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ICHILLIN’ Members Profile : Age, Birthdays, Positions & Fandom Name

by Ethan

Leap into the shimmering universe of K-pop with ICHILLIN’, a rising girl group that’s snatching hearts with their electrifying performances and unforgettable melodies. Launched by KM Entertainment, ICHILLIN’ embodies the fresh tide of K-pop idols poised to leave an indelible mark on the music scene. Let’s scoop up the details about the members of ICHILLIN’, uncovering their ages, birthdays, roles, and the fandom moniker that bonds their fans across the globe.

Introduction of ICHILLIN’

ICHILLIN’, crafted by KM Entertainment, burst onto the scene in September 2021, boasting a zesty sound and spirited image. Their arrival was marked by the debut single album, “GOT’YA,” which swiftly ensnared attention with their robust vocals and flawless dance routines. The seven-member ensemble of ICHILLIN’ brings a diverse array of styles and skills, all unified by an ambition to chill and mingle with supporters around the world.

ICHILLIN’ Members Profile

ICHILLIN’ Member: E.Ji

E.Ji was born on February 9, donning the unique personality traits typical of an Aquarius. As the group’s captain and premier rapper, she steals the spotlight with her razor-sharp talents. E.Ji’s MBTI mirrors her magnetic and inventive essence that radiates in her acts.

ICHILLIN’ Member: Jackie

Jackie celebrates her birthday on October 4, and as a harmonious Libra, she exudes equilibrium and allure. As the group’s lead twirler and songstress, she infuses poise and elegance into their dance numbers. Her MBTI represents a tactical mind suited for someone who nails intricate dance routines.

ICHILLIN’ Member: Chaerin

Chaerin toasts to her birthday on August 15, her Leo nature brimming with assurance and star power. The group’s lead songbird, her commanding vocals are as striking as her spotlit persona. Her MBTI showcases her to be a born director, akin to her celestial sign.

ICHILLIN’ Member: Yeju

Yeju was born on November 23 into the free-spirited world of Sagittarius, vibrant and full of beans. As the main vocalist, she belts out each tune with fervor and accuracy. Her MBTI aligns with her hopeful and zestful mode of engaging with her career in music.

ICHILLIN’ Member: Chowon

Chowon entered the world on July 26, her Leo signature marked by courageous and creative undertones. As the lead poet and songbird, she introduces a distinct tint to ICHILLIN’s euphony. Her MBTI uncovers a persona as captivating as her lyrics.

ICHILLIN’ Member: Sohee

Sohee, a Taurus, was born on May 14, delivering serenity and a calming essence as a vocalist. Her earthbound star sign traits resonate in her solid performances. Her MBTI type hints at a sensible and steadfast soul, pillars for any group’s success.

ICHILLIN’ Member: Joonie

As the ensemble’s youngest, Joonie arrived on March 21 under the fiery sign of Aries. Her spirited and ardent zest sparkles in her duty as a vocalist and the youngest group member. Her MBTI matches her purposeful and vigorous persona, making her a dynamo within ICHILLIN’.

ICHILLIN’ Members’ Birthdays

MemberBirthdayZodiac Sign
E.JiFebruary 9Aquarius
JackieOctober 4Libra
ChaerinAugust 15Leo
YejuNovember 23Sagittarius
ChowonJuly 26Leo
SoheeMay 14Taurus
JoonieMarch 21Aries

ICHILLIN’ Members’ Positions

E.JiLeader, Main Rapper
JackieMain Dancer, Vocalist
ChaerinLead Vocalist
YejuMain Vocalist
ChowonLead Rapper, Vocalist
JoonieVocalist, Maknae

ICHILLIN’s Fandom Name

ICHILLIN’ is cheered on by a burgeoning assembly of aficionados known as “Chillies.” This label signifies the suave and invigorating essence of ICHILLIN’, akin to a cool breeze in the K-pop panorama. Chillies are celebrated for their heartfelt and fostering temperament, forging a mellow and welcoming zone for all admirers.

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What is the official fandom name of ICHILLIN’?

The official fandom title for ICHILLIN’ is “Chillies,” reflecting the fanbase’s cool and nurturing vibe towards the ensemble.

Which member of ICHILLIN’ stands as the commander?

E.Ji takes the helm as the commander of ICHILLIN’, and also shines as the principal rapper.

How might international admirers soak in K-pop culture in Seoul?

Global fans can plunge into K-pop majesty by partaking in a Seoul Kpop Tour, dwelling in popular idol haunts such as Hongdae and Myeongdong, and venturing to various Hallyu-infused locales across the cityscape.

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