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12 Best Restaurants in Los Angeles 2024 for Every Budget

by Ethan
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Los Angeles is a hot, bubbling stew of amazing food, with a wild array of tastes that please everyone, no matter how much cash you’ve got to spend. From flashy spots loved by the stars to cozy nooks dishing out yummy bites, LA’s restaurant scene is as diverse as it is thrilling. Hungry for fancy flavors from a high-end kitchen or just want a quick, tasty snack on the cheap? This city’s got your back. We’re diving into the top-tier eats of Los Angeles dining, bringing you a sneak peek of the city’s lively flavors.

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Best Restaurants in Los Angeles: 1. Ago

In the pulse of West Hollywood, *Ago* is a piece of Tuscany right here in the City of Angels. Co-owned by the famous Robert de Niro, Ago isn’t just about star-spotting; it’s about diving into genuine Italian fare. Treats like wood-fired pizzas and creamy porcini mushroom risotto come to you via friendly Italian servers. With wines that dance perfectly with every dish and a ricotta cheesecake that’ll make your taste buds sing, going to Ago at 8478 Melrose Avenue means treating yourself to top-notch Italian food.

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles: 2. POT

*POT* sits in the Line Hotel in Koreatown and is a magnet for those who love their dining cool and their food hot. Started by hometown hero Chef Roy Choi, POT is famous for huge pots of Korean eats served against a backdrop of bumping hip-hop tunes. Each pot is a mix-up of tastes and textures, with smaller dishes for those who like it lighter. Find this hip joint at 3515 Wilshire Boulevard for a meal you won’t forget.

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles: 3. Providence

Seafood lovers seeking the ultimate upscale meal make a beeline for *Providence* on Melrose Avenue. With two Michelin Stars, Providence is known for its heavenly sea-inspired menu and top-notch service. Chef Michael Cimarusti’s masterpieces, like the tasting menu with wines that match every bite, are definitely worth the splurge. A visit to Providence at 5955 Melrose Avenue is a feast for the eyes and the palate, celebrating the treasures of the sea.

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles: 4. Spago

Chef Wolfgang Puck’s famous *Spago* is a landmark in Beverly Hills. Bagging a table is tough, but the food journey inside is worth every bit of the wait. With A-list guests and lavish decor, including a beautiful courtyard decked with olive trees, Spago serves up dishes that are as heavenly as the setting. Swing by this food paradise at 176 North Cañon Drive.

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles: 5. Chaya Brasserie

Where Mediterranean meets Asian, *Chaya Brasserie* woos diners with its slick style and smart, healthy plates. Sitting pretty in Venice Beach at 8741 Alden Drive, this spot is where the cool cats come to dig into fresh eats and cozy classics, like the lobster and rock shrimp ravioli. Chaya Brasserie is California’s chill, all wrapped up in a restaurant.

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles: 6. Il Pastaio

Just a stone’s throw from Rodeo Drive, *Il Pastaio* is a humming Italian hub that’s a hit with the stars. This family treasure serves up handmade pastas, creamy risottos, and fresh-off-the-boat fish. It’s always buzzing but snug, with outdoor seating to soak up that Beverly Hills vibe. At 150 South Beverly Drive, Il Pastaio is the go-to for lovers of Italian goodness.

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles: 7. Malibu Farm

*Malibu Farm* sits at the tip of Malibu Pier, more than just a café – it’s a slice of California’s living-well mantra. Driven by organic picks from nearby farms, this spot at 23000 Pacific Coast Highway pairs breath-stealing ocean views with food that feeds your body and soul.

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles: 8. El Cholo

Since 1927, *El Cholo* has been a cornerstone in LA’s Mexican food scene, a classic joint that turned into a crowd-favorite chain. Traditional gems like tamales and enchiladas are made with love, keeping the tastes that turned this spot into an institution. Drop by this Mexican treasure at 1121 Western Avenue.

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles: 9. La Vecchia Cucina

A hop, skip, and a jump from the beach in Santa Monica, *La Vecchia Cucina* dishes out hearty Tuscan meals that have the locals coming back for more. With a Happy Hour that can’t be beaten and a filling lunch menu, this Italian spot at 2654 Main Street is the place for those who want big helpings in a relaxed setting.

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles: 10. Pie N’ Burger

A local legend in Pasadena since 1963, *Pie N’ Burger* is famed for its delicious burgers and classic American pies. Don’t be fooled by its simple looks; this diner at 913 E California Boulevard has kept a crowd of fans happy, serving those all-American treats that always hit the right spot.

– **What is the price range for a meal at Ago?** A meal at Ago will cost you a pretty penny, usually upwards of US$75.
– **Does POT have vegetarian options?** POT is known for its big pots of meaty Korean food, but it does have some smaller veggie side dishes.
– **What makes Providence a unique dining destination?** Providence stands out for its two Michelin Stars, its sea-centered menu, and the kind of service that makes you feel special.
– **Can I dine outside at Il Pastaio?** Absolutely, Il Pastaio lets you eat in the open air, so you can enjoy your Italian feast with a view of Beverly Hills life.
– **Is Malibu Farm suitable for vegetarians?** For sure, Malibu Farm is all about organic, locally-sourced ingredients, with lots of choices for those who prefer plants.

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