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EPEX Members Profile : Age, Birthdays, Positions & Fandom Name

by Ethan

content : Introduction of EPEX

EPEX, an acronym for Eight Apex, is a South Korean boy band sculpted by C9 Entertainment in 2021. This electrifying ensemble has swiftly won over the affection of K-pop aficionados worldwide with their vibrant routines, heart-to-heart lyrics, and distinctive soundscapes. EPEX is composed of eight gifted individuals who infuse the group with their distinct zest and contribute massively to its triumph. Their ascent in the fiercely competitive K-pop arena stands as a tribute to their relentless determination and the escalating sway of Korean pop culture across the globe.

# EPEX Member Profile

## EPEX Member: Wish

Wish was born on February 17, 2002, anchoring him in the Aquarius sign. As the mainstay of EPEX, he knits the group tightly with his standout leadership talents and magnetic aura. His MBTI personality type is INFJ, celebrated for their imaginative spirit and dream-driven mindset.

## EPEX Member: Keum

Born on May 14, 2003, Keum embodies the Taurus spirit with his MBTI type of ENTP, mirroring his inventive and venturesome character. Keum injects a dose of adaptability into EPEX as a lead dancer and rapper, highlighting his flair to meld into diverse styles and musical genres.

## EPEX Member: Mu

Mu, born on December 15, 2003, is a true Sagittarius. With his MBTI personality type of ISFP, he adds a pinch of tenderness and dash of impulsiveness to his lead vocalist role, mesmerizing followers with his harmonious tunes.

## EPEX Member: A-Min

A-Min marks his birthday celebrations on May 22, 2004, identifying as a Gemini. His analytical and vibrant disposition is noted in his MBTI personality type, INTP. A-Min’s dual facets beam through as both vocalist and dancer, enriching his on-stage expressions.

## EPEX Member: Baekseung

Baekseung was born on December 5, 2004, under the Sagittarius constellation. As an ESTP, which perfectly fits his role as a main dancer and lead rapper, he radiates dynamism and a no-nonsense attitude.

## EPEX Member: Ayden

Ayden turns a year older on December 17, 2004, linking him to the Sagittarius sign. Known as an ESFJ, he’s recognized for his heartwarming and diligent spirit, which he pours into his work as a lead vocalist and dancer.

## EPEX Member: Yewang

Yewang, yet another Sagittarian, was born on December 11, 2004. His ENFJ MBTI underscores his guiding principles and empathic nature, evident in his dual role as a main vocalist and the visual charm of EPEX.

## EPEX Member: Jeff

Jeff, the youngest trailblazer of the crew, was born on April 21, 2005, a steadfast Taurus. His ISTJ personality type spotlights his steadfastness and pragmatic stride as EPEX’s lead rapper and maknae.

# EPEX Member’s Birthdays

| Member | Birthday | Zodiac Sign |
| ———– | ————— | ————– |
| Wish | February 17 | Aquarius |
| Keum | May 14 | Taurus |
| Mu | December 15 | Sagittarius |
| A-Min | May 22 | Gemini |
| Baekseung | December 5 | Sagittarius |
| Ayden | December 17 | Sagittarius |
| Yewang | December 11 | Sagittarius |
| Jeff | April 21 | Taurus |

# EPEX Member’s Positions

| Member | Position |
| ————– | ————————– |
| Wish | Leader, Vocalist |
| Keum | Lead Dancer, Rapper |
| Mu | Main Vocalist |
| A-Min | Vocalist, Dancer |
| Baekseung | Main Dancer, Lead Rapper |
| Ayden | Lead Vocalist, Dancer |
| Yewang | Main Vocalist, Visual |
| Jeff | Lead Rapper, Maknae |

# EPEX’s Fandom Name

EPEX’s fandom, tenderly termed “ZENITH,” stands for the zenith point reached by a celestial body, which mirrors the steadfast support of the fans as they boost EPEX to stardom’s highest peaks.

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What is the official fandom name for EPEX fans?

For EPEX fans, the formal banner they wave is “ZENITH.”

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