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OnlyOneOf Members Profile : Age, Birthdays, Positions & Fandom Name

by Ethan

Plunge into the K-pop frenzy with OnlyOneOf, an emerging boy band that’s seizing the hearts of fans across the globe. Their distinct melodies and fashion-forward flair mark them as an act you can’t afford to overlook. Delve into the world of OnlyOneOf members—unveil their ages, moments they were born on, roles they play, and the emblem of their ardent followers. Whether you’re a seasoned K-pop enthusiast or just dipping your toes into its exuberant cosmos, this OnlyOneOf profile is the ideal compass.

Introduction of OnlyOneOf

OnlyOneOf is a South Korean boy band that erupted onto the scene in May 2019 under 8D Creative’s wing, RSVP. They carved their niche in the K-pop realm with their signature tunes, imaginative motifs, and compelling imagery. Their inaugural album, “dot point jump,” set the stage for their avant-garde beats, marrying R&B with the essence of electronic tunes. Infusing their music and videos with rich narratives, OnlyOneOf has nurtured a tenacious fan following afar. These artists shine in their multifaceted prowess, gracing the stage as vocalists, dancers, and even producers, having a hand in their own inventive expeditions.

OnlyOneOf Member Profile

OnlyOneOf Member: KB

KB, born on April 23, carries the Taurus torch, while his MBTI personality type, ENFJ, underscores his magnetic and guiding spirit. He reigns as the group’s rapper and dancer, mesmerizing devotees with his resonant timbre and incisive dance prowess.

OnlyOneOf Member: Love

Love was born on August 11, radiating Leo’s self-assured and inventive aura. His INFP personality mirrors the dreamer and peacemaker. He rises as the principal vocalist, enchanting listeners with his harmonious and heartfelt notes.

OnlyOneOf Member: Rie

Rie, who celebrates his birthday on June 6, thrives as a Gemini, reflecting his flexible and spirited nature, much like his ESFP MBTI persona. A vocalist and dancer, he shines with vivacious performances that seize the spotlight.

OnlyOneOf Member: Yoojung

Yoojung, toasting to his birthday on May 29 as a Gemini, manifests his ISFP – the artist’s – temperament through his lead dance and vocal roles. His expressive articulation flows through his entrancing dance sequences and vocal offerings.

OnlyOneOf Member: Junji

Junji, born on November 6, is enriched with Scorpio’s fervent and ardent streak, elements he contributes as the chief dancer. His ISTP archetype – the virtuoso – dovetails with his fresh dance moves and onstage adaptability.

OnlyOneOf Member: Mill

Mill came into the world on April 30, bearing the Taurus hallmark of willpower and charm. As an ENFP, the enthusiast, he takes hold as both a rapper and a dancer, delivering vivacious performances and magnetic verses.

OnlyOneOf Member: Nine

Nine, the lineup’s youngest, was born on August 12, his sunny and jovial disposition reflecting his Leo sign. Typified as an INFJ – the advocate – he fulfills the vocalist’s duty, infusing OnlyOneOf’s tracks with his delicate and moving harmonies.

OnlyOneOf Member’s Birthdays

MemberBirthdayZodiac Sign
KBApril 23Taurus
LoveAugust 11Leo
RieJune 6Gemini
YoojungMay 29Gemini
JunjiNovember 6Scorpio
MillApril 30Taurus
NineAugust 12Leo

OnlyOneOf Member’s Positions

KBRapper, Dancer
LoveMain Vocalist
RieVocalist, Dancer
YoojungLead Dancer, Vocalist
JunjiMain Dancer
MillRapper, Dancer

OnlyOneOf’s Fandom Name

OnlyOneOf’s fandom, tenderly termed “LyOn,” merges “Ly” from their first album “dot point jump” with “On,” evoking the vision of fans igniting the spark for the group. This moniker embodies the indomitable link uniting OnlyOneOf with their cheerleaders, who illuminate their universe and chart their musical odyssey.

Exploring K-pop Culture in Seoul

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What is the name of OnlyOneOf’s fandom?

The fandom name for OnlyOneOf is “LyOn,” a symbol of the fans as a beacon of light and direction for the group.

When did OnlyOneOf set off on their journey?

OnlyOneOf embarked on their musical quest on May 28, 2019, with the release of their album “dot point jump.”

Where can I chase after K-pop themed excursions in Seoul?

Eager K-pop followers can immerse themselves in a wealth of experiences in Seoul, from pilgrimages to entertainment juggernauts to cultural meccas like Hongdae and Myeongdong. For a tailored exploit, secure your spot on a K-pop spree here.

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