” and signaling their vibrant step into the K-pop universe.

How might one dive into K-pop culture headfirst in Seoul?

Aspiring pilgrims can snag a K-pop fan tour in Seoul, stopping at renowned landmarks from hit clips, star-making agencies, and other K-pop shrines. Securing a spot is a breeze on platforms like Klook for a sweeping cultural spree.

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