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WINNER Members Profile : Age, Birthdays, Positions & Fandom Name

by Ethan

WINNER, the electrifying K-pop boy band, has etched their mark in the fiercely contested realm of Korean pop music. Celebrated for their unmistakable rhythms and magnetic stage prowess, WINNER has lured a colossal fanbase, catapulting them to superstardom not just on Korean soil but also across international borders. Their knack for forging deep connections with admirers through their tunes and sheer individuality has captured the hearts of legions, securing their spot as a standout sensation in the bustling K-pop universe.

Introduction of WINNER

WINNER exploded onto the K-pop landscape with gusto, cementing their status as a powerhouse to be taken seriously. The ensemble sprouted from YG Entertainment through the 2013 reality survival skirmish “WIN: Who is Next,” clashing with another trainee troop dubbed “Team B.” Team A, destined to take on the WINNER mantle, emerged victorious and officially burst onto the scene on August 17, 2014. With a mix of singular skills and vibrant personalities, WINNER orchestrates a musical spectrum that stretches from lively dance anthems to heartfelt serenades.

WINNER Member Profile

WINNER Member: Kang Seung-Yoon

Kang Seung-Yoon, ushered into the world on January 21, 1994, not only steers WINNER as their leader but also shines as a prodigious vocalist and lyricist. His path to limelight was paved well before WINNER’s days, turning heads as a Superstar K2 contestant. Bearing the Aquarius sign and an ENFJ persona, he exemplifies inventive command and musical ingenuity.

WINNER Member: Kim Jin-Woo

Kim Jin-Woo, the most senior in the troupe, was born on September 26, 1991. As WINNER’s face and principal singer, his Libra constellation and ISFJ character distil his congenial essence and robust aesthetic instinct. Jin-Woo’s grace and unwavering vocal might are keystones of WINNER’s allure.

WINNER Member: Song Min-Ho

Song Min-Ho, greeted by the world on March 30, 1993, takes the helm as WINNER’s chief rapper and is a famed figure in Korea’s hip-hop enclave. His Aries sign and an ENTJ profile beam with his vibrant aura and voracious drive. Min-Ho also seizes the spotlight as a part of the TV spectacle “Show Me the Money.”

WINNER Member: Lee Seung-Hoon

Lee Seung-Hoon, choreographer extraordinaire and rapper for WINNER, arrived on January 11, 1992. His Capricorn star sign and ESFP traits reflect a pragmatic yet irresistibly charming demeanor. Seung-Hoon’s imaginative dance routines and exuberant performances have become synonymous with WINNER’s concerts.

WINNER Members’ Birthdays

MemberBirthdayZodiac Sign
Kang Seung-YoonJanuary 21, 1994Aquarius
Kim Jin-WooSeptember 26, 1991Libra
Song Min-HoMarch 30, 1993Aries
Lee Seung-HoonJanuary 11, 1992Capricorn

WINNER Members’ Positions

Kang Seung-YoonLeader, Main Vocalist
Kim Jin-WooLead Vocalist, Visual
Song Min-HoMain Rapper
Lee Seung-HoonMain Dancer, Rapper

WINNER’s Fandom Name

WINNER’s official fandom moniker is “Inner Circle.” The name resonates deeply as it embodies the intimate connection the band fosters with their supporters. To the band members, their admirers are intrinsic to their circle, sharing in every victory and hurdle.

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What is the official fandom name of WINNER?

The official fandom name of WINNER is “Inner Circle.”

When did WINNER vault into the music scene officially?

WINNER vaulted into the music scene officially on August 17, 2014, clinching the win on the reality survival show “WIN: Who is Next.”

Where can devotees soak in K-pop culture within Seoul?

Devotees can bathe in the K-pop milieu by frequenting studios, roaming areas like Hongdae and Myeongdong, and embarking on bespoke K-pop jaunts within the spirited city of Seoul.

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