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Best 9 Restaurants in San Francisco, US 2024

by Ethan
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Set out on an eating adventure across the deliciously diverse food scene of San Francisco, where tastes are as breathtaking as the city’s famous hills and Golden Gate views. Whether you’re in the mood for a gourmet meal from a star-studded chef or craving the down-home flavors of a beloved local spot, San Francisco’s food spots promise thrilling eats for every craving and wallet. Dreaming of a fancy night out, a tasty mid-priced treat, or a heavenly yet wallet-friendly meal? These restaurants will fill your belly and leave you with tasty memories you won’t forget.

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## Best Restaurants in San Francisco: 1. Commis

Nestled in a cozy and elegant setting, guests at Commis are in for an extraordinary cooking show. Being the only East Bay eatery to sport a Michelin star, Chef James Syhabout’s eight-course tasting menu for $125 reflects his fresh take on food. The 28 seats at 3859 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, make for an exclusive eating event. Ring them up at +1 510 653 3902 or head to [www.commisrestaurant.com](http://www.commisrestaurant.com) to snag a spot.

## Best Restaurants in San Francisco: 2. Forbes Island

Forbes Island treats guests to an eating adventure like no other, moored off Pier 39 at Sea Lion Harbour. What once was a house on the water now shines with a lighthouse, sandy beach, and palm trees, setting a whimsical stage for French bites and fresh seafood. With seafarer-dressed staff at your service, feast your eyes on Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge or chow down below sea level among oceanic gems. For a dining trip that’s as thrilling as the meal itself, Forbes Island is your go-to. Dial +1 415 951 4900 or sail over to [www.forbesisland.com](http://www.forbesisland.com) to chart a course to this one-of-a-kind eatery.

## Best Restaurants in San Francisco: 3. Osso Steakhouse

Roosting on Nob Hill at 1177 California Street, Osso Steakhouse stands tall as a beacon for mouthwatering steak and seafood. Guests bask in grandeur while gobbling up the juiciest, bone-in steaks around. Their dedication to top-tier eats and service makes every visit a standout memory. To dig into one of California’s top steak spots, give them a buzz at +1 415 671 6776 or peek at [www.ossosteakhouse.com](http://www.ossosteakhouse.com).

## Best Restaurants in San Francisco: 4. Millennium

Millennium, parked at 5912 College Avenue in Oakland, dares to do veggies different with its visionary vegetarian plates. Classics remade, like ‘rawvioli’, show off how brilliant plants can be, all paired with a top-notch lineup of organic, vegan, and eco-friendly wines. This bright and roomy spot is a must-stop for anyone after a zesty and refreshing eat. Lock in a table by calling +1 510 735 9459 or visiting [www.millenniumrestaurant.com](http://www.millenniumrestaurant.com).

## Best Restaurants in San Francisco: 5. Scala’s Bistro

Step into Scala’s Bistro where the beloved tastes of France and Italy burst to life. At 432 Powell Street, the buzzing atmosphere is the perfect match for a menu that fuses French and Italian favorites with flair. Whether it’s mussel fries or mixed fry-ups you’ve got a hankering for, Scala’s delivers a classic dine-out with a fresh spin. To dig into this cross-country mix-up, ring +1 415 395 8555 or drop by [www.scalasbistro.com](http://www.scalasbistro.com).

## Best Restaurants in San Francisco: 6. Yank Sing

Yank Sing shines as a top-tier Chinese spot, not in Chinatown, but in the financial district at 101 Spear Street. With a loyal crowd, this place lifts dim sum to dazzling levels, delivering piping hot favorites with pure skill. For a bite of the best, call +1 415 781 1111 or surf [www.yanksing.com](http://www.yanksing.com) to book a table.

## Best Restaurants in San Francisco: 7. Cha Cha Cha

Over at 1801 Haight Street, Cha Cha Cha offers a bold and peppy eating ride. Famous for its bubbly vibe and funky decor, it’s the spot to split a bunch of small dishes and guzzle their signature sangria. Dive into the fun by dialing +1 415 386 7670 or hit up [www.cha3.com](http://www.cha3.com) and join the shindig.

## Best Restaurants in San Francisco: 8. Gallardos

Craving real Mexican food? Gallardos in the Mission District is your gold mine. The lively restaurant at 3248 18th Street dishes out fresh-made meals, with morning specials and daylong classics like cheesy quesadillas and beefy carne asada. To bite into Mexican dining’s heart in San Francisco, call +1 415 436 9387.

## Best Restaurants in San Francisco: 9. House of Nanking

House of Nanking is a taste titan in San Francisco’s Chinatown, placed at 919 Kearny Street. Chef Peter Fang’s quick-fire parade of yum, from shrimp cakes to seasoned mushrooms, has captured many hearts. For the real deal, pass on the menu and go straight for the house specials. Get your seat by ringing +1 415 421 1429 or checking [www.houseofnanking.net](http://www.houseofnanking.net).

**FAQ 1: How much will I pay for a three-course meal at a San Francisco fancy restaurant?**

For a fancy San Francisco spot, a three-plate dinner per person with wine will mostly cost over $80, not counting tax and tips.

**FAQ 2: Should I book a table at fancy San Francisco restaurants?**

Yep, it’s a good idea to make a reservation at fancy San Francisco restaurants, especially at the hot ones, to make sure you get a spot.

**FAQ 3: How should I tip at San Francisco eateries?**

While they don’t usually tack on a service charge, a good rule is tipping 15-20% of your total bill at San Francisco restaurants.

**FAQ 4: Are there good veggie choices at San Francisco restaurants?**

Sure thing, San Francisco’s got some great veggie spots, like Millennium, which whips up exciting and unique vegetarian eats.

**FAQ 5: Are there any one-of-a-kind eating spots in San Francisco?**

For a dining experience you won’t forget, Forbes Island is a floating spot complete with a lighthouse and underwater room, dishing out unforgettable bites with killer views.

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