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7 Best Bars and Clubs in Albuquerque You Must Visit

by Ethan
Best Bars & Clubs in Albuquerque

Albuquerque, New Mexico, dazzles with fiery sunsets that splash the sky with color, and the city sparkles after dark, too, with a mix of bars and clubs. If you’re hunting for the coolest spots to sip and socialize in Albuquerque, you’ve hit the jackpot. Whether you live here or you’re just swinging by, you’ll discover that the city’s bars and the pulse-pounding clubs have something tasty and fun for everyone. Kick back at a casual downtown pool joint or dance the night away at a glitzy club that feels like it’s straight out of Vegas. Albuquerque’s nights are as diverse as the beautiful desert around it.

Best Bars & Clubs in Albuquerque: 1. Anodyne

Relax in Anodyne’s cool setting and see why everyone raves about its awesome jukebox. This urban treasure is perfect for chilling with locals and feeling the music flow. You won’t find munchies here, but the vibe is all you’ll need, especially if shooting pool or swaying to the tunes is your idea of a good time. Scribble this down if Anodyne’s mix of music and mood strikes your fancy:

– Telephone: +1 505 244 1820
– Website: [Anodyne Facebook Page](http://www.facebook.com/Anodyne-135481269862856)

Best Bars & Clubs in Albuquerque: 2. Kelly’s Brewpub

Step into the past at Kelly’s Brewpub, a throwback spot along the famed Route 66 with a 1930s gas station feel and a big outdoor hangout space. This landmark is proud to pour over twenty types of its own beers and has a sports bar to watch the game. Beer lovers or anyone craving a top-notch place to chill should put Kelly’s on their list.
– Telephone: +1 505 262 2739
– Website: [Kelly’s Brewpub Website](http://www.kellysbrewpub.com)

Best Bars & Clubs in Albuquerque: 3. Marble Brewery

At Marble Brewery, the enormous metal tanks are brimming with some of Albuquerque’s favorite beers. Whether you’re soaking up the sun on their roomy patio or snuggling inside on cooler days, Marble Brewery is a hit for its peppy vibe and deliciously crafted ales. Don’t forget to drop by to grab your pint or two.
– Telephone: +1 505 243 2739
– Website: [Marble Brewery Website](http://www.marblebrewery.com)

Best Bars & Clubs in Albuquerque: 4. Casa Esencia

Got a craving for a dash of sparkle on your Friday night? Casa Esencia brings Vegas-level excitement to Albuquerque’s heart, featuring star DJs and a sizzling dance floor. With fancy lounges and an outdoor spot perfect for moving to the beat under the stars, this is where the glamorous parties happen.
– Telephone: +1 505 843 6300
– Website: [Casa Esencia Website](http://www.casaesencia.com)

Best Bars & Clubs in Albuquerque: 5. Effex

Effex nightclub celebrates diversity with music that keeps the dance floor packed. Known as Albuquerque’s go-to LGBTQ+ club, Effex wins over everyone with its love for electronic dance music and spacious setup—a true downtown night-life essential.
– Telephone: +1 505 842 8870
– Website: [Effex Nightclub Website](http://www.effexabq.com)

Best Bars & Clubs in Albuquerque: 6. Imbibe

Imbibe lights up Nob Hill as a hip combo of a cigar bar and a club. Park yourself on their rooftop patio or in the cigar lounge while jazz serenades you. Between the neon and white leather seats, this place has a swanky touch that you have to experience on the historic Route 66.
– Telephone: +1 505 255 4200
– Website: [Imbibe Website](http://www.imbibenobhill.com)

Best Bars & Clubs in Albuquerque: 7. Burt’s Tiki Lounge

Burt’s Tiki Lounge holds onto its beachy vibe and remains a favorite among locals. Now bigger, it still rocks the night with live tunes and dance parties that make you feel like you’re on vacation. If you’re ready for a night full of fun with a tropical twist, head over to Burt’s.
– Telephone: +1 404 992 4376
– Website: [Burt’s Tiki Lounge Facebook Page](http://www.facebook.com/BurtsTikiABQ)

Best Bars & Clubs in Albuquerque: 8. KiMo Theatre

KiMo Theatre isn’t just any spot for a nightcap; this place is a sight to behold. Adorned with incredible Pueblo Deco design, KiMo lights up Albuquerque nights with performances, housing acts like the New Mexico Ballet Company. It’s an ideal blend of culture and cocktails.
– Telephone: +1 505 768 3544
– Website: [KiMo Theatre Website](http://www.cabq.gov/kimo)

Best Bars & Clubs in Albuquerque: 9. The Launchpad

The Launchpad is a downtown go-to for those who groove on live music. Spread over two floors with a stage and bar below, plus a lounge above decked out with pool and games, it’s the spot for fans of indie, reggae, and blues vibes. Laid-back and friendly, The Launchpad is the crossroads of cool tunes and good times.
– Telephone: +1 505 674 8887
– Website: [The Launchpad Website](http://www.launchpadrocks.com)


**1. What are the best bars in Albuquerque for craft beer enthusiasts?**

Visit Kelly’s Brewpub and Marble Brewery to taste great local brews.

**2. Are there any nightclubs in Albuquerque that offer a luxury experience?**

Indeed, Casa Esencia is where you find the ultimate VIP club experience with a posh Vegas feel.

**3. Is there a popular LGBTQ+ friendly club in Albuquerque?**

Effex is proud to be Albuquerque’s top LGBTQ+ club, welcoming a variety of patrons.

**4. Where can I listen to live music in Albuquerque?**

Swing by Burt’s Tiki Lounge and The Launchpad for some of the best live music around.

**5. Are there any unique nightlife spots in Albuquerque?**

Imbibe is one-of-a-kind, doubling as a cigar bar and nightclub in the buzzing Nob Hill area.

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