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TREASURE Members Profile : Age, Birthdays, Positions & Fandom Name

by Ethan

Plunge into the electric universe of K-pop with TREASURE, the spellbinding boy band that has enthralled audiences around the globe. With their smashing entrance onto the scene to their escalating clout within the music realm, the individuals of TREASURE shine with their exceptional gifts and allure. Take an in-depth peek at the members’ ages, the days they were born, their special roles, and the heartwarming ties they forge with their supporters, lovingly called ‘Teume’.

# Introduction of TREASURE
TREASURE, also recognized as 트레저, emerged as a South Korean boy band sculpted by YG Entertainment through the televised quest known as ‘YG Treasure Box’ during 2019. Their debut struck with vigor on August 7, 2020, unfurling the album ‘The First Step: Chapter One’. TREASURE is comprised of multitalented individuals including vocalists, rappers, and dancers, each splashing their own distinctive essence into the group’s rhythm. Their harmonies blend zesty pop, bold hip-hop, and smooth R&B, striking a chord with fans across the planet.

# TREASURE Member Profile

### TREASURE Member: Choi Hyun Suk
Choi Hyun Suk celebrated being born on April 21, 1999, positioning him amongst the elder statesmen of the crew. He juggles the roles of rapper and dancer in TREASURE. His MBTI personality type is ENTP, and his Zodiac sign is Taurus, synonymous with steadfastness and melodic prowess.

### TREASURE Member: Jihoon
Jihoon was born on March 14, 2000, and dazzles as both a lead dancer and vocalist for TREASURE. He beams with his ISFP MBTI type, and his Zodiac sign Pisces, mirroring his artistry and empathetic spirit.

### TREASURE Member: Yoshi
Yoshi, bound to Earth on May 15, 2000, dazzles as one of TREASURE’s wordsmiths. His MBTI personality type is INFP, while his Zodiac sign is Taurus, shedding light on his reflective and inventive nature.

### TREASURE Member: Junkyu
Junkyu’s moment to shine came September 9, 2000. He serenades as a vocalist, his mellifluous tones enriching TREASURE’s melodic tapestry. An INFP by MBTI and a Virgo by Zodiac, he embodies diligence and a strong sense of duty.

### TREASURE Member: Mashiho
Mashiho marked his debut in the world on March 25, 2001, stepping into the limelight as both a singer and dancer. His vibrant MBTI INFP mixes well with his fiery Aries zodiac, together painting the portrait of a lively and confident entertainer.

### TREASURE Member: Yoon Jae Hyuk
Yoon Jae Hyuk joined the dance of life on July 23, 2001. With TREASURE, he harmonizes both as a vocalist and dancer. His ENFJ MBTI personality type meshes with his Zodiac sign Leo, reflecting his magnetic stage allure.

### TREASURE Member: Asahi
Asahi first graced this world on August 20, 2001. His contributions to TREASURE span singing and producing, underscoring his boundless creativity. An INFJ at heart, Asahi is also a proud Leo, channeling energy and passion into his art.

### TREASURE Member: Bang Ye Dam
Bang Ye Dam was born on May 7, 2002, making waves as a standout vocalist within TREASURE. An ENFP by MBTI, his vivacious spirit complements his Taurus Zodiac sign, showcasing his amiable and expressive side.

### TREASURE Member: Doyoung
Doyoung’s advent was on December 4, 2003, and his role in TREASURE is as a vocalist. His ESFJ MBTI profile dovetails with his Sagittarius nature, revealing him as both adventurous and extroverted.

### TREASURE Member: Haruto
Haruto’s journey began on April 5, 2004, commanding attention as TREASURE’s bassy rapper. His ISTP personality and fiery Arian traits translate into a bold and ambitious disposition.

### TREASURE Member: Park Jeong Woo
Park Jeong Woo was born on September 28, 2004. His vocal prowess infuses one-of-a-kind hues into TREASURE’s musical spectrum. His MBTI type ISFP and Libran Zodiac connote his inclination for balance and harmonic existence.

### TREASURE Member: So Jung Hwan
So Jung Hwan, the group’s sprightly youngest, joined the fold on February 18, 2005. A twofold dancer and vocalist, he is characterized by his ESFP MBTI and his Zodiac sign Aquarius, both signifying a penchant for novelty and exuberance.

# TREASURE Member’s Birthdays

MemberBirthdateZodiac Sign
Choi Hyun SukApril 21, 1999Taurus
JihoonMarch 14, 2000Pisces

# TREASURE Member’s Positions

Choi Hyun SukRapper, Dancer
JihoonLead Dancer, Vocalist

# TREASURE’s Fandom Name
The term ‘Teume’ is the chosen moniker for TREASURE’s fandom, an abbreviation derived from the Korean ‘Teumeul’, symbolizing ‘opening’ or ‘space’. This designation reflects the shared sphere and kinship between TREASURE and their enthusiasts, celebrating unity and togetherness within this exclusive circle.

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What is the official fandom name of TREASURE?

‘Teume’ stands as the official banner for TREASURE’s fandom, emblematic of the shared stratum and camaraderie between the band and their devotees.

Where can I plunge into K-pop culture in Seoul?

The depths of K-pop culture await in Seoul’s array of music stages, idol-themed cafes, and fan-centric merchandise hubs. A curated K-pop tour can escalate your journey into stardom’s embrace.

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