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VICTON Members Profile : Age, Birthdays, Positions & Fandom Name

by Ethan

Plunge into the electrifying essence of VICTON, South Korea’s dynamic K-pop boy band kindling affection across the globe. Amidst the teeming K-pop landscape, VICTON shines with a magnetic allure, melodious anthems, and vigorous showmanship. As VICTON’s star rises internationally, now’s the opportune moment to unearth facts about each ensemble member, their roles, and the fervent fandom rallying behind them. Whether you’re a fervent Alice or freshly tuned in, this dossier is your portal to the enthralling sphere of VICTON.

Introduction of VICTON

Sashay into the spotlight with VICTON, an acronym resonating ‘Voice to New World’, a South Korean boy band sculpted by IST Entertainment (once Plan A Entertainment) back in 2016. The squad burst onto the scene on November 9, 2016, with their debut EP ‘Voice to New World’ and the lead track “I’m Fine.” Since their arrival, VICTON has woven a sonic tapestry of robust dance hits and heartstring-tugging ballads, parading their vocal dexterity and stage dynamism. Introduced with seven members – Seungwoo, Seungsik, Chan, Sejun, Hanse, Byungchan, and Subin – the group has unfurled a variety of albums and singles, each exhibit of their escalating artistry within the relentless K-pop arena.

VICTON Member Profile

VICTON Member: Seungwoo

Han Seungwoo emerged into the world on December 24, 1994, taking the helm as one of VICTON’s seasoned pillars. As the pack’s leader and prime vocalist, Seungwoo radiates an arresting stage aura and serenades with a velvety timbre, embedding his significance in the group’s trademark. His MBTI personality unveils as ENFJ, the archetype of leaders infused with captivation. Stars align him under Capricorn, markers of organization and guidance prowess.

VICTON Member: Seungsik

Stepping into the light on April 16, 1995, Kang Seungsik seizes attention as the lead vocalist. His robust and stirring vocal prowess has nestled him into the affections of countless admirers. Seungsik embodies the ISFJ MBTI, a symbol of his nurturing and supportive essence. Charged with Aries energy, he carries fervor and a relentless spirit.

VICTON Member: Chan

Heo Chan, who made his entrance on December 14, 1995, juggles dual roles as VICTON’s primary dancer and vocalist. With his remarkable dance finesse and infectious stage zeal, Chan is a key catalyst of the ensemble’s vibrant presentations. Embracing the ESFP MBTI, he shines as the entertainer, while his Sagittarius streak promises adventure and a sunny outlook.

VICTON Member: Sejun

Lim Sejun, gracing the world since May 4, 1996, enhances the collective as a vocalist and visual. His enchanting facade coupled with a dulcet tone ensnares the gaze and ears of the crowd. Sejun’s ESFJ MBTI mirrors his outgoing and kind-hearted demeanor. As a Taurus, he exudes steadiness coupled with a suave charm.

VICTON Member: Hanse

Donning the mantle of main rapper, Do Hanse burst onto the scene on September 25, 1997. Brandishing edgy rap skills and a distinctive vocal hue, Hanse injects a signature flavor into VICTON’s tuneful compositions. His INTP MBTI harbors inventive and visionary traits. Striking a Libra balance, he personifies symmetry and accord.

VICTON Member: Byungchan

On November 12, 1997, Choi Byungchan was born, stepping into the spotlight as both a vocalist and visual. Towering height and model-esque features, intertwined with his tender vocal offerings, Byungchan’s influence within VICTON cannot be overstated. The mediator INFP MBTI defines him, while his Scorpio zodiac sign hints at resourcefulness intertwined with fever.

VICTON Member: Subin

The troupe’s youngest, Jung Subin, alighted on April 5, 1999. Fulfilling roles as a vocalist and maknae, Subin injects a dose of fresh exuberance into the group. The rare INFJ MBTI outlines his intuitive and aspirational persona. Exhibiting Aries traits, Subin stands for energy that spurs on leadership and vivacity.

VICTON Member’s Birthdays

VICTON Member’s Birthdays

VICTON Member’s Positions

VICTON Member’s Positions

VICTON’s Fandom Name

Behold ‘Alice,’ VICTON’s esteemed fandom moniker, embodying ‘Always we Love the voICE.’ This namesake cements a durable devotion and affinity tying the band to their enthusiasts. It heralds a collective voyage and mutual backing as they navigate the ever-mutating waves of K-pop.

Exploring K-pop Culture in Seoul

Immerse deeper into the essence of K-pop culture within Seoul’s embracing arms, a nirvana for VICTON devotees and genre aficionados alike. Opportunities abound for attending live music extravaganzas or retracing the steps of iconic video locations; the city’s pulse echoes to K-pop’s rhythm. Adventurous fans can saturate themselves in K-pop wonder by partaking in a curated tour.

Seoul Kpop Tour

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What spells out the significance behind VICTON’s fandom name ‘Alice’?

‘Alice’ signifies ‘Always we Love the voICE,’ echoing an immortal bond and intertwinement between VICTON and their admirers. It’s a symbol of a pledged narrative where each chapter is cherished and upheld.

Where might one secure a place to stay when embarking to Seoul for a K-pop escapade?

Seoul boasts a plethora of neighborhoods suitable for accommodation, with Hongdae and Myeongdong standing as prime spots for K-pop enthusiasts. Pursue the finest hotels in these vicinities via online travel portals such as Trip.com.

Does Seoul cater to K-pop enthusiasts with specialized tours?

Indeed, Seoul hosts curated K-pop tours for the enthusiasts, offering an exploration of the music’s hotbeds, access to live shows, and a dip into the cultural scene. One can procure a spot on these tours through avenues like Klook.

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