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HOSHINOYA Fuji Reviews: Best Deals, Address & Facilities

by Naoi Rei

Tucked away in the calm splendor of Japan’s countryside, HOSHINOYA Fuji calls out to adventurers eager for a posh retreat amidst the great outdoors. Picture yourself glamping beneath twinkling stars, enjoying all the fine touches of an upscale resort—keep reading if you’re hooked on the idea, as we dive into the world of HOSHINOYA Fuji, from hot deals to top-notch facilities, and the magical stories guests have shared.

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HOSHINOYA Fuji Overview

Famed as Japan’s top glamping spot, HOSHINOYA Fuji merges plush comfort with wild beauty, set to the stunning scene of Mount Fuji. Every cabin here is crafted to feel like part of the land, offering endless views of the famous peak and Lake Kawaguchi. The resort’s simple style and dedication to ease create a chic and peaceful vibe, perfect for those looking to break away from the noise and rush of city living.

HOSHINOYA Fuji’s Best Deals

Scoring the best deals at HOSHINOYA Fuji can make your stay even sweeter, giving you top value. Year-round, the resort rolls out different package deals and promos, perfect for seasonal trips or celebrating special moments. For the hottest prices and exclusive perks, it’s smart to book right from well-known travel sites or the resort’s own online spot. Watch out for discounts for early bookers, last-chance offers, and bundles that mix your room with fun activities or meals.

Check the best deals now:




HOSHINOYA Fuji’s Reviews

Happy guests often share glowing stories from their time at HOSHINOYA Fuji. As of today, the resort scores big on Trip.com, with tons of visitors talking up the amazing views, top-notch care, and cool glamping digs. One fresh review says, “The cabins are snug and well-stocked, down to the smallest details that make for a smooth stay. Opening my eyes to Mount Fuji in the morning was something I’ll never forget.” To dive into more reviews and see what others thought of their visits, head over to Trip.com.


HOSHINOYA Fuji’s Key Facilities & Services

LodgingSnug cabins with modern perks and awesome views.
DiningDelish eats, both local and worldly flavors.
ActivitiesFun in the sun with hikes, paddling, and crafty workshops.
WellnessChill out with spa treats and yoga in nature.
ConciergeFriendly help for planning trips and booking fun stuff.

To get the scoop on all the things HOSHINOYA Fuji has to offer, check out Trip.com.


HOSHINOYA Fuji’s Restaurants

Eating at HOSHINOYA Fuji is as breathtaking as the scenery. The resort has a bunch of spots to grab a bite, each with its own tasty twist. Whether you’re in the mood for fancy eats with fresh, local fixings in the main spot or relaxed bites on the Cloud Terrace, your tastebuds are in for a treat. Expect a mash-up of classic Japanese tastes and fresh international twists, all washed down with a choice drink from a standout wine and spirits list. For the full menu of dining delights, visit Trip.com.


HOSHINOYA Fuji’s Location

HOSHINOYA Fuji makes its home at 1408 Oishi, Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi 401-0305, Japan. Just right for getting away, it still gives guests a killer Fuji view and a hop-skip to Lake Kawaguchi. You’ll find peace and quiet but won’t be far from travel spots and fun to-do’s. There’s plenty of outdoor thrill to be had too, like hitting the trails, boat rides, and digging into the local heritage.

HOSHINOYA Fuji’s Nearby Attractions

Step outside HOSHINOYA Fuji, and there’s a world of wonders waiting. Maybe you’ll snoop around the pretty spots by Lake Kawaguchiko in Fujikawaguchiko, or jump into the city buzz with things to do in Tokyo. The place is thick with neat sights and spots to check out, so you’re always finding something new.



What is the check-in and check-out time at HOSHINOYA Fuji?

  • Check-in buzzes open at 3:00 PM and you should pack up by 12:00 PM. But, there might be wiggle room depending on your reservation and what’s available.

Do they offer any couple’s specials at HOSHINOYA Fuji?

  • Totally, HOSHINOYA Fuji lines up dreamy deals for duos that may toss in fancy dinners, cute decor, and pair-perfect pastimes.

Is it cool to bring kids to HOSHINOYA Fuji?

  • It’s mainly a grown-ups’ haven, but kiddos are welcome too! They have stuff and fun lined up just for the little ones.

Can guests with food allergies find something to munch at HOSHINOYA Fuji?

  • For sure, the grub spots here welcome all types of eaters. Just let them know ahead, and they’ll fix you up.

Can I get a ride to HOSHINOYA Fuji from Tokyo?

  • The concierge at HOSHINOYA Fuji can set you up with a ride from Tokyo—by car or by giving you the lowdown on public transport.

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