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9 Best Bars & Clubs in Vancouver 2024 You Must Visit

by Ethan
Best Bars & Clubs in Vancouver

As the day ends and the sky darkens, Vancouver bursts into life with twinkling lights and a buzzing scene for anyone looking to enjoy the night. If sipping fancy drinks, grooving to live tunes, or dancing the night away is your thing, this Canadian gem has got you covered for all your after-dark adventures. From the colorful corners of Gastown to the lively gay joints on Davie Street, this city’s got endless opportunities for nighttime fun.

Best Bars & Clubs in Vancouver: 1. Grapes & Soda

Leading the natural wine scene, Grapes & Soda shines with a lineup of local Okanagan wines and European favorites. This cozy spot with just 25 seats sits in South Granville at 1541 West 6th Avenue, offering a chance to taste unique wines alongside gourmet seasonal snacks. With no reservations, it’s wise to show up early for a seat. To ask questions or get details, give them a ring at +1 604 336 2456.

Best Bars & Clubs in Vancouver: 2. Keefer Bar

Tucked in Chinatown, the trendy Keefer Bar serves up drinks with a creative spin, blending herbs like magnolia bark and ginseng picked from local stores. Their patio is prime for watching the crowd, especially during the warm months. They also whip up creative snacks, from unique pancake pizzas to Chinese-style churros. Swing by at 135 Keefer Street for a cool experience. Learn more at www.thekeeferbar.com or by calling +1 604 688 1961.

Best Bars & Clubs in Vancouver: 3. Prohibition

Take a step into the past at Prohibition, a hidden gem that channels the 1920s from its spot in Downtown Vancouver. Here, classic drinks, an absinthe fountain, and luxury Champagne await the fancy drinker. Filled with live music, the bar’s at 801 West Georgia Street. Look for the green light outside to know the party’s started. For details, dial +1 604 673 7089 or head to prohibitionrhg.com.

Best Bars & Clubs in Vancouver: 4. Celebrities Nightclub

Set in the heart of the West End’s gay area, Celebrities Nightclub stands out as a go-to for dance lovers since the ’80s. It buzzes with famous acts and thumping electronic beats, offering VIP spots and a mean sound system to amp up the floor. Find them at 1022 Davie Street and for more, visit www.celebritiesnightclub.com or call +1 604 681 6180.

Best Bars & Clubs in Vancouver: 5. The Roxy

The Roxy rocks with a vibe that’s kept everyone dancing for ages. Fun and music blast from this spot on Granville Street, offering a mix of live bands and themed nights. Whether it’s hitting the dance floor to the latest hits or going wild on a Tuesday with The Bulge, or dressing up for Country Sundays, the fun’s at 932 Granville Street. For a blast of a night, phone +1 604 331 7999 or browse www.roxyvan.com.

Best Bars & Clubs in Vancouver: 6. Venue

Venue mixes club vibes with live music on two levels, attracting various crowds. From hometown heroes to DJ legends like David Guetta and Major Lazer, their dance hall stays packed. Go VIP for special nights at 881 Granville Street. Dive into their event lineup and reserve your spot at +1 604 646 0064 or visit venuelive.ca.

Best Bars & Clubs in Vancouver: 7. Commodore Ballroom

The legendary Commodore Ballroom has been a key stage in Vancouver’s music culture, hosting everyone from David Bowie to The Clash. This art deco spot continues to rock with a mix of modern music makers. It’s located at the heart of Downtown, 868 Granville Street. Curious about who’s playing next? Call +1 604 739 4550 to find out.

Best Bars & Clubs in Vancouver: 8. Guilt & Company

Step into the secret world of Guilt & Company for tunes that span from jazz to hip hop. Tucked under Gastown’s Chill Winston at 1 Alexander Street, this cozy venue serves up shows that can mesmerize and nights filled with spontaneous music. For the latest acts, ring +1 604 288 1704 or head to www.cellarjazz.com.

Best Bars & Clubs in Vancouver: 9. The Biltmore Cabaret

Join the unique vibe at The Biltmore Cabaret, where the décor channels the charm of old New Orleans and Shanghai from the ’40s. From indie rock to hip hop, its stage guarantees a night packed with various beats. Located at 2755 Prince Edward Street, it’s the spot for events like ‘Kitty Nights’. Peek at www.biltmorecabaret.com or call +1 604 676 0541 for what’s coming up.

  • Discover Vancouver’s finest natural wines at Grapes & Soda, where top-notch vintages pair with tasty bites.
  • Sip on imaginative drinks at Keefer Bar in Chinatown, where tradition meets trendy in every glass.
  • Relish the glamour of Prohibition, an elegant spot with vintage vibes and luxurious libations.
  • Hit the floor at Celebrities Nightclub, the community’s beloved spot for pumping beats and vivid nights.
  • Lose yourself in the rhythm at Venue, where the beats don’t stop and the night always promises excitement.


1. What time do bars and clubs usually close in Vancouver?

Most bars and clubs in Vancouver wind down between 2 AM and 3 AM, depending on each place’s rules and the law.

2. Is there a dress code for Vancouver’s nighttime spots?

It can vary. Some clubs and fancy bars might want you to dress up a bit, while others are cool with a casual look. Best to check before you go.

3. Can I catch live music any night in Vancouver?

Yes, you can! All around the city, places like the Commodore Ballroom and Guilt & Company host live music every evening.

4. Are there age limits for getting into Vancouver’s bars and clubs?

Indeed, you have to be 19 or older. That’s the legal age for drinking in British Columbia, so it’s the age for entry as well.

5. Should I reserve a table before going to a Vancouver bar?

Not all bars need reservations, but it’s smart to book ahead, especially for busy nights or hot spots like Grapes & Soda.

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