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7 Best Bars & Clubs in Ottawa 2024

by Ethan
Best Bars & Clubs in Ottawa

When you think of the Canadian capital, Ottawa’s bustling nights might not jump to mind first, but get ready for a surprise. This place really shines once the sun drops, boasting a hopping bar and club scene that’s a treasure for those itching for some twilight fun. Feeling the need for a cozy Irish pub, the beat of a live jazz tune, or the pulse of a dance floor crammed with energy? Ottawa delivers it all. Jump into the city’s after-dark adventures and see for yourself why the wildly popular Best Bars & Clubs in Ottawa are the talk of the town with both home-towners and out-of-towners.

Best Bars & Clubs in Ottawa: 1. Grace O’Malley’s Pub

Grace O’Malley’s Pub is a celebration of Ottawa’s rich Irish roots. Mixing Irish charm with a Canadian twist, it’s no wonder people pack the place. You’ll find it at 1150 Ogilvie Road, just a quick hop from downtown. But it’s not just the proximity that draws the crowd; it’s their live tunes and sea-inspired pub snacks that make it worth the jaunt. For an evening that’s all about chilling out to some good music, make sure you swing by Grace O’Malley’s. Ring them up at +1 613 842 0220 or sneak a peek at www.gracies.ca for the scoop.

Best Bars & Clubs in Ottawa: 2. Social

Craving a touch of elegance at night? Then Social is your spot. Tucked away at 537 Sussex Drive, this Martini bar is not just about top-notch mojitos and a warm welcome. When live jazz weaves through the room and the chattering crowd hits its stride, you’ve found the ideal place to shift from a fancy meal to a full-on party scene—no need to switch spots. Dip into the magic of Social by giving them a shout at +1 613 789 7355 or drop by www.social.ca.

Best Bars & Clubs in Ottawa: 3. The Heart and Crown

The Heart and Crown Irish pub group perches proudly at 67 Clarence Street, offering a snug haven in the colder months. But there’s more; you can stroll from one pub to the next thanks to the five unique pubs and six patios all in one place. Live bands play three times a week, guaranteeing the fun never stops. Got questions? Call them at +1 613 562 0674 or click over to www.heartandcrown.ca.

Best Bars & Clubs in Ottawa: 4. Babylon Nightclub

Babylon Nightclub brings something different each night. Located at 317 Bank Street, this place in Centretown is for everyone, whether you’re into hip-hop or indie rock. And if cutting a rug isn’t your style, you can kick back in the snug sitting area. To find out what Babylon’s all about, ring +1 613 594 0003 or go to www.babylonclub.ca.

Best Bars & Clubs in Ottawa: 5. The Mercury Lounge

The Mercury Lounge stands in the heart of ByWard Market at 56 ByWard Market Square and is the lifeblood of Ottawa’s club world. Whether it’s for classic jazz, popping electronic rhythms, or an art show, this place breaks the mold. Feel the vibe of the Mercury Lounge by calling +1 613 789 5324 or visiting www.mercurylounge.com.

Best Bars & Clubs in Ottawa: 6. The Whiskey Bar

If a chilled, ski lodge atmosphere is your jam, hit up The Whiskey Bar at 112 York Street. Sip whisky like a pro or just groove the night away in this unassuming, spirited space, complete with stone fireplaces, a dance floor, and tunes from the 80s and 90s. Dial +1 613 241 5457 or glide over to www.whiskeybar.ca to check out the lineup.

Best Bars & Clubs in Ottawa: 7. Barrymore’s Music Hall

Barrymore’s Music Hall, an icon at 323 Bank Street, whispers tales of history and personality. Despite looking a bit aged on the outside, it’s been the go-to locale for live music since the 70s. Hop on the bandwagon for an epic night by buzzing +1 613 695 8488 or learning more at www.barrymores.on.ca.

Best Bars & Clubs in Ottawa: 8. Bronson Centre

The Bronson Centre, at a glance a plain community hub at 211 Bronson Avenue, doubles as a top stage for shows. Decked with a vintage vibe, it lures big Canadian names and promising new artists. Curious about the shows? Give them a ring at +1 613 237 5550 or check out www.bronsoncentre.ca.

Best Bars & Clubs in Ottawa: 9. Fat Tuesdays

In the mood for Mardi Gras? Fat Tuesdays has you covered. Known for its face-to-face piano battles and rocking the city’s largest patio, this Kanata favorite at 625 Kanata Avenue is the perfect summer spot for outdoor sips and a taste of New Orleans. Dial +1 613 591 3287 or visit www.fattuesdays.ca for all the nitty-gritty.

  • Whether it’s pubs, clubs, or places for live jams, Ottawa’s got a night hangout just for you.
  • The ByWard Market is usually where the action’s at, but places like Elgin and Bank streets are worth checking out.
  • You can keep the party going until 2:00 AM, with bars normally closing up shop at 2:45 AM, making sure your night is packed.

Want more insider tips or the latest on Ottawa’s night scene? Head over to The Humm at www.thehumm.com.

FAQ #1: What time do bars and clubs in Ottawa typically close?

In Ottawa, last call generally rings out around 2:00 AM, and the doors often close by 2:45 AM.

FAQ #2: Are there any spots in Ottawa known for their nightlife?

Yep, ByWard Market is the heart of the city’s nightlife, with Elgin and Bank streets being hip secondary hotspots for an evening out.

FAQ #3: Can I catch live music in Ottawa?

Sure thing! Ottawa’s got a bunch of venues like Barrymore’s Music Hall and the Mercury Lounge for all sorts of live tunes.

FAQ #4: What unique nightlife experiences does Ottawa offer?

Looking for something out-of-the-ordinary? Ottawa’s got cool spots like dueling pianos at Fat Tuesdays and a cluster of pubs at The Heart and Crown to enjoy.

FAQ #5: What’s the feel of Ottawa’s bars and clubs?

Ottawa’s nightlife is diverse: from the relaxing vibe of a comfy Irish pub to the electric atmosphere of a happening dance hall, you’re all set for whatever kind of night you’re after.

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