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Loona Members Profile : Age, Birthdays, Positions & Fandom Name

by Ethan

Setting sail on a melodic voyage that mesmerizes listeners the world over, Loona emerges as a K-pop girl cadre that shatters the usual molds of the genre. With their eclectic symphonies, elaborate dance moves, and layered storytelling, Loona has magnetized a steadfast legion of admirers, all keen to unravel the individual saga of each songstress. The magic of Loona doesn’t merely dwell in their harmonies, but in the unique zest each member infuses into the collective.

Introduction of Loona

Loona, often emblazoned as LOOΠΔ, is a South Korean girl guild crafted by Blockberry Creative, which took the stage for the first time in August 2018. Nevertheless, their trailblazing pre-debut escapade took flight in October 2016, unveiling the twelve starlets successively through solo tunes and video reels across a span of 18 months. This bold stratagem permitted individual spotlights on their personal flair and artistry, amassing loyalty and excitement even prior to the full ensemble’s convergence. Their harmonies traverse multiple genres, and their “Loonaverse” narrative is a touchstone for enthusiasts spellbound by the interconnected tales woven into their visuals.

Loona Members Profile

Loona Member: HeeJin

HeeJin was born on October 19, 2000, and emerged as the pioneer to grace the public eye. Brandishing her allure as the chief mover, prime singer, and the visage of the group, she blazes a trail for spellbinding shows. An ISTP by nature, she reflects Libran poise and allure spot-on with her astrological kin.

Loona Member: HyunJin

HyunJin, born on November 15, 2000, swiftly graced the scene as the second revelation. Celebrated for her tuneful prowess and rhythmic grace, she weaves elegance into the tapestry of the group. An INFP at heart, HyunJin’s Scorpionic vigor and resilience glimmer through every performance.

Loona Member: HaSeul

HaSeul ascended as the commander of Loona, born on August 18, 1997, steering the ship with her potent vocals and leadership. As an ENFJ and a natural Leo, she radiates the guiding light and ardor befitting of a captain.

Loona Member: YeoJin

YeoJin, the youngest trailblazer, was born on November 11, 2002. As the leading wordsmith and songbird of the group, she injects a vivacious spark to Loona. Embodying the ISFP and Scorpio signature, she crafts her art with intuition and an imaginative flair.

Loona Member: ViVi

Hailing from Hong Kong, ViVi was born on December 9, 1996, and stands as the sole international member. Her role as a vocalist and visage lends an exotic contour to Loona. An ESFJ by the stars, ViVi steers with a Capricorn’s discipline and industrious spirit.

Loona Member: Kim Lip

Kim Lip, greeted the world on February 10, 1999, and is acclaimed for her melodious tint while spiriting the charge as a principal dancer. An ESTP, her Aquarian innovative and autonomous traits are her hallmark.

Loona Member: JinSoul

JinSoul was born on June 13, 1997, infusing a sleek and daring air as one of Loona’s leading rappers and melodists. As an INFJ and a Gemini, she twines depth with adaptability in each show.

Loona Member: Choerry

Choerry entered the world on June 4, 2001, and adds spark with her roles in harmony and rhythm. An ENTP by design and a Gemini by the stars, she exudes an adaptable enthusiasm.

Loona Member: Yves

Yves, present since May 24, 1997, captivates as a chief dancer and vocal emblem. With the essence of an ISFP, her Gemini qualities resonate in her spirited stage artistry and creative surge.

Loona Member: Chuu

Chuu, born on October 20, 1999, enchants with her dulcet chords as a premier vocalist. Her ESFP personality weaves seamlessly with her Libran charm, rendering her a convivial figure within the ensemble.

Loona Member: Go Won

Go Won was born on November 19, 2000, and contributes her vocal and dance artistry. Her INFJ type, meshed with Scorpio’s enigmatic allure, layers the group with intrigue and fervor.

Loona Member: Olivia Hye

Olivia Hye, the climax of revelations, was born on November 13, 2001. She upholds the mantle of leading rapper and dancer, embodying the INTJ resolve and Scorpio’s shrewd strategy.

Loona Members’ Birthdays

Below is a ledger unfurling each Loona member’s birth dates and cosmic signs:

MemberBirthdayZodiac Sign
HeeJinOctober 19, 2000Libra
HyunJinNovember 15, 2000Scorpio
HaSeulAugust 18, 1997Leo
YeoJinNovember 11, 2002Scorpio
ViViDecember 9, 1996Capricorn
Kim LipFebruary 10, 1999Aquarius
JinSoulJune 13, 1997Gemini
ChoerryJune 4, 2001Gemini
YvesMay 24, 1997Gemini
ChuuOctober 20, 1999Libra
Go WonNovember 19, 2000Scorpio
Olivia HyeNovember 13, 2001Scorpio

Loona Members’ Positions

The table beneath delineates the roles each songstress occupies within Loona:

HeeJinMain Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Visual
HyunJinVocalist, Dancer
HaSeulLeader, Vocalist
YeoJinMain Rapper, Vocalist
ViViVocalist, Visual
Kim LipMain Dancer, Vocalist
JinSoulMain Rapper, Vocalist
ChoerryVocalist, Dancer
YvesMain Dancer, Vocalist
ChuuMain Vocalist
Go WonVocalist, Dancer
Olivia HyeMain Rapper, Dancer

Loona’s Fandom Name

The beloved followers of Loona are endearingly nicknamed “Orbit,” embodying fans that encircle the group akin to how the moon orbits Earth. It’s a moniker that aptly captures the celestial themes pulsing through Loona’s melodies and imagery, symbolizing the tight-knit synergy between the idols and their devotees.

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What is the significance woven into the name “Loona”?

“Loona” originates from the Korean moniker “Idalui Sonyeo” (이달의 소녀), translating to “Girl of the Month,” reflecting their inaugural journey of member introductions each lunar cycle.

Whereabouts can one unearth Loona’s tunes and stay updated?

Loona’s melodies are up for enjoyment on all prime streaming platforms. Keep pace with their latest moves by following the official social media channels and Blockberry Creative’s digital hub.

Has Loona seized any trophies in the musical arenas?

Indeed, Loona has clinched multiple accolades post their inception, grasping the “Female New Artist” laurel at the 2018 Korea Brand Awards and claiming the “Best Korean Act” at the 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards.

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