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Best Time to Visit Morocco : Weather by Month/Season

by Ethan
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Best Time to Visit Morocco : When it comes to planning your dream trip to Morocco, timing is everything. Morocco offers a diverse range of experiences throughout the year, from the vibrant cities to the serene desert landscapes. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the ideal times to visit Morocco month by month, ensuring you make the most of your journey to this captivating North African country.

January – Embrace the Cool Weather and Cultural Traditions

Best for: Cooler weather, small crowds, camping in the Sahara, Yennayer

January kicks off the year with pleasant coolness and a chance to witness the unique Yennayer celebration, the Amazigh New Year. Daytime temperatures range from 50-68°F, making it perfect for camping in the Sahara and exploring the rest of Morocco with fewer tourists.

During Yennayer, traditional Berber communities in North Africa come together for communal feasts, dancing, and singing. It’s a time to celebrate the connection between the Amazigh and nature, invoking prosperity for the year ahead.

February – Enjoy Mild Weather and Outdoor Adventures

Best for: Cooler weather, trekking Mt Toubkal, Blossom Festival

As February arrives, the weather becomes even more inviting, with minimal rain and increasing temperatures. This is an ideal time for hiking, camel rides in the desert, and summiting Mt Toubkal, North Africa’s highest peak. The Almond Blossom Festival in Tafraout offers delicious food, Berber folk music, and beautiful almond blossoms.

March – Welcome Spring’s Beauty and the International Nomad Festival

Best for: Lush landscapes, hiking, the International Nomad Festival

March ushers in spring, bringing lush landscapes adorned with budding flowers and lush vegetation. With daytime temperatures in the high 60s, it’s a great time to explore iconic landmarks like Marrakesh, Fes, and Chefchaouen.

Consider timing your visit with the International Nomad Festival in the remote Saharan village of M’Hamid El Ghizlane, a unique opportunity to learn about the culture and customs of nomadic tribes in the region.

April – Embrace Spring in Morocco

Best for: Warmer weather, spring blooms, hiking, the Sufi Festival

April sees spring in full swing with rising temperatures and longer days. While tourists flock to Morocco around Easter, this is a delightful time for hiking in the Middle and High Atlas, where blooming flora contrasts with snow-topped peaks.

Don’t miss the Sufi Festival in Fes, offering a glimpse into the esoteric form of Islam, promoting mysticism and divine love.

May – Ideal Weather for Trekking and Festivals

Best for: Pleasant weather, trekking, the Festival of the Roses

May boasts pleasant weather for trekking and exploration. It’s an excellent month to go trekking and explore bustling cities like Marrakesh before the intense summer heat sets in. Visit the M’Goun Valley to witness the Festival of the Roses, a spectacular experience with rose-inspired dishes and traditional dancing.

June – Coastal Delights and Cultural Festivals

Best for: Enjoying the coast, cultural music festivals, the Cherry Festival

June marks the start of summer in Morocco. While it can be hot, the coastal areas offer respite with fresh seafood and cultural festivals. Essaouira’s Gnaoua Music Festival and Fes’s Festival of World Sacred Music provide a musical extravaganza. Don’t forget the Cherry Festival in Sefrou, featuring floats, Moroccan food, and the crowning of ‘Miss Cherry.’

July – Coastal Escapes and Jazzablanca Festival

Best for: Enjoying the coast, Jazzablanca, balmy evenings

July can be scorching, but it’s manageable by the coast. Essaouira, Rabat, and Tangier offer relief with a salty sea breeze. The annual Jazzablanca festival in Casablanca features soul, funk, new age, and jazz music. Despite the heat, July is popular among European summer breakers, so plan and pre-book activities in advance.

August – Beat the Heat by the Coast

Best for: Balmy evenings, hitting the beach, Todra Gorge and Dades River

August brings intense heat, making coastal escapes a wise choice. Todra Gorge and Dades River provide respite in limestone river canyons, and the cooler evenings come alive with local activities.

September – Perfect Weather for Diverse Activities

Best for: Comfortable weather, the Imilchil Marriage Festival

September offers perfect weather as the summer heat subsides. It’s a great time for trekking, swimming, and exploring historical sites. Don’t miss the Imilchil Marriage Festival in the Middle Atlas, a unique celebration of Berber culture.

October – Harvest Season and Mild Weather

Best for: Harvest season festivities, mild weather, Sahara adventures

October offers pleasant weather for trekking, hiking, and exploring Morocco’s vibrant cities. It’s also the season for traditional harvesting festivities and an opportunity to experience the charisma of Morocco.

November – Explore the Sahara and Cozy Up in Cafes

Best for: Sahara adventures, exploring the cities, cozying up in cafes

November sees the Sahara coming alive, providing more bearable temperatures. The cities are less crowded, making it a great time to explore. Cozy up in cafes with mint tea and Moroccan pastries or embark on a culinary adventure.

December – Winter Adventures and Cultural Exploration

Best for: Winter trekking, cultural activities, Sahara adventures

December offers a crowd-free experience in Morocco, with the chance to enjoy winter trekking and cultural activities. The Sahara beckons with clear skies and sunshine, while mild daytime temperatures inland make it ideal for hiking in places like Todra Gorge.


Morocco offers a rich tapestry of experiences year-round, each month presenting unique opportunities for exploration and cultural immersion. Use this guide to plan your visit to Morocco, ensuring that you make the most of your journey to this enchanting North African destination.

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