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Explore Montreal Nightlife 2023: Top Clubs, Bars & Live Music Venues

by Ethan
Best Bars & Clubs in Montreal

As the sun dips behind Montreal’s skyline, the city’s heartbeat changes rhythm; it doesn’t quiet down, but rather morphs into a vibrant wonderland for nightlife seekers. From snazzy bars mixing up fancy drinks to buzzing clubs playing fresh tunes, Montreal has something for everyone. Ready to go bar and club hopping in Montreal? Gear up for an adventure that’ll keep your evening buzz just as thrilling as your daytime hustle.

Best Bars & Clubs in Montreal: 1. Baldwin Barmacie

Take a gulp at Baldwin Barmacie and you’ll quickly see why it’s a favorite cocktail hangout in Montreal. With a cool décor that nods to a pharmacy with a chic makeover, this spot welcomes you with open arms. The charm isn’t limited to its looks; live DJs keep the vibe high until the break of dawn. Parked at 115 Laurier West, Baldwin Barmacie is the place to be for a night of great beats and top-notch drinks. In need of more info? Give them a buzz at +1 514 276 4282 or swing by their website.

Best Bars & Clubs in Montreal: 2. Bily Kun

March on over to Bily Kun at 354 Mont-Royal East and jump into the Plateau’s cool scene. Dressed up with ostrich mounts and timeless French tiles, the bar pulls in the hip crowd. Sipping here might cost a bit more, but the vibe is worth every dime. Fix up your look and dive into this hip scene. Curious? Hit them up at +1 514 845 5392 or peek at their website for the lowdown.

Best Bars & Clubs in Montreal: 3. Winnie’s

Big with the college crew, Winnie’s is where to go for easy-going times and cheap brews. Decked out in leather, wood, and marble, this spot on 1459 Rue Crescent is the perfect warm-up for classier nights out. It’s also where hockey fans flock on game nights. Find out more about Winnie’s by ringing them at +1 514 288 3814 or check their website.

Best Bars & Clubs in Montreal: 4. Bar Le Ritz PDB

Bar Le Ritz PDB, once called Il Motore, sits at 179 Jean-Talon West and buzzes with live gigs and all sorts of unique happenings. With a bold statement like “punks don’t bend,” this joint, run by Godspeed You! Black Emperor members, delivers the real deal. Whether it’s a women’s film show or an art showcase, something cool is always going down. For a night full of surprise, dial +1 438 289 9994 or click over to Bar Le Ritz PDB’s website.

Best Bars & Clubs in Montreal: 5. Blvd44

For a dash of fancy, Blvd44 is your spot. Tucked inside Hotel 10 at 2108 Boulevard St-Laurent, this swank club brings pop hits, VIP bottle service, and a slick outdoor lounge area. Open on the weekend and Mondays, it’s the magnet for the city’s chic partygoers. To mingle with Montreal’s glitzy bunch, call Blvd44 at +1 514 638 2583 or explore their website.

Best Bars & Clubs in Montreal: 6. Stereo

Craving house and techno? Stereo is your haven. This after-hours club at 858 St Catherine Street East pulses with top electronic jams from 2 am to 10 am every weekend. Slide into this club’s dance realm by calling +1 514 658 2646 or look through their website for events.

Live Music in Montreal: Bell Centre

The Bell Centre rolls out the red carpet for big stars and huge concerts, with elbow room for 15,000 cheering fans. Want a show with all the extras? Here’s your venue at 260 rue de la Gauchetière West. Snag tickets and info on the next big event by calling (514) 790 2525 or visiting the Bell Centre website.

Live Music in Montreal: Casa del Popolo

For a cozy music spot and a shot at catching tomorrow’s famous names, Casa del Popolo at 4873 boulevard St-Laurent is a legend in the underground tunes scene. Bask in a vibe that feels like you’re among friends and take in awesome live shows. To get your dose of the indie spirit, reach out at +1 514 284 0122 or check their website.

Live Music in Montreal: Métropolis

Métropolis strikes a perfect chord between a personal feel and plenty of room with a setup that gives you great peeks from all around. Posted at 59 Ste. Catherine Street, this venue is a winner with bands and fans for the high-energy air it brings alive. Make a move by calling +1 514 844 3500 or strolling over to the Métropolis website.

  • Looking for a happening night? Put Baldwin Barmacie or Bily Kun on your list.
  • Students and savers will get a kick out of the good times and prices at Winnie’s.
  • If chic clubbing is your jam, don’t miss Blvd44.
  • Music lovers, the Bell Centre, Casa del Popolo, and Métropolis serve up an awesome mix of live performances.


What are the top cocktail bars in Montreal?

Baldwin Barmacie rules with its snappy cocktails and hip scene, making it a hot choice for a drink out in Montreal.

Where’s a great place for live indie tunes in Montreal?

Casa del Popolo is your pick for live indie melodies in Montreal, with its snug setting and amiable aura.

Can I find a spot in Montreal for all-night electronic music?

Yep! Stereo is the king of after-hours clubs in Montreal, spinning electronic beats from late evening to early morning on weekends.

Are there swanky clubs in Montreal?

You bet! Blvd44 stands out as one of Montreal’s top upscale clubs, featuring a ritzy vibe with today’s hits and VIP service.

What’s the music scene like at Métropolis in Montreal?

Métropolis mixes up its music menu with genres from rock and pop to electronic and indie, known for its rockin’ vibes and sounds.

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