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Weki Meki Members Profile : Age, Birthdays, Positions & Fandom Name

by Ethan

Plunge into the electrifying universe of K-pop with Weki Meki, the spirited girl band enchanting fans since their launch onto the music scene. Bask in their irresistible melodies, spirited dance routines, and distinctive charms – Weki Meki truly sparkles amid the constellation of K-pop sensations. Embark on this adventure as we unbox the member profiles, celebrating their ages, special days of birth, roles within the band, and the fervent fanbase rallying behind them.

Introduction of Weki Meki

Weki Meki, a bubbly South Korean girl ensemble, exploded onto the scene on August 8, 2017, under Fantagio Entertainment. Comprising eight blossoming stars, the group fluttered onto the stage after emerging from various launchpad endeavors. Some dipped their toes in the intense spotlight of the reality contest “Produce 101,” while others danced under the i-Teen Girls banner. Dubbed Weki Meki, their moniker weaves together ‘me’ (echoing each individual) and ‘ki’ (the group’s mystical key), crafting a bond with their admirers that’s as unique as their music.

Weki Meki Member Profile

Weki Meki Member: Ji Suyeon

At the helm with a vocal prowess that soars, Ji Suyeon was born on April 20, 1997, leading Weki Meki with a compelling blend of guidance and song. Infused with the creativity and depth of an INFJ personality and the steadfastness of her Taurus stars, she anchors the group with her soul-stirring voice.

Weki Meki Member: Elly

Elly, serenading the world on July 20, 1998, steps into the spotlight as the lead vocalist. Her melodious tunes and magnetic stage allure infuse Weki Meki’s sound with sweetness. An ISFJ, she nurtures the band with her Cancerian kindness and supportive embrace.

Weki Meki Member: Choi Yoojung

Choi Yoojung, igniting stages since November 12, 1999, is a maestro of rhyme and rhythm as the group’s main rapper and dancer. Sparkling with ESFP vibrancy, her Scorpio essence electrifies with intensity and allure.

Weki Meki Member: Kim Doyeon

Turning heads with every elegant move, Kim Doyeon, born on December 4, 1999, captivates as the visual and lead dancer. As an ENFJ and Sagittarius, she navigates her world with a sociable grace and thirst for life’s adventures.

Weki Meki Member: Sei

Sei, carving her mark in the world on January 7, 2000, champions the mic as the lead rapper and vocalist. Her INFP idealism and Capricorn’s hallmark dedication add layers of intrigue to the group’s soundscape.

Weki Meki Member: Lua

Radiating kinetic energy on October 6, 2000, Lua leaps as the main dancer, her moves echoing the group’s heartbeat. Animated as an ESFP and harmonious as a Libra, her vivaciousness is infectious.

Weki Meki Member: Rina

Rina, whose voice and steps took flight on September 27, 2001, binds the crew as both vocalist and dancer. Her ESFJ personality weaves threads of camaraderie, with a Libran sense of fairness guiding her interactions.

Weki Meki Member: Lucy

Lucy, the crew’s budding star, rapper, and vocalist, was born on August 31, 2002. Her zest infuses Weki Meki with freshness; her artful ISFP nature and meticulous Virgo traits fashion intricate melodies and verses.

Weki Meki Member’s Birthdays

Peruse the chart below for a brief run-through of Weki Meki member’s birthdays, adorned with their respective Zodiac companions:

MemberBirthdayZodiac Sign
Ji SuyeonApril 20, 1997Taurus
EllyJuly 20, 1998Cancer
Choi YoojungNovember 12, 1999Scorpio
Kim DoyeonDecember 4, 1999Sagittarius
SeiJanuary 7, 2000Capricorn
LuaOctober 6, 2000Libra
RinaSeptember 27, 2001Libra
LucyAugust 31, 2002Virgo

Weki Meki Member’s Positions

Every Weki Meki member infuses the ensemble with her distinct flair. Survey the tableau beneath for a glimpse into their roles within the band:

Ji SuyeonLeader, Main Vocalist
EllyLead Vocalist
Choi YoojungMain Rapper, Main Dancer
Kim DoyeonVisual, Lead Dancer
SeiLead Rapper, Vocalist
LuaMain Dancer, Vocalist
RinaVocalist, Dancer
LucyRapper, Vocalist, Maknae

Weki Meki’s Fandom Name

Weki Meki’s legion of supporters is christened “Ki-Ling.” This namesake encapsulates the cherished kinship between Weki Meki and their devotees, merging ‘Ki’ from the band’s epithet with ‘Ling’ to signify those who cherish this bond.

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What’s the tale behind Weki Meki’s fandom appellation, Ki-Ling?

Ki-Ling mirrors the bond between Weki Meki and their fans, knitting ‘Ki’ from the unit’s moniker, symbolizing the gateway to their harmonies, and ‘Ling’ denoting the fans who clutch that gateway close.

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