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Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa Reviews: Best Deals, Address & Facilities

by Naoi Rei
Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa

Tucked away near the peaceful slopes of Mount Fuji and the soft waves of Lake Kawaguchi, Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa gives travelers a high-end hideaway from everyday clamor. As a plush spot to stay, it’s earned cheers for its coziness, handiness, and unmatched scenery. If you’re dreaming of a visit to this charming setting and thinking about bunking at Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa, stick around for the hottest deals, location info, amenities, and straight-up guest feedback.

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Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa Overview

Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa isn’t just another spot to crash; it wraps you up in Japan’s stunning nature. The resort greets visitors with a perfect mix of Japanese warm welcomes and up-to-date perks. Each villa is a haven of privacy, comfort, and lets you soak in the peaceful Lake Kawaguchi and the grand Mount Fuji.

Whether you’re a couple looking for a snug space or a family craving a wide suite, Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa has something for everyone. The friendly team, fresh look, and dedication to a soothing hideaway make this resort a must-stay for folks hunting for an unforgettable journey in the area.

Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa’s Best Deals

Scoring a deal for a stay at Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa is super easy. Tap into friendly prices and nifty packages on different travel sites. Grab the best deals now: Trip.com|HotelsCombined|Booking.com.

Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa’s Reviews

Folks who’ve bunked at Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa often toss out compliments for its spot-on location, standout service, and the jaw-dropping views from their rooms. Over at Trip.com, the resort has racked up a shiny score, showing off the great times guests have had there.

A guest just in says, “The Mount Fuji view was a knockout, and waking up to Lake Kawaguchi’s peace was downright refreshing. The crew did everything and more to make sure our stay was snug.” To read more reviews, head on over to Trip.com.

Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa’s Key Facilities & Services

The resort brags about a whole bunch of facilities and services to make your visit better:

Spa and WellnessJump into a range of treatments to refresh your mind and body.
OnsenSoak in the traditional Japanese hot spring with a Mount Fuji view.
Free Wi-FiKeep in touch with the high-speed web across the resort.
Shuttle ServiceHandy rides to nearby hot spots and travel links.
RestaurantTasty eats with a mix of local and worldwide flavors.
Fitness CenterA gym stacked with gear for those keen to move while away.
Concierge ServiceHelpful staff ready to guide with trips, tours, and tips.

For all the details on facilities and services, check out Trip.com.

Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa’s Restaurants

Chow down at the resort’s dining spots, serving up yummy plates. The restaurant inside dazzles with fashion, fine food, and a cozy vibe for a tasty meal adventure. Whether you’re craving Japanese classics or eats from across the globe, the resort’s chefs craft memorable munches for every taste bud.

To get the scoop on restaurant offerings, pop over to Trip.com.

Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa’s Location

Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa sits in the perfect spot to soak in the beauty around. Guests will find its address ready for easy peasy local travels.

The resort’s dreamy view also sets you up just right for diving into all the great outdoorsy stuff nearby, from trails to snapping pics, making sure your stay is packed with action or full-on chill.

Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa’s Nearby Attractions

You’ll find loads to explore around Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa. Peek at the Things to Do in Tokyo, or make a play for the iconic Hotels by Lake Kawaguchi in Fujikawaguchiko. A hop from the resort lands you at neat spots like the Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park, Oshino Hakkai, and the picture-perfect Chureito Pagoda.



What are the check-in and check-out times at Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa?

  • Check-in normally kicks off at 3:00 PM, and you’ll need to check out by 11:00 AM. Though, these times might change, so it’s wise to double-check with the resort before showing up.

Is there a space to park my car at Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa?

  • Yep, the resort has parking spots ready for guests on wheels.

Does Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa have anything special for kids?

  • Absolutely, the resort comes decked out with family rooms, a playground for tots, and even offers babysitters if you ask.

Can I bring my pet to Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa?

  • You’ll want to chat with the resort about their pet rules since they can vary.

Can I get a room with a killer view of Mount Fuji at Kawaguchiko Urban Resort Villa?

  • For sure! Many rooms give you a stunning Mount Fuji scene – just be sure to ask when you book.

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