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Kyoto Ryokan Kinoe Reviews: Best Deals, Address & Facilities

by Naoi Rei
Kyoto Ryokan Kinoe

Welcome to the warm embrace of Kyoto Ryokan Kinoe, a haven where traditional Japanese hosting shines. Right in the middle of a city bursting with stories, Kinoe offers a true taste of the old days, wrapped in the coziness you love. Come along as we take you through the charming corners of this treasured ryokan, from its spellbinding deals to the top-notch amenities that make it a must-go spot.

Kyoto Ryokan Kinoe Overview

Standing proud amidst the captivating city of Kyoto, Ryokan Kinoe is a pillar of Japanese legacy. Here, this special kind of inn, known as a ryokan, opens up a world where age-old Japanese ways meet modern-day comfort. It’s a peaceful, chic spot with mats of tatami, sliding doors, and calming hot spring baths. Snug in a prime spot near loads of historical sights, Kinoe is perfect for those wanting to dive deep into Kyoto’s charms.

Kyoto Ryokan Kinoe’s Best Deals

A great memory is often made when you find just the right mix of good stuff without breaking the bank. Kinoe gets that and often has cool deals so you can live a bit of luxury without the hefty price tag. They’ve got deals for all seasons, last-minute steals, and special offers to get you involved in local stuff like tea ceremonies and tours. To snatch up these sweet prices and promos, the best way is to book straight with the ryokan or through known travel sites.

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Kyoto Ryokan Kinoe’s Reviews

Travelers from far and wide have shared stories of their times at Kinoe, and everyone agrees: it’s a prime pick for a Kyoto trip. Visitors often cheer about the ryokan’s warm service, real deal ambiance, and tasty food. On Trip.com, Kinoe’s got an awesome score that shows they’re serious about being the best. A happy guest shared, “The folks there made us feel right at home, and the place was a peaceful escape. We had a room with a view of a lovely garden, and the meals – wow, they were a highlight of our Kyoto journey.” For the nitty-gritty, hit up Trip.com.

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Kyoto Ryokan Kinoe’s Key Facilities & Services

Traditional RoomsDive into the real ryokan feel with tatami floors, cozy futon beds, and classic sliding screens.
Onsen BathsSoak in the healing waters of hot spring baths you can keep all to yourself – relax and refresh.
Japanese CuisineDig into seasonal, authentic dishes served right in your room, making each meal a feast for the senses.
Tea CeremonyLearn the graceful art of making tea from the masters.
Wi-Fi AccessStay connected with super-fast internet all over the place, for free.

For the full scoop on the amazing stuff Kinoe has to offer, from helping you plan your day to setting up cultural fun, drop by Trip.com.

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Kyoto Ryokan Kinoe’s Restaurants

But Kinoe isn’t just for sleeping – it’s a treasure chest for foodies, too. The in-house eats bring you plate after plate of Kyoto’s tastiest treats, made with fresh, local fixings. Tuck into a private dinner in your room, where the intricate kaiseki courses flow with the seasons and show off the finesse of Japanese chefs. Each bite here is meant to stick with you, both in your stomach and heart.

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Kyoto Ryokan Kinoe’s Location

You’ll find Kyoto Ryokan Kinoe at 44-8, Bishamon-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan, 605-0812 – a spot that’s super easy to get to all the cool stuff. Nearby subways and buses whisk you away to explore towering shrines, whispering bamboo forests, and more.

Kyoto Ryokan Kinoe’s Nearby Attractions

Kinoe’s spot is just right to wander out and see Kyoto’s storied temples and buzzing neighborhoods. Take a short walk and there’s the Kiyomizu-dera Temple, twinkling lanterns of Gion, and the peaceful Yasaka Shrine. If you hop on a bus or train, you can get to the majestic Fushimi Inari Shrine or the relaxing Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. Want more? Here are some cool spots to find the best things to do and see:



When can I check in and out of Kyoto Ryokan Kinoe?

You can check in starting at 3:00 PM and check out by 10:00 AM, please.

Does Kyoto Ryokan Kinoe have any special packages for doing fun cultural stuff?

Yep, Kinoe offers packages that include tea ceremonies and other cool local activities.

Can I book the hot spring baths for just me, or my group?

Indeed, you can book the onsen baths for your own private chill time, if they’re free.

What if I’ve got food allergies or special diet needs – can Kinoe feed me?

For sure, just let the ryokan know ahead of time and they’ll take care of you.

Is Kinoe close to the spots in Kyoto everyone wants to see?

Yes, you’re a quick walk from the much-loved Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Gion area, and Yasaka Shrine, with other famous places easy to get to on the bus or train.

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