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8 Best Bars & Clubs in Toronto 2024 You Must Visit

by Ethan
Best Bars & Clubs in Toronto

Dive into Toronto’s glowing night scene and explore the city that truly sparkles once the sun sets. Picture yourself sipping inventive drinks in a trendy bar or swaying to the rhythm on a rooftop with an incredible cityscape. Toronto’s buzzing energy caters to all—you could be toasting in chilled-out taverns or dancing in vibrant clubs. Canada’s unrivaled party hotspot beckons you to join the fun and maybe even clink glasses together.

Best Bars & Clubs in Toronto: 1. Barchef

Adventure into the drink-slinging wonder of Barchef, where bartending turns into enchanting chemistry. Nestled at 472 Queen Street West, this spot serves up show-stopping drinks. Imagine sipping concoctions fizzing and smoking with a dash of liquid nitrogen! More than a spot for a drink, Barchef is a feast for your senses. Give them a ring at +1 416 868 4800 to book a spot or just wander in and let the night transform around you.

Best Bars & Clubs in Toronto: 2. Madison Avenue Pub

Step into the legendary Madison Avenue Pub and discover the heart of Toronto’s pub world. At 14 Madison Avenue, this grand maze of a venue spreads out through three old Victorian houses. Roam among 12 bars, six authentic British pubs, and five floors with lively patios. Since 1983, it’s been a magnet for those seeking a night to remember. Call +1 416 927 1722 and plunge into this buzzing pub paradise.

Best Bars & Clubs in Toronto: 3. Track & Field Bar

Mix a little friendly competition with your night out at Track & Field Bar, Toronto’s hub for bocce and shuffleboard fun. Hidden in the basement at 860 College Street West, this place pairs tasty beverages with playful challenges. It’s not all games—you can groove on the dance floor too. Ready for an evening of fun battles and cool vibes? Ring them up at +1 416 4800 to snag a spot or just pop in for a game.

Best Bars & Clubs in Toronto: 4. EFS

Seeking a groove-filled night? Hit up EFS, located at 647 King Street West, for the city’s fresh club vibe. Flaunting artsy walls and a chic loft set-up, EFS tempts you to dance to the latest beats. Need a breather? Their patio and private cabanas are your sanctuary. Dial +1 416 477 5460 to dance in style amidst Toronto’s fashion-forward crowd.

Best Bars & Clubs in Toronto: 5. Lost and Found

Monday blues have no place in Lost and Found, the heartbeat of Toronto’s Monday nights. At 577 King Street West, this revamped hotspot rolls out the red carpet for well-heeled crowds after dusk. With tunes ranging from hip hop to house, you’re in for an alluring dance scene. Want in? Call them at +1 647 995 5772 and make Mondays unforgettable.

Best Bars & Clubs in Toronto: 6. Maison Mercer

Dreaming of a dance floor with city lights twinkling above? Maison Mercer at 15 Mercer Street is your destination. Dazzling decor and hypnotic LED lights match a sky-high terrace—perfect for a night out with a view. This club’s not shy about its vibrant scene. Grab your phone and dial +1 416 477 2288 to secure a night under the stars.

Best Bars & Clubs in Toronto: 7. Lee’s Palace

Raw and edgy, Lee’s Palace has been the incubator of legends like Oasis and Nirvana. Swing by 529 Bloor Street West for tunes that cross all boundaries in a space that’s seen history unfold. Ready to rock out? Give them a shout at +1 416 532 1598 to see who’s stealing the spotlight next.

Best Bars & Clubs in Toronto: 8. The Horseshoe Tavern

Soak up the legendary vibe of The Horseshoe Tavern, an enduring name in Toronto’s music lore since 1947. From blues and jazz origins to a melting pot of genres, this tavern at 370 Queen Street West hosts the greats and the up-and-comers. For a taste of musical history, reach out at +1 416 598 4226 and march to the beat of the next big act.

Best Bars & Clubs in Toronto: 9. The Opera House

Step into The Opera House at 735 Queen Street East for a night that defies expectations. It may sound grand, but it’s a playground for a medley of music that once echoed with Vaudeville acts. To join a show that’s as unique as you are, call +1 416 466 0313 and tap into Toronto’s vibrant rhythm.

– Whisk away to Barchef for a twist on classic concoctions.
– Dive into the endless fun at Madison Avenue Pub, on every one of its four levels.
– Roll into the fun at Track & Field Bar and see if your drink cheers you to victory.
– Lose yourself in the trendy beats of EFS, and chill out in their cozy corners.
– Turn Monday gloom into glam with a visit to Lost and Found.
– Step onto Maison Mercer’s terrace and dance with the skyline.
– Listen to the raw energy of musical mavericks at Lee’s Palace.
– Grab a beer where music history lives on at The Horseshoe Tavern.
– Experience an unexpected lineup of tunes at the eclectic Opera House.

FAQs about Toronto Nightlife

1. What is the legal drinking age in Toronto?

You’ve got to be 19 to raise your glass here in Toronto.

2. Until what time do bars typically stay open in Toronto?

Most watering holes wrap things up by 2:00 AM, but some party places shake it till sunrise.

3. Can I find a bar in Toronto that doesn’t serve food?

Every spot slinging drinks in Ontario dishes out some eats too, so you’ll always have munchies on hand.

4. Are there any weekly publications that provide information on Toronto’s nightlife?

Absolutely! “eyeNOW” and the online hot spot www.nowtoronto.com keep the scoop on club nights, concerts, and the vibrant gay scene.

5. Where can I find information on upcoming music acts in Toronto?

Hit up venue sites like Lee’s Palace, The Horseshoe Tavern, and The Opera House for the lowdown on shows. “eyeNOW” and “NOW Toronto” are also crammed with the latest gigs.

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