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6 Best Bars & Clubs in Quebec City 2024

by Ethan
Best Bars & Clubs in Quebec City

Quebec City’s nightlife sparkles with a magical mix of old-fashioned allure and modern fun. Whether you dream of snuggling up in historic pubs or dancing the night away in trendy clubs with fresh tunes, Quebec City nightlight has an amazing adventure ready for you. Feel the warmth of small music spots or get charged up on the lively dance floors of Nouvo Saint-Roch, the top bars & clubs in Quebec City have something for everyone’s liking.

Best Bars & Clubs in Quebec City: 1. Bar L’Inox

Address: 655 rue Grande-Allée Est, Quebec City, G1R 2K4
Telephone: +1 418 692 2877
Website: www.brasserieinox.com

Bar L’Inox is your ticket to the tasty universe of Quebec’s beers. With soaring ceilings and a choice to chill at the shiny bar, the roomy main area, or outside on the terrace, you can taste beers brewed right there. Try the fan-favorite, coriander-spiked Trouble-Fête, or pick from the lineup of golden, creamy, amber, red, or deep-brown beers to find your perfect pint.

Best Bars & Clubs in Quebec City: 2. Boudoir Lounge

Address: 441 rue du Parvis, Quebec City, G1K 9L6
Telephone: +1 418 524 2777
Website: www.boudoirbarpizza.com

Tucked inside the hip Nouvo Saint-Roch area, Boudoir Lounge is the hot spot for the fashionable bunch. With parts restaurant and nightclub, this place brings together booming dance hits and chill-out tunes spun by cool DJs on weekends. It’s not just about the catchy cocktails though; the games room with pool tables and old-school arcade games makes Boudoir Lounge a standout choice for fun in Quebec City.

Best Bars & Clubs in Quebec City: 3. Pub L’Oncle Antoine

Address: 29 Rue St-Pierre, Old Quebec, G1K 3Z3
Telephone: +1 418 694 9176

Pub L’Oncle Antoine is a cozy gem tucked away in the cellar of one of the oldest houses in the city, built in 1754. Snuggle up with some of Quebec’s best beers, unique microbrews, ciders, and even maple whiskey. A crackling fireplace adds a cozy touch during winter, while a cute terrace welcomes you for outdoor fun in the summer. Not to miss is their famous French onion soup.

Best Bars & Clubs in Quebec City: 4. Dagobert

Address: 600 Grande Allée Est, Quebec City, G1R 2K5
Telephone: +1 418 522 0393
Website: www.dagobert.ca

Dagobert shakes up Quebec City’s nightlife with its trio of energetic floors inside a stylishly renovated mansion. Ground level is home to punk and rock bands, while the second floor buzzes to the sounds of famed DJs. If you need a breather or enjoy people-watching, the top floor is your ideal spot. Dagobert is the must-go club for those diving into Quebec City’s lively club vibe.

Best Bars & Clubs in Quebec City: 5. Le Drague

Address: 815 rue Saint-Augustin, Quebec City, G1R 3N4
Telephone: +1 418 649 7212
Website: www.ledrague.com

Le Drague welcomes everyone, not just as Quebec City’s top gay dance spot but also as a place that opens its arms to all. Running for over 30 years, this cabaret bar is split into different areas with a lively front terrace, a dance club with drag shows over two floors, and a cozy lounge to sip cocktails in. Le Drague is a hit with the LGBT crowd and anyone looking for a fun, open vibe.

Best Bars & Clubs in Quebec City: 6. Maurice

Address: 575 Grande Allée Est, Quebec City, G1R 1A1
Telephone: +1 418 931 4625
Website: www.mauricenightclub.com

Maurice Nightclub, nestled in an elegant, castle-like building, has been a hot spot in the Montcalm District for years. Part of a big complex with bars and eateries, you can have a blast dining at VooDoo Grill, chilling at the Charlotte Ultra Lounge, or enjoying a classy cigar at Société Cigare. When the mood to groove strikes, the dance floor’s rocking sound system guarantees a night of thrilling rhythms.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the opening hours for Bar L’Inox?

  • To find out when to visit Bar L’Inox, take a peek at their official website or give them a ring since their hours might change.

2. Does Boudoir Lounge serve food?

  • Yep, Boudoir Lounge serves up tasty eats along with delightful drinks and a nightclub vibe.

3. Is Pub L’Oncle Antoine suitable for summer visits?

  • For sure, Pub L’Oncle Antoine has a sweet little terrace that’s just right for kicking back with a beer in the sunshine.

4. Do I need a reservation for clubs like Dagobert?

  • It’s smart to book ahead to make sure you get in, especially on nights that are crammed with people or for big events.

5. Are the clubs and bars in Quebec City LGBT-friendly?

  • Lots of spots, including Le Drague, are known for being super welcoming to the LGBT community and a mix of all kinds of people.

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