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TRI.BE Members Profile : Age, Birthdays, Positions & Fandom Name

by Ethan

As the tidal wave of K-pop sweeps music lovers off their feet globally, TRI.BE is swiftly etching its remarkable signature in the landscape. This spirited girl group emerges as a beacon of vibrant energy, a tapestry of diverse skill sets, and creators of music that bridges hearts from a multitude of backgrounds.

## Introduction of TRI.BE

TRI.BE is the essence of the new K-pop wave, debuting in February 2021 under the wings of TR Entertainment alongside the giant Universal Music Group. TRI.BE, a name mirroring the “triangle,” a shape of intrinsic perfection, symbolizes the group’s mantra: “We are perfect as we are.” TRI.BE blooms with seven members, each infusing the ensemble with their distinctive panache. They burst onto the scene with the digital single album “TRI.BE Da Loca,” spearheaded by the robust lead track “Doom Doom Ta.” The group has been acclaimed for their dynamic stage presence and rich cultural tapestry, with members from South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.

## TRI.BE Members Profile

### TRI.BE Member: Songsun

Songsun, TRI.BE’s magnetic leader, was born on February 22, 1997. Her pivotal role encompasses being the main vocal power and a lead twirler on the dance floor. Bearing the mark of an Aries, Songsun infuses each performance with a sizzling vigor. Her MBTI personality, the ENFJ or Protagonist, is a testament to her innate leadership and warm-hearted nature.

### TRI.BE Member: Kelly

Kelly, who was born on January 16, 2002, shines as a dominant rapper and vocalist within TRI.BE. This Capricorn wows with her incisive rapping aptitude and silky vocal tones. Her ISTJ profile, or Logistician, paints her as practical and rooted in reality.

### TRI.BE Member: Jinha

Jinha beams as a central dancer and vocalist, born under the sign of Gemini on June 21, 2003. Her adaptability and vibrant character mirror her star sign. Her creative essence as an ISFP or Adventurer is mirrored in her imaginative dances and vivid delivery on stage.

### TRI.BE Member: Hyunbin

Hyunbin was born on November 26, 2004, a true arrow of Sagittarius. As a potent dancer and vocalist of TRI.BE, she radiates assurance and allure. Her ESFP persona, the Entertainer, resonates with her animated and impromptu spirit.

### TRI.BE Member: Jia

Jia celebrates her day in the sun on July 30, 2002, with the Leo’s signature commanding stage command and leadership dynamism. As a main dancer and rapper, her ESTP type, or Entrepreneur, showcases her boundless verve and sharp perception.

### TRI.BE Member: Soeun

Soeun delights as a lead vocalist and visual icon of the group. Born on December 10, 2005, her Sagittarius sign enhances her cheerful and hopeful aura. The INFJ, known as the Advocate, mirrors her visionary and resolute persona.

### TRI.BE Member: Mire

Mire adds her vocals and visual enchantment to TRI.BE, born on March 26, 2006, as an Aries brimming with zealousness and resolve. Her INFP type, the Mediator, displays her dreamy idealism and open-minded stance.

## TRI.BE Members’ Birthdays

Here’s a chart showcasing the birthdays and zodiac signs of the TRI.BE members:

| Member | Birthday | Zodiac Sign |
| Songsun | February 22 | Pisces |
| Kelly | January 16 | Capricorn |
| Jinha | June 21 | Gemini |
| Hyunbin | November 26 | Sagittarius |
| Jia | July 30 | Leo |
| Soeun | December 10 | Sagittarius |
| Mire | March 26 | Aries |

## TRI.BE Members’ Positions

Check out this table to learn about the various roles each TRI.BE member plays within the group:

| Member | Position |
| Songsun | Leader, Main Vocalist |
| Kelly | Main Rapper, Vocalist |
| Jinha | Main Dancer, Vocalist |
| Hyunbin | Lead Dancer, Vocalist |
| Jia | Main Dancer, Rapper |
| Soeun | Lead Vocalist, Visual |
| Mire | Vocalist, Visual |

## TRI.BE’s Fandom Name

TRI.BE boasts a loving fan base known as “TRUE.” The name encapsulates the authentic bond shared between TRI.BE and their fans. TRUE also stands for “TRI.BE’s Real Unique Enjoyable friend.” The members frequently voice their heartfelt thanks for the unwavering affection and support from their fans, highlighting the connection’s significance on their artistic voyage.

## Exploring K-pop Culture in Seoul

For those itching to delve into the marvels of K-pop, Seoul offers a culturally rich voyage. Fanatics can soar on a K-pop fan tour, trailing the footsteps of their adored idols, including TRI.BE. This adventure lets you witness the recording haunts of K-pop legends, scour for memorabilia, and even mimic iconic dance sequences.

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What is TRI.BE acclaimed for?
TRI.BE is acclaimed for their international blend, spirited showcases, and their anthem of embracing oneself as shared through their harmonies.

How can devotees immerse in TRI.BE’s realm while in Seoul?
Devotees can plunge into K-pop tours, participate in dance studios, and stop by haunts beloved by K-pop deities. Arranging a tour via platforms like Klook can gift a tailored experience.

Why is the South Korea Tax Refund advantageous for tourists?
Visitors can claim a tax refund on buys in South Korea, which is ideal for those who indulge in buying K-pop artifacts or other goods while touring.

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