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Pentagon Members Profile : Age, Birthdays, Positions & Fandom Name

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Embark on a colorful journey into the world of K-pop with Pentagon, an electrifying boy band that has taken the globe by storm, mesmerizing fans with their catchy tunes and magnetic stage presence. Debuting under the banner of Cube Entertainment in 2016, Pentagon has quickly etched their name into the heart of the K-pop realm. Their mosaic of skills and individual flair has catapulted their fame skywards, making them an essential fixture in the galaxy of Korean pop sensations.

# Introduction of Pentagon
Pentagon beams as a South Korean ensemble sculpted by Cube Entertainment. They burst onto the scene on October 10, 2016, unleashing their self-titled mini album “Pentagon.” Initially composed of ten members, the lineup has since evolved. Pentagon reigns with chart-toppers like “Shine” and “Naughty Boy,” parading their diverse musical fabric that dances from punchy pop to heart-tugging ballads. They also earn applause for their self-crafted songs, with maestro Hui often helming the group’s lyrical and melodic inventions.

# Pentagon Member Profile
## Pentagon Member: Jinho
Jinho of Pentagon, born on April 17, 1992, stands as a pillar among the group’s main vocalists. Celebrated for his robust and stirring vocal range, Jinho graced SM Entertainment’s ensemble SM the Ballad prior to his voyage with Pentagon. Bearing the MBTI of ISFJ and cloaked in the star sign of Aries, Jinho infuses the group with his spirited tenderness.

## Pentagon Member: Hui
Hui, born on August 28, 1993, assumes the helm as leader and a cornerstone vocalist of Pentagon. He weaves the tapestry of the group’s melodies as a key tunesmith and composer, shaping their sonic identity. Adorned with the Virgo sign and an ENFP MBTI, Hui embodies both the imaginative spark and the magnetic charm of the group.

## Pentagon Member: Hongseok
On April 17, 1994, Hongseok came into the world and later joined Pentagon as a vocalist. A veteran of the reality show “Mix & Match” and a former YG Entertainment trainee, his Aries sign and ISTJ MBTI underscore his methodical prowess and vocal fortitude.

## Pentagon Member: Shinwon
Shinwon drew his first breath on December 11, 1995, and now adds his voice as a sub-vocalist for Pentagon. An ESFP, aptly dubbed the “Entertainer,” Shinwon’s Sagittarius sparkle aligns with his buoyant spirit. He’s also esteemed for his keen fashion insight and modeling chops.

## Pentagon Member: Yeo One
Yeo One entered the world on March 27, 1996, and shines as both a vocalist and the group’s ambassador. His creative tentacles stretch into acting, demonstrating his artistic agility. As a compassionate Pisces with an ENFJ MBTI persona, Yeo One captivates fans with his warmth and authenticity.

## Pentagon Member: Yan An
Yan An, born on October 25, 1996, hails from China and contributes as a sub-vocalist within Pentagon. His INFP MBTI mirrors his contemplative and aspirational spirit. A Scorpio by the stars, Yan An adds an enigmatic intensity to the band’s brew.

## Pentagon Member: Yuto
A native of Japan, Yuto was born on January 23, 1998, and holds the station of Pentagon’s main rapper and sub-vocalist. His Aquarius essence and ISTP MBTI infuse the group with a spirited sense of adventure and pragmatic zest.

## Pentagon Member: Kino
Kino greeted the world on January 27, 1998, and performs as Pentagon’s leading dancer and vocalist, also dipping his talents into choreography and song crafting. His INFJ, the “Advocate,” and Aquarius sign illuminate his inventive and empathetic heart.

## Pentagon Member: Wooseok
Wooseok, the troop’s youngest member, was born on January 31, 1998. He packs a punch as Pentagon’s chief rapper and maknae. His INTP MBTI and Aquarius lineage refine his analytical brain and stamp his raps with a distinctive flair.

# Pentagon Member’s Birthdays

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# Pentagon Member’s Positions

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# Pentagon’s Fandom Name
Pentagon’s loyal followers hail as Universe. This title portrays the fans as cosmic bodies, constructing a celestial canvas where Pentagon thrives. It echoes the profound bond between the ensemble and their admirers, with every member symbolizing a unique stellar point in the Pentagon constellation.

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What is the meaning behind Pentagon’s fandom name?

The moniker Universe marks the official fandom name for Pentagon, depicting fans as stellar beings orchestrating a universe where the band takes center stage.

How can I immerse myself in K-pop culture in Seoul?

Seoul lays out a buffet of K-pop indulgences, spanning from dance studios and themed cafes to K-pop enthusiast tours that lead you right into the heart of Korean pop beats. Snagging a spot on a tour is a breeze with online hubs like Klook.

Where’s the optimal place to crash in Seoul for proximity to K-pop showbiz firms?

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