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Stray Kids Members Profile : Age, Birthdays, Positions & Fandom Name

by Ethan

Stray Kids, the energetic K-pop sensation, has been mesmerizing spectators around the globe with their vibrant stagework and a medley of musical flavors. They stand not merely as entertainers but as pioneers, igniting a wave of passion within a league of admirers through their distinctive harmony and potent lyrics. The band’s ever-swelling acclaim has thrust them to the forefront of chatter in the worldwide melody market.

Introduction of Stray Kids

Conjured into existence by JYP Entertainment through a reality spectacle bearing their name in 2017, Stray Kids is a South Korean ensemble celebrated for their intoxicating blend of rap, commanding vocals, and thunderous dance moves. The troop took their first bow on March 25, 2018, with the roll-out of their extended play (EP) christened “I am NOT.” Since that day, Stray Kids has soared skywards, securing accolades far and wide for their homegrown tunes, especially those crafted by their own 3RACHA, the trio within the group, comprising members Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han.

Stray Kids Member Profile

Stray Kids Member: Bang Chan

Bang Chan, the skipper of Stray Kids, was born on October 3, 1997. As a central beacon in the group, he juggles the roles of a tunesmith, songster, and terpsichorean. Famed for his guiding spirit and melodic genius, Bang Chan resonates as INFP in MBTI, sailing under the Libra constellation.

Stray Kids Member: Lee Know

Lee Know, celebrating his day on October 25, 1998, reigns as the primary twirler and a vocal artist in the group. His fluid moves on stage and magnetic allure set him apart. Lee Know takes pride in being an ISFJ, and basks under the Scorpio stars.

Stray Kids Member: Changbin

Changbin, tracing his origins to August 11, 1999, holds the fort as the chief wordsmith and song architect. His blazing verses and creative input to the band’s symphonies have garnered him fame. Changbin aligns with ENTJ in MBTI, and roars as a Leo.

Stray Kids Member: Hyunjin

Hyunjin, unwrapping gifts on March 20, 2000, is a leading dancer and lyricist. His multifaceted talents and stage charisma solidify his place in Stray Kids. An INFP, he sways with the Pisces current.

Stray Kids Member: Han

Han, coming into the world on September 14, 2000, is lauded for his lightning-quick rhymes and tuneful gifts, vital components of 3RACHA. His MBTI reads ENTP, and his zodiac alignment is Virgo.

Stray Kids Member: Felix

Felix, marking his entry on September 15, 2000, is revered for his bass resonances and stunning dance interpretations. Hailing from Australia, he infuses global zest into the ensemble. Felix is identified by his ENFP MBTI, and he embodies Virgo essence.

Stray Kids Member: Seungmin

Seungmin, who was born on September 22, 2000, is the primary vocalist. His dulcet tones furnish a lyrical equilibrium to their orchestra. His MBTI mirrors ESFJ, and he wields Virgo virtue.

Stray Kids Member: I.N

I.N, the youngest crusader, was born on February 8, 2001. As a vocal prodigy, his juvenile zest and sonorous skills sparkle in every act. An ISFP by MBTI, he glides through the Aquarius skies.

Stray Kids Member’s Birthdays

MemberBirthdayZodiac Sign
Bang ChanOctober 3, 1997Libra
Lee KnowOctober 25, 1998Scorpio
ChangbinAugust 11, 1999Leo
HyunjinMarch 20, 2000Pisces
HanSeptember 14, 2000Virgo
FelixSeptember 15, 2000Virgo
SeungminSeptember 22, 2000Virgo
I.NFebruary 8, 2001Aquarius

Stray Kids Member’s Positions

Bang ChanLeader, Producer, Vocalist, Dancer
Lee KnowMain Dancer, Vocalist
ChangbinMain Rapper, Producer
HyunjinMain Dancer, Rapper
HanRapper, Vocalist, Producer
FelixDancer, Rapper
SeungminMain Vocalist

Stray Kids’s Fandom Name

Devotees of Stray Kids lovingly embrace the moniker “Stay,” denoting an unwavering commitment to stand with the group through thick and thin. The link between Stay and Stray Kids is acclaimed for its fortitude and fervor, a testament to the undying adoration and fealty K-pop fans bestow upon their music heroes.

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What is the official color of Stray Kids’ fandom, Stay?

While Stray Kids’ official fandom color remains unproclaimed, the ensemble frequently employs a palette of yellow, black, and red in their paraphernalia, signaling these hues as symbolic to Stray Kids and their followers, Stay.

How can I acquire official Stray Kids memorabilia?

Cherished Stray Kids mementos can be hunted down via JYP Entertainment’s digital bazaar, sprawling online marketplaces, and in the midst of their touring spectacles.

Do Stray Kids orchestrate their own anthems?

Indeed, Stray Kids boasts a repertoire of self-crafted symphonies, with a lion’s share of their melodies arising from the creative wellsprings of the members themselves, prominently the trifecta 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han).

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