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8 Best Bars & Clubs in San Francisco You Must Visit 2024

by Ethan
Best Bars & Clubs in San Francisco

As the sun dips below the Golden Gate, San Francisco lights up, pulling party-goers into an enticing world of vibrant bars and clubs. Feeling the urge for a funky concoction, a hometown brew, or a non-stop dance marathon? The city sparkles after dark, ready to sweep you off to the hottest spots for a night to remember. Prepare to hit up the coolest bars and clubs in San Francisco—your grand night out is calling!

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Best Bars & Clubs in San Francisco: 1. 21st Amendment Brewery

Got a love for sports or a thirst for friendly company? Make your mark at 21st Amendment Brewery. Parked at 563 2nd Street, this tavern celebrates more than just big plays; it’s a playground for community and hand-crafted brews that set the scene. Dive into their unique beers like the watermelon wheat ale, and chow down on bites that go beyond typical sports bar snacks. It’s a prime spot to absorb the San Fran energy, especially when Giants fans unite on game days. Just make sure you’ve got your ID for age 21 and up, and take note: doors stay open ’til 2 AM. Ring up +1 415 369 0900 or surf to [www.21st-amendment.com](http://www.21st-amendment.com) for the lowdown.

Best Bars & Clubs in San Francisco: 2. Magnolia Pub and Brewery

Craving excellence in every glass? Drift over to Magnolia Pub and Brewery at 1398 Haight Street. Don’t be tricked by its low-key look; this joint is a giant among craft beer buffs. Their homebrews, especially the IPAs, win over rookies and beer veterans alike. And there’s nothing like some hearty British pub grub and cheese platters to go with your pint. Touch base at +1 415 864 7468 or dive into their brews and menu at [www.magnoliapub.com](http://www.magnoliapub.com).

Best Bars & Clubs in San Francisco: 3. Trick Dog

Step into Trick Dog, the heart of mixology at 3010 20th Street. This bar always brings something new to the table, mixing timeless and wild drink creations in a spot that feels just right—comfy and roomy. Head up to the loft for quiet vibes, or join the crowd downstairs where creativity spills from the bartenders to the chefs, serving up little dishes that complement your beverage beautifully. Dial +1 415 471 2999 or peek at [www.trickdogbar.com](http://www.trickdogbar.com) for more.

Best Bars & Clubs in San Francisco: 4. Cat Club

Groove over to the Cat Club at 1190 Folsom Street, a SOMA favorite that captures San Fran’s eclectic soul. Swing to the rhythm on one of their dual dance floors, blasting everything from throwback tunes to fresh, new beats. Ideal for 80s and 90s music fans or anyone eager to catch emerging performers in action. The chill staff only adds to the cool ambiance. Get in touch at +1 415 703 8965 or hop on over to [www.sfcatclub.com](http://www.sfcatclub.com) to scope out their gigs.

Best Bars & Clubs in San Francisco: 5. The Great Northern

The Great Northern, once called the Mighty, at 119 Utah Street, is a pulsing dance hub that beats at the core of The Mission district. With its top-notch sound system and welcoming dance floor, it’s a fusion of musical flavors, from rap to swing, pleasing all sorts of music lovers. Hit them up at +1 415 626 7001 or snoop their upcoming acts at [www.thegreatnorthernsf.com](http://www.thegreatnorthernsf.com).

Best Bars & Clubs in San Francisco: 6. Tonga Room

Embark on a wild night at the Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar, at 950 Mason Street, inside the Fairmont San Francisco. Walk into this tiki wonderland where the fiesta is as legendary as the setting. Enjoy exotic drinks and bust a move by the pool, often featuring a live band afloat. For an unforgettable evening, buzz +1 415 772-5278 or set sail to [www.tongaroom.com](http://www.tongaroom.com).

– Great American Music Hall – Contact at +1 415 885 0750 or look them up at [www.slimspresents.com](http://www.slimspresents.com).
– The Fillmore – A legendary venue, ring up +1 800 745 3000 or check [www.thefillmore.com](http://www.thefillmore.com).
– The Lost Church – For a cozy scene, call +1 877 987 6487 or browse [www.thelostchurch.com](http://www.thelostchurch.com).


**1. What is the legal drinking age in San Francisco?**

San Francisco requires you to be 21 years old to enjoy a drink at bars and clubs. Remember to bring proof of age.

**2. What time do bars and clubs typically close in San Francisco?**

Most watering holes in San Francisco call it a night at around 2 AM.

**3. Where are some of the best nightlife districts in San Francisco?**

Look no further than Downtown, South of Market (SoMa), and the Castro for top-notch nighttime fun.

**4. Can I find diverse music genres in San Francisco’s nightlife?**

Absolutely, San Francisco’s clubs are home to a vast array of music, from rock and indie to rap, jazz, and reggae.

**5. Are there any unique nightlife experiences in San Francisco?**

For a one-of-a-kind tropical blast, the Tonga Room has you covered with island-style drinks and a band that jams on a floating boat.

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