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STAYC Members Profile : Age, Birthdays, Positions & Fandom Name

by Ethan

K-pop is conquering hearts across the globe, and at the forefront of this musical wave is the effervescent girl group STAYC. These six young women have swiftly charmed listeners everywhere with their infectious melodies and bold style. If you’re eager to jump into the dazzling sphere of STAYC, prepare for a delightful exploration of the members’ profiles, their ages, the dates they were born on, their roles within the group, and the affectionate nickname for their fans that binds them together!

# Introduction of STAYC
STAYC, an acronym for “Star To A Young Culture,” is a South Korean girl group unleashed upon the K-pop landscape by High Up Entertainment. They burst onto the scene with their debut single album “Star To A Young Culture” in November 2020. The troupe is composed of six members: Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, and J. Propelled by their dynamic melodies and electric performances, STAYC has swiftly risen to represent the new wave of K-pop. Not only do they shine vocally, but their dance finesse and magnetic stage presence have also attracted a devoted following lovingly called “SWITH.”

# STAYC Member Profile
## STAYC Member: Sumin
Sumin, captain of the STAYC ship, steers the group with her steadfast leadership and multifaceted abilities. She was born on March 13, 2001, nestling her within the Pisces sign. As a lead vocalist and lead dancer, Sumin showcases her wide-ranging talent. Her MBTI personality type is ENFJ, the ‘Protagonist’, hinting at her natural leadership flair.

## STAYC Member: Sieun
Sieun, graced the world on August 1, 2001, and as a Leo, brings a main vocalist’s fiery passion to the ensemble. Her voice crescendos with strength and emotion, resonating in every STAYC anthem. Daughter of esteemed actor Park Nam-jung, Sieun has inherited a penchant for the spotlight. Her MBTI personality mirrors the ISFP ‘Adventurer’, indicative of her artistic heart.

## STAYC Member: ISA
ISA, illuminating the group as an Aquarius, celebrates her day of birth on January 23, 2002. As a lead vocalist, her tranquil and melodious voice enchants fans. Bearing the INFJ ‘Advocate’ personality, ISA reflects contemplation and idealistic vision.

## STAYC Member: Seeun
Seeun, whose special day is June 14, 2003, twinkles as a Gemini known for her versatility and allure. Her role as the sub-vocalist infuses the group’s songs with rich layers. Her MBTI type, ESFJ the ‘Consul’, aligns perfectly with her nurturing and sociable nature.

## STAYC Member: Yoon
Yoon, an Aries, celebrates her entrance to the world on April 14, 2004. As a lead vocalist, her exuberance and might add a spirited charge to STAYC’s songs. Her ENTJ ‘Commander’ MBTI type synergizes with her bold and decisive personality.

## STAYC Member: J
J, the whiz kid of the group, was born on December 9, 2004, amidst Sagittarius stars. She juggles the roles of main rapper, sub-vocalist, and maknae, manifesting her wide array of talents. With an ENFP ‘Campaigner’ MBTI profile, J embodies zeal and inventiveness.

# STAYC Member’s Birthdays

# STAYC Member’s Positions

# STAYC’s Fandom Name
STAYC’s beloved fans are endearingly termed “SWITH,” a blend of “STAYC WITH you.” This moniker signifies the solidarity that the ensemble shares with their fans and their pledge to stick together on this melodic voyage. Fans from all corners of the world, called SWITHs, are renowned for their ardent enthusiasm and adoration for STAYC, propelling the group towards ever greater success in the bustling realm of K-pop.

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What is the meaning behind STAYC’s group name?

STAYC signifies “Star To A Young Culture,” mirroring the group’s aspiration to weave its way into and lead the impetuous fabric of youth culture through their sonic creations and charisma.

How can I join the STAYC fandom?

To rally with the STAYC enthusiasts, dubbed SWITH, start by tracking STAYC on their verified social channels, participate in fan happenings, and champion their musical offerings. SWITH is a welcoming clan for all who admire and cheer on STAYC.

What are some must-visit spots for K-pop fans in Seoul?

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