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American Museum of Natural History : Ticket Discount, Price, Opening Hours & History

by Ethan
American Museum of Natural History

Dive into the Marvels of Science and History at the American Museum of Natural History

Set off on a thrilling journey through the mysteries of the cosmos and the storybook of our planet at the American Museum of Natural History, a dazzling hub of discovery tucked away in the bustling cityscape of New York. This beloved landmark is more than a museum—it’s a spellbinding excursion into the wonders of the natural realm and the rich saga of history that has unfolded across the ages. From ancient chambers filled with towering dinosaurs to pathways reverberating with tales of human triumph, this museum is a wellspring of enlightenment eager for you to unearth.

American Museum of Natural History: An Iconic New York City Institution

Perched at 200 Central Park West, New York, NY 10024, United States, the American Museum of Natural History stands as a fortress of scientific inquiry and enlightenment. Hailed as a top-destination and adored by sightseers, it’s no wonder that over 7,000 reservations have been made to dive into its splendors. Sporting a stellar 4.6-star rating from 235 testimonials, the museum’s fame for delivering a top-notch educational journey is firmly set.

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Explore Over 40 Permanent Exhibits at the Museum

Guests are welcomed to dive deep into the enigmas of our ancestors, gawk at the colossal dinosaurs that once patrolled our globe, and so much more within over 40 permanent showcases. Each exhibit is crafted with care to spark curiosity and provide a dynamic visit for all who walk through its doors.

Step into the World of “Night at the Museum”

Picture yourself following in the footsteps of the stars from the hit film ‘Night at the Museum’. The American Museum of Natural History gives you that very chance – to tour the actual set and embark on a silver screen quest. Be sure to grab a selfie with the towering Titanosaur or the majestic Blue Whale Model.

Book the Best Experience with Klook’s Best Price Guarantee

With entrance fees starting at HK$ 219, you can lock in your museum adventure with Klook’s promise of the lowest price. Pick from an array of ticket bundles that include general admission or special exhibitions, customizing your visit to match your taste and wallet. Instant booking and a no-cancellation policy mean worries are out of the picture, whether you’re a thorough planner or someone who loves spur-of-the-moment escapades.

What to Expect: A Journey Through Science and Culture

Since 1869, the museum has been at the forefront, evolving into a distinguished hub dedicated to expanding our smarts and love for our world. From the bones of dinosaurs to the awe-inspiring Humpback Whales, each exhibit beckons you to discover and revere the variety of life and the landmarks of our collective feats.

The Rose Center for Earth and Space shines as a beacon for many visitors, opening windows to the mysteries of our galaxy and beyond. For bug enthusiasts, the Insectorium is a sight to behold, putting the complex universe of insects on full display.

For the ultimate New York City outing, grab the Klook Pass, which gets you into the American Museum of Natural History and 26 other hotspots, slashing prices up to 50% off.

Visitor Reviews: Unforgettable Experiences at the Museum

Recent explorers have raved about the museum, underlining its educational offerings, the joy of rediscovering a cherished childhood spot, and the ease of booking through Klook. The museum is a hit among both families and solo wanderers, praised for its captivating and educational tours suitable for all walks of life.

Plan Your Visit: Essential Information

Before heading to the American Museum of Natural History, don’t forget to book your timed tickets for a seamless trip. It’s a snap to get there, with the museum’s prime spot next to Central Park enhancing its charm—a perfect base for a day packed with city adventure.

The museum’s locale, 200 Central Park West, New York, NY 10024, United States, is a stone’s throw away, reachable by public transit or a simple stroll from many corners of the metropolis.

For the full scoop on the museum and what’s on show, swing by the official website at https://www.amnh.org/.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to reserve a ticket in advance for the American Museum of Natural History?

    Yes, reservations for timed-entry to the Museum are a must. It’s wise to snag your tickets early to guarantee a spot, especially when the museum’s buzzing with excited visitors.

  • Can I see the exhibits featured in “Night at the Museum” at the American Museum of Natural History?

    You bet! The American Museum of Natural History is the stage for the movie, and you can wander through many of the same awe-inspiring displays you’ve seen on screen, including the famous dinosaur halls.

  • Is the American Museum of Natural History suitable for children?

    Indeed, the museum is brimming with fascinating exhibits that capture the imaginations of kids. It’s an exceptional place for a family adventure.

  • How long does it usually take to roam the American Museum of Natural History?

    A visit often stretches for several hours as there’s a treasure trove of displays to check out. You can easily dedicate a full day to this wonderland, especially if special exhibits or theater screenings catch your eye.

  • Are there places to eat inside the American Museum of Natural History?

    Absolutely, the museum comes equipped with a cafeteria where you can refuel, plus comfy spots to rest and recharge in the middle of your museum mission.

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