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10 Best Restaurants in Vancouver 2024 You Must Visit

by Ethan
Best Restaurants in Vancouver

Set off on a foodie thrill-ride in Vancouver, where the smorgasbord of tastes is as wide-ranging as its stunning landscapes. Dive into the ocean’s treasures or savor the goodness of farm-fresh produce; Vancouver’s eateries spin a kaleidoscope of flavors for all desires and wallets. Craving a fancy meal or a cozy bite? The city’s buzzing food spots promise to delight your senses.

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Best Restaurants in Vancouver: 1. Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio

At Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio, you’ll find a jewel that captures the elegance of oceanside eats. Blending Peruvian and Japanese traditions with Pacific Northwest seafood, this place lets you dine in peace with a view. Relish in dishes like succulent Canadian scallop ceviches or hearty South American steak in the heart of Downtown Vancouver at 1600 Howe Street, for an unforgettable night of fancy feasts and people-watching.

Best Restaurants in Vancouver: 2. Bauhaus Restaurant

For a European taste adventure, step into Bauhaus Restaurant in Gastown. Michelin-starred Chef Stefan Hartmann transforms German staples into modern masterpieces. Dive into wiener schnitzel and gourmet meatballs at this spot situated at 1 West Cordova Street, inside the Boulder Hotel building. Pair your meal with authentic German brews and creative concoctions like the buttermilch margarita.

Best Restaurants in Vancouver: 3. Chambar

Visit Chambar for a mix of Belgian taste and laid-back West Coast style. Chef Nico Schuermans crafts local ingredient-led dishes with standouts like moules frites you can’t miss. Find this gem at 562 Beatty Street, where Belgian beers, home-brewed Chambar ale, and handmade cocktails enhance the experience. It’s the ideal blend of chic and comfy, loved by both city-dwellers and visitors.

Best Restaurants in Vancouver: 4. AnnaLena

In the fashionable Kitsilano area, AnnaLena mixes modern Canadian food with creative twists. The fun d├ęcor with Lego and color-pop teddy bears preps you for an out-of-the-ordinary meal. At 1809 West 1st Avenue, savor local seafood and innovative meat dishes, like slow-cooked pork jowl with creamy goat cheese polenta – a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

Best Restaurants in Vancouver: 5. Hapa Izakaya

Hapa Izakaya brings Japanese small bites and the lively izakaya atmosphere to Yaletown at 1193 Hamilton Street. Share little dishes like arubi saba or gindara, and wash them down with cool sake or cute Hello Kitty cocktails. Their ever-switching menu means every visit lands you something new and tasty.

Best Restaurants in Vancouver: 6. Nightingale

Chef David Hawksworth’s casual joint Nightingale presents inventive veggies, gourmet pizzas, and small-plate seafood wonders like Pacific rockfish at 1017 West Hastings Street. Enjoy these with a side of fruity drinks for an easy-going, flavor-packed experience.

Best Restaurants in Vancouver: 7. Field & Social

On the hunt for a light but delicious lunch? Field & Social has you covered in Downtown at 415 Dunsmuir Street. They specialize in bold salads bursting with local, in-season ingredients. Go for a Bombay Bowl or a Farmer’s Crop, proving that salads can be more than just leafy greens, but a hearty, mouth-watering meal.

Best Restaurants in Vancouver: 8. Save on Meats

Step back in time with Save on Meats and its iconic neon pig sign at 43 West Hastings Street. Relive diner days past with classic comforts like corn beef hash and Belgian waffles, served with a side of nostalgia, whether you’re perched at the bar or nestled in a booth.

Best Restaurants in Vancouver: 9. The Naam

If it’s no-meat eats you’re after, hit up The Naam for around-the-clock vegetarian options. Warming the corner of 2724 West 4th Avenue since the 60s, fill up on salads, soups, and Mexican-themed plates. Their sesame fries with miso gravy are a crowd-pleaser, all wrapped up in a chill, free-spirited setting that has kept it a local favorite for decades.

– Eateries for all pocketbooks, from Ancora’s upscale experience to Field & Social’s budget-friendly plates.
– A world of tastes wait, from Ancora’s fusion dishes to Nightingale’s modern Canadian offerings.
– Fresh, local ingredients are the stars, guaranteeing meals that are as fresh as they are flavorsome.

**FAQ 1: What’s the usual cost for a meal at Vancouver’s top food spots?**

Depending on where you dine, expect to fork over C$60 and up for three courses at fancy places like Ancora. Mid-range spots like AnnaLena could set you back C$30 to C$60, while easy-going joints like Field & Social keep it under C$30.

**FAQ 2: Should I book a table at these Vancouver hotspots?**

Booking ahead is a smart move, particularly at the buzzy or swankier locales, to snag a seat without hassle.

**FAQ 3: What sorts of cuisines can I look forward to in Vancouver’s best restaurants?**

Taste the world with options like Peruvian, Japanese, German, Belgian, cutting-edge Canadian, and veggie delights, mirroring Vancouver’s diverse foodie scene.

**FAQ 4: Are there extra fees tacked onto Vancouver restaurant checks?**

Yes, expect a 5% Goods and Services Tax (GST) and a 10% liquor tax on your bill. Tips aren’t included, so showing gratitude with a 15-20% tip for friendly service is the norm.

**FAQ 5: Any vegan picks at these dining places?**

Sure! Many of Vancouver’s finest offer vegan dishes, with The Naam being a standout spot for plant-powered plates.

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