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7 Best Restaurants in Montreal 2024 for All Budgets

by Ethan
Best Restaurants in Montreal

Montreal, a city bursting with flavor, serves up a feast of meal choices to please any palate and wallet. From snug corner delis to fancy dining halls, Montreal’s food scene paints a picture of its cultural mosaic. Craving a fast snack or a grand dinner spread? This city has something for every taste.

## Best Restaurants in Montreal: 1. Gibby’s

Meat lovers and those seeking romance will adore **Gibby’s**, nestled in Old Montreal’s storied quarters. Set within a quaint building from the 1740s, Gibby’s wraps you in history’s embrace. Dine under the stars in what once was a stable yard, now a dreamy backdrop for any celebration. Noted for juicy rib-eye steaks and tender racks of lamb, a dinner here serves up the perfect blend of prime meats and bold wines for a captivating meal. Keep in mind, Gibby’s welcomes guests for dinner after 5:30 PM only.

– Address: 298 Place D’Youville, Montreal, H2Y 2B6
– Telephone: +1 514 282 1837
– Website: [www.gibbys.com](http://www.gibbys.com)

## Best Restaurants in Montreal: 2. Le Filet

For those who swoon over seafood, **Le Filet** shines like a treasure. Tucked in among Montreal’s upscale dining spots, Le Filet wins hearts with fresh, seasonal seafood wonders. Be sure to book a table at this hot spot, which takes a break on Sundays, for a taste of oceanic delight.

– Address: 219 Avenue du Mont-Royal Ouest, Montreal, H2T 2T2
– Telephone: +1 514 360 6060
– Website: [www.lefilet.ca](http://www.lefilet.ca)

## Best Restaurants in Montreal: 3. Toqué

At the peak of food mastery stands **Toqué**, a restaurant where a love for edibles and vino sings together. Led by Chef Normand Laprise, a culinary maestro, Toqué unfolds a memorable feast for its visitors. With a focus on nearby farm produce, this eatery serves as a stronghold of superb French eats in Montreal.

– Address: 900 place Jean-Paul Riopelle, Montreal, H2Z 2B2
– Telephone: +1 514 499 2084
– Website: [www.restaurant-toque.com](http://www.restaurant-toque.com)

## Best Restaurants in Montreal: 4. Au Pied de Cochon

Dine like kings and queens at **Au Pied de Cochon**, a place famed for its lavish meals. TV star Anthony Bourdain has cheered for this spot, especially the foie gras treats. Chef Martin Picard’s creations, like the famous foie gras burger, show the place’s indulgence. Just remember to book ahead and maybe skip lunch for this one.

– Address: 536 East Duluth, Montreal, Quebec, H2L 1A9
– Telephone: +1 514 281 1114
– Website: [www.restaurantaupieddecochon.ca](http://www.restaurantaupieddecochon.ca)

## Best Restaurants in Montreal: 5. Kyo Bar Japonais

For true-blue sushi and izakaya moments, **Kyo Bar Japonais** beckons. This joint takes pride in slicing up creative sushi dishes and claiming Montreal’s biggest sake collection. For sushi diehards and sake fans, Kyo Bar Japonais is a must-see.

– Address: 711 Côte de le Place d’Armes, Montreal, H2Y 2W6
– Telephone: +1 514 282 2711
– Website: [www.kyobar.com](http://www.kyobar.com)

## Best Restaurants in Montreal: 6. L’Avenue

Dive into the Plateau’s lively heart, and discover **L’Avenue**, a breakfast and brunch hub with spunk. Its zany vibe, think glittery gold seats and a motorcycle on the wall, matches its creative twist on diner faves and French comfort bites. Famous for its eggs Benedict, be ready to line up on weekends, but it’s a line worth standing in.

– Address: 922 avenue du Mont-Royal East, Montreal, H2J 1X2
– Telephone: +1 514 523 8780
– Website: [www.restaurantlavenue.ca](http://www.restaurantlavenue.ca)

## Best Restaurants in Montreal: 7. Omnivore

For a mix of flame-grilled meats and colorful veggie dishes, **Omnivore** hits the spot. Perched on Mont-Royal, this little place is known for beef kebabs, veggie mezes, and the homemade lemonade to wash it all down.

– Address: 4351 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Montréal, H2W 1Z8
– Telephone: +1 514 303 5757
– Website: [en.omnivoregrill.com](http://en.omnivoregrill.com)

## Best Restaurants in Montreal: 8. Schwartz’s

An undeniable legend in Montreal, **Schwartz’s** Deli is a haven for smoked meat devotees. This iconic Jewish deli stacks up thick, juicy slices of smoked meat between rye bread, paired with snappy dill pickles. Take home some of their celebrated pepper steak spice for a dash of Montreal’s taste.

– Address: 3895 boulevard St-Laurent, Montreal, H2W1X9
– Telephone: +1 514 842 4813
– Website: [www.schwartzsdeli.com](http://www.schwartzsdeli.com)

## Best Restaurants in Montreal: 9. St. Viateur Bagel

Bagel newbies must head to **St. Viateur Bagel** to meet a true Montreal bagel. With over 50 years of tradition, these bagels come hand-rolled, boiled with a hint of honey, and baked in a wood oven. Go for different bagel sandwiches, and savor that distinct sweet, chewy delight only a real Montreal bagel can bring.

– Address: 263 St Viateur West, Montreal, Quebec, H2V 1Y1
– Telephone: +1 514 276 8044
– Website: [www.stviateurbagel.com](http://www.stviateurbagel.com)


**1. How much does a typical sit-down meal at a mid-range eatery cost in Montreal?**

You might spend around C$30 to C$60 on a three-course meal for one at a mid-range spot in Montreal. That usually includes half a bottle of house wine or its equal and the tax.

**2. Is tipping usual at Montreal’s food places?**

Yes, folks in Montreal usually tip. You won’t often see a service fee on your bill unless you’re in a big group. If not, a friendly 15% tip is the norm.

**3. What food is Montreal known for cooking up?**

Montreal dazzles with a range of dishes mirroring its mixed cultures. It’s especially noted for smoked meat sandwiches, poutine, and bagels—a part of the city’s eating habits for ages.

**4. Should I reserve a table to eat out at Montreal’s popular restaurants?**

Absolutely! It’s wise to make a booking, particularly if you want to visit Montreal’s top or fancier restaurants, as spots fill up fast.

**5. How do Montreal’s bagels stand out from others?**

Montreal’s bagels are carefully hand-rolled, dipped in honey-flavored water, and then baked in a toasty wood-fired oven. They’re smaller yet denser than New York bagels, with a bigger center hole, sweeter taste, and commonly dusted with sesame or poppy seeds.

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