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8 Best Restaurants in San Jose 2024 You Can’t Miss

by Ethan
Best Restaurants in San Jose

Exploring the delicious food scene in San Jose is like setting out on an exciting adventure into a universe of tastes. With homey Costa Rican meals that wrap you up in comfort and fancy global dishes that will thrill your taste buds, this city has something for everyone. Are you on the hunt for the tastiest spots in San Jose for a classic casado or a fancy dinner out? The city’s food world offers flavors to please every craving.

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Best Restaurants in San Jose: 1. Bacchus

Hidden in the quaint Santa Ana suburbs, Bacchus is a hidden gem waiting for you to find it. Sitting inside a lovingly updated 1870 mansion, the view offers a peaceful backdrop that matches its graceful vibe. The menu is overflowing with perfectly made Italian and Mediterranean favorites, like pizzas baked in a wood oven and handmade bread you have to taste. A big wine selection is ready to make your meal even better, and you’ve got to try the luscious desserts to finish off your feast. Bacchus is at Santa Ana Centro, 300 meters north of Ceviche el Rey, San Jose. Call them at +506 2282 5441.

Best Restaurants in San Jose: 2. Churrascaria Fogo Brasil

Churrascaria Fogo Brasil is a lively Brazilian steakhouse famous for its vast array of steak cuts served in the traditional churrasco style. Smiling servers slice the meat right at your table from the skewers you pick, making sure you get exactly what you want. Besides the meat fiesta, the place also offers a huge salad, starter, and dessert bar to go with your entree. You’ll find it at 100m este Agencia Nissan, La Sabana, San Jose—a dream for meat lovers. To snag a table, call +506 2248 1111 or check out their site at http://fogobrasilcr.com.

Best Restaurants in San Jose: 3. Park Café

For a top-notch meal, Park Café shines with its beautiful courtyard seating and a menu that blends French cooking skill with Costa Rican tastes. In charge is the famous Chef Richard Neat, who whips up a feast worthy of a Michelin star, starring seafood and fresh, seasonal goods. This spot is at 100m (300ft) north of Rosti Pollo, Sabana Norte, San Jose. Make sure to book your spot, especially on weekends, at +506 2290 6324 or go to their site at http://www.parkcafecostarica.blogspot.com.

Best Restaurants in San Jose: 4. Café Mundo

Bright and full of life, Café Mundo takes over a classic 75-year-old mansion in historic Barrio Otoya. The place brings together a modern art deco style with a menu that combines innovative dishes and a mix of local and international tastes. Loved by a colorful crowd of artists, professionals, and theater fans, Café Mundo is the place to be for cool drinks and yummy pastas. Find it at the corner of Avenida 9 and Calle 15, San Jose, and call them at +506 222 6190.

Best Restaurants in San Jose: 5. Machu Picchu

Leading the charge in bringing Peruvian tastes to San Jose, Machu Picchu is a must-visit for fans of Peruvian food. The spot dishes out everything from grilled meats and chicken in yellow pepper sauce to Peruvian-Chinese fried rice, delighting many different tastes. Head to Calle 32 between Avenidas 1 and 3, San Jose, and book your table at +506 2222 7384. Learn more on their website at http://www.restaurantemachupicchu.com.

Best Restaurants in San Jose: 6. Restaurante Tin-Jo

Dive into the best Asian flavors in town at Restaurante Tin-Jo. The detailed decor preps you for a menu that explores Asia’s varied tastes, from Thai and Japanese to Indian. It’s perfect for a date night or a fun dinner with friends. You’ll find it at the corner of Avenida 11 and Calle 15, San Jose. Ring them at +506 2221 7605 to reserve or go online at http://www.tinjo.com for more info.

Best Restaurants in San Jose: 7. Soda Tapia

Right by Parque La Sabana, Soda Tapia is a famous go-to in San Jose for classic Costa Rican food. This diner-like spot has everything from chicken fried rice to burgers and more. Open all night on the weekends, it’s a hit for late-night munchies. Find Soda Tapia at Sabana Este, Calle 42 Avenida 2 y 4, San Jose, and for questions, dial +506 2222 6734.

Best Restaurants in San Jose: 8. Vishnu

Vishnu is your friendly spot for vegetarians and those skipping meat in their Costa Rican food adventure. Serving veggie fast food with a homegrown twist, the eatery has kind prices and a laid-back vibe. Don’t skip their hearty sandwiches on crunchy whole-grain bread. It’s on Avenida 1, Calles 1 – 3, San Jose. Call +506 2256 6063 for details.

Best Restaurants in San Jose: 9. Whappin’

Whappin’ brings the bright tastes of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast right to the middle of San Jose. This place is known for its flavorful seafood stews, fried green plantains, and dishes made with coconut milk—all with a dash of reggae on the side. Whappin’ is in Barrio Escalante, Calle 33, San Jose. For an authentic Caribbean food party, this is your spot.


What kinds of foods can I find in San Jose’s restaurants?

You can taste a whole world of foods in San Jose—from local Costa Rican, Italian, and Mediterranean to Brazilian, Peruvian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and Caribbean dishes.

Can I find vegetarian food in San Jose’s restaurants?

Yes, lots of restaurants in San Jose have vegetarian options. Places like Vishnu are all about veggie food, giving you meat-free versions of classic eats.

Should I tip at restaurants in San Jose?

In Costa Rica, bills often include a 10% service fee. But if you get great service, feel free to leave an extra tip if you want.

Do I need to book a table before eating out in San Jose?

It’s not always needed, but it’s smart to make a reservation if you’re aiming for popular or fancy places so you know you’ll have a spot.

Are taxes included in menu prices?

Menu prices in San Jose usually have the 13% sales tax and 10% service charge included, but it’s best to double-check with the place you’re eating at.

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