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12 Best Restaurants in Toronto 2024 for Local & Global Cuisines

by Ethan
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Toronto swirls with a mix of tasty treats, ready to please any kind of taste bud. Craving a fancy feast in an upscale spot, a homey meal in a laid-back bistro, or just a fun bite in a lively joint? Toronto’s food game serves up satisfaction by the plateful. Let’s jump into the yummiest spots in the city, where dishes are as colorful as Toronto’s many faces.

Best Restaurants in Toronto: 1. 360 The Restaurant at the Tower

Soaring high in the sky on top of the famous CN Tower, 360 The Restaurant at the Tower spins diners around for a meal as thrilling as the view. This sky-high eatery lets you look out over Toronto’s bright lights and stretches of Lake Ontario. But it’s not all about what you can see – the Modern North American dishes with a fancy flair will stick with you long after you leave. Swanky vibes and on-point service round out the experience at 360, making it a must-do. Remember to book ahead so you don’t miss out on this sky-scraping dinner date.

  • Address: CN Tower, 301 Front Street West, Downtown, Toronto, M5V 2T6
  • Telephone: +1 416 362 5411
  • Website: http://www.cntower.ca

Best Restaurants in Toronto: 2. Lolita’s Lust

Nestled in the heart of Greektown, Lolita’s Lust is a sizzling secret with Mediterranean soul. Cozy and quirky, this small spot draws both star-struck guests and regular folks. The menu dances with dishes from around the world, serving up delights like lobster dumplings and zesty mushroom salads. You’ll want to make sure you reserve a seat at Lolita’s Lust to be part of its captivating charm.

Best Restaurants in Toronto: 3. Sassafraz Restaurant

Tucked into the quaint Yorkville streets, Sassafraz Restaurant wraps up French, Italian, and Canadian flavors in one classy package. Known as sunny cooking, it’s all about scrumptious plates made with the good stuff. Chic decor sets the stage for Sassafraz, attracting glittery guests and fancy food-lovers. More than just a meal, Sassafraz is a splash of style on your tongue.

  • Address: 100 Cumberland Street, Yorkville, Toronto, M5R 1A6
  • Telephone: +1 416 964 2222
  • Website: http://www.sassafraz.ca

Best Restaurants in Toronto: 4. Brownes Bistro

In Summerhill’s fancy corners, Brownes Bistro shows off its steady charm and finely cooked French bites. Small but brimming with taste and tradition, it offers a comfy meal you’ll want to come back for. Pop by Brownes Bistro for eats that feel like a warm hug from someone you’ve missed.

Best Restaurants in Toronto: 5. Julie’s Cuban Cafe

Julie’s Cuban Cafe bursts with Caribbean zing right in Little Portugal. With checkered tables, twinkly lights, and a playful look, this Cuban spot is totally bewitching. The tapas, enchiladas, and ceviche are mini parties of taste, perfect alongside a zippy margarita. Sitting out on the patio soaking up the sun adds extra fun to this buzzing Toronto joint.

Best Restaurants in Toronto: 6. The Paddock Tavern

Step back in time at The Paddock Tavern, a place drenched in 1940s glam. Nighttimes buzz with energy, while daylight brings the chance to savor Modern North American dishes with a seasonal twist. The Paddock’s plates, like cozy cassoulet or bison with garlicky mash, will dance across your palate and stick with you far beyond the last spoonful.

Best Restaurants in Toronto: 7. Dr. Laffa

Vegetable lovers, make a beeline to Middle Eastern sensation Dr. Laffa in North York. Chill vibes and ancient Iraqi recipes make it shine. Grab a laffa bread stuffed with falafel and hummus for a quick yet delicious bite. At Dr. Laffa, you’ll feel like you’re one of the fam.

  • Address: 2032 Bathurst Street, North York, Toronto, M6B 3B5
  • Telephone: +1 647 352 9000
  • Website: http://www.drlaffa.com

Best Restaurants in Toronto: 8. Flo’s Diner

Flo’s Diner, nestled in trendy Yorkville, tosses you back to the cheery ’50s. With checkerboard floors, spinning stools, and cozy booths, this diner beams retro cool. The menu is chock-full of classic tastes – think burgers, melts, and an all-day breakfast that’ll keep you coming back. Flo’s Diner is like a slice of old-school cool right in the middle of Toronto.

  • Address: 70 Yorkville Avenue, Yorkville, Toronto, M5R 1B9
  • Telephone: +1 416 961 4333
  • Website: http://www.flosdiner.ca

Best Restaurants in Toronto: 9. Fran’s

Since 1940, Fran’s has been dishing up snug meals any time of day. It’s a slice of Toronto’s foodie history, where every plate, from classic meatloaf to a breezy Baja chicken wrap, has a touch of home. Fran’s is where you go for a comfy bite without pinching your wallet, soaking up the city’s dining past.


1. What’s the cost for a fancy dinner in Toronto?

Getting all fancy in Toronto will have you shelling out over C$60 for three courses, plus a half bottle of wine or the same amount in another drink.

2. Do I need to book a table at these awesome Toronto places?

Yeah, booking ahead is key, especially for the big-hit spots like 360 The Restaurant at the Tower and Lolita’s Lust.

3. What kinds of yummy food can I expect in Toronto?

Toronto’s hottest spots serve a colorful mix: think Modern North American, Mediterranean magic, Canadian-French fusions, Middle Eastern spreads, and Cuban spice.

4. Should I tip when I eat out in Toronto?

Totally. Hand over 10-20% to say thanks, because those service fees aren’t usually in your bill.

5. Will I see extra taxes on my food bill in Toronto?

Yep, you’ve got an 8% provincial sales tax (PST) and a 5% federal goods and services tax (GST) that get tacked on to your meal cost at the end.

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