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SHINee Members Profile : Age, Birthdays, Positions & Fandom Name

by Ethan

The K-pop phenomenon SHINee has enchanted fans across the globe with their entrancing shows and hits that have climbed to the top of the charts. Comprised of multitalented members, each adding their special touch to the ensemble, SHINee keeps on shaping the music landscape. Step into the spellbinding realm of SHINee, where each member lays their touch on the vibrant mosaic of K-pop brilliance.

Introduction of SHINee

SHINee is a South Korean boy band fashioned by SM Entertainment in 2008. Celebrated for their cutting-edge tunes, crisp dance routines, and fashion that sets the pace, SHINee has emerged as a towering figure in the K-pop arena. They broke onto the scene with their hit single “Replay,” which quickly found a spot in fans’ hearts, showcasing their signature “contemporary R&B” vibe. Throughout the years, SHINee has unleashed a slew of albums and chartbusters, cultivating a colossal fanbase both within South Korea and overseas.

SHINee Members Profile

SHINee Member: Onew

Onew, better known as Lee Jin-ki, was born on December 14, 1989. Steering the band as the leader and serving as one of the main vocalists of SHINee, his smooth timbre and magnetic guidance have been essential to the group’s acclaim. Onew, with an MBTI personality type of ISFP and under the Sagittarius zodiac, infuses the band with a heartfelt and inventive spark.

SHINee Member: Key

Key, or Kim Ki-bum, was born on September 23, 1991. He shines as a multi-faceted talent within SHINee, lending his voice as a singer, his rhythm as a rapper, and his grace as a dancer. Key’s MBTI personality type is INFJ, and his Virgo star sign mirrors his meticulous nature and quest for perfection.

SHINee Member: Minho

Minho, whose full name is Choi Min-ho, was born on December 9, 1991. Celebrated for his vigorous rap verses and robust build, Minho stands as SHINee’s chief rapper and poster boy. His ESFJ MBTI type resonates with his outgoing and compassionate persona, while his Sagittarius sign adds a zest for adventure.

SHINee Member: Taemin

Taemin, or Lee Tae-min, was born on July 18, 1993. As the group’s youngest and the lead dancer, his peerless agility and hypnotic aura on stage have won him the title of a dancing wonder. With an INTJ personality and Cancer as his astrological sign, Taemin fuses innate creativity with emotional nuance.

SHINee Members’ Birthdays

MemberBirthdayZodiac Sign
OnewDecember 14, 1989Sagittarius
KeySeptember 23, 1991Virgo
MinhoDecember 9, 1991Sagittarius
TaeminJuly 18, 1993Cancer

SHINee Members’ Positions

OnewLeader, Main Vocalist
KeyVocalist, Rapper, Dancer
MinhoMain Rapper, Visual
TaeminMain Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae

SHINee’s Fandom Name

Enthusiastic and steadfast, the fan collective of SHINee goes by “Shawols,” a creative blend of “SHINee” and “World.” This moniker represents the special connection between SHINee and their supporters, crafting a universe filled with mutual affection and solidarity. Shawols are praised for their staunch allegiance and remain vital to SHINee’s consistent fame.

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What is SHINee’s music genre?

While SHINee thrives in “contemporary R&B,” they’ve dabbled across various genres like pop, dance, electronic, and others, highlighting their artistic agility and breadth.

How can international fans experience K-pop culture in Seoul?

International enthusiasts can bask in Seoul’s K-pop scene by securing seats at live concerts, touring management company premises, chilling at K-pop-inspired cafes, and enrolling in K-pop expeditions for the full-level experience.

What should fans keep in mind when attending a SHINee concert?

Eager fans catching a SHINee spectacle should secure tickets through the proper channels, respect the venue’s protocols, and engage in fan initiatives to cheer on the band.

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