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Ghibli Park Guide: Top Attractions, Dining, Shopping & Essential Tips

by Naoi Rei
Ghibli Park Guide: Top Attractions, Dining, Shopping & Essential Tips

Step into a dreamy world where the lines between fantasy and the real world blur. Welcome to Ghibli Park, where Studio Ghibli’s beloved movies come to life! In Nagoya, Japan, the gates are flung open wide, inviting not just sightseers but adventurers on an immersive journey. Fans and families from around the globe flock here, captivated by its magical charm. Ghibli enthusiasts and wide-eyed wanderers, get ready to be mesmerized. Let’s take a closer look at the wonders you’ll find in Ghibli Park.

Ghibli Park: A Gateway to Wonder

Tucked in the green embrace of Aichi Commemorative Park, Ghibli Park is anything but ordinary. Here, it’s like walking into the enchanting and heartfelt world of Studio Ghibli’s creations. You’ll find yourself surrounded by nature that could be straight out of “My Neighbor Totoro” or standing before buildings that could belong in “Spirited Away.” More than just a place to stroll through, Ghibli Park is a celebration of the stories we hold dear and a display of the power of dreaming big.

Ghibli Park: Navigating to Enchantment

Finding Ghibli Park is simple. It’s a stone’s throw from Nagoya, within easy reach by train or car. Once you’re in Nagoya, jump on a train that will whisk you to the green, welcoming fields of Aichi Commemorative Park. There, Ghibli Park waits with open arms to show its visitors the hidden gems and dazzling spectacles within. Though it’s a new attraction, it already shines bright, drawing Ghibli fans and curious minds into its embrace.

Ghibli Park: Delights and Wonders

The sights at Ghibli Park are pure magic. Each nook and corner here echoes the spirit of Studio Ghibli’s famous movies. You might roam the cozy lanes of the Spirited Away bathhouse or gaze up at the grand, moving form of Howl’s Moving Castle. Totoro’s friendly spirit can be felt all over the park, with little tributes to the lovable creature hiding everywhere you look. These experiences bring the film’s fantastical locations into our world, filling visitors, young and old, with joy and wonder.

Ghibli Park: Culinary Adventures

Dive into a feast for the senses at Ghibli Park where each flavor seems lifted from the wondrous lands of Studio Ghibli’s stories. Taste the adventure at themed restaurants, dishing out meals that leap from screen to plate. Here, eating isn’t just about filling up; it’s a part of the magical tale. Whether it’s a bowl of ramen straight out of Spirited Away or a pastry shaped like Totoro, every morsel is crafted to be an unforgettable part of your visit.

Ghibli Park: Treasures to Keep

Ghibli Park isn’t only about fleeting moments of fun—it’s also a place for finding and bringing home mementos. Shopping here is another piece of the adventure, offering countless souvenirs to pick from. Fancy a snuggly toy of your most-loved character or a work of art to show off? The stores in Ghibli Park make it possible to carry a slice of its enchanted world back to your own. With such a large assortment, there’s something special for everyone to remember their magical trip.

Ghibli Park: Essential Visitor Information

To make sure your visit to Ghibli Park is hassle-free, it’s smart to brush up on some important info about the park. Look into when they open and how to grab your tickets, which can change with the seasons and special happenings. You’ll want to get your tickets before you go to skip the lines. Learning a bit about the park’s layout and key attractions ahead of time can help you make the most of your adventure. And don’t forget comfy shoes—Ghibli Park is an invitation to roam and discover all its nooks and crannies.


1. Do I need to purchase tickets for Ghibli Park in advance?

Yes, grabbing your tickets for Ghibli Park early is the best plan to make sure you get in and steer clear of the big lines at the entrance.

2. Can I find merchandise from all Studio Ghibli films at the park?

While Ghibli Park is stocked with lots of different goodies, what you find might vary. You can hope to spot plenty of items celebrating the most cherished Studio Ghibli characters and tales.

3. Are there any age restrictions for the rides and attractions at Ghibli Park?

For some of Ghibli Park’s rides and attractions, there could be age or height limits for everyone’s safety. It’s a good idea to check ahead for each attraction’s rules so everyone in your gang can join in on the fun.

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