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A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for South Korea’s Q-Code

by Ethan
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How to Apply for South Korea’s Q-Code? You no longer have to limit yourself to binge-watching K-dramas or listening to K-pop songs on repeat in order to experience Korean culture. Travel to South Korea is now available again! As travel restrictions are being lifted, foreign tourists can finally embark on their long-awaited adventures in South Korea without the need for quarantine, starting from April 1, 2022. However, before you start making bookings for your South Korea trip, it’s important to prepare the necessary travel requirements, including the essential Q-Code. To help you navigate this process, we have created a quick guide on obtaining and using the Q-Code for your travel.

What is a Q-Code?

A Q-Code, also known as a South Korea QR code, is designed to contain essential vaccination information required for entry. It was developed as a travel necessity to streamline the quarantine inspection process for foreign individuals arriving in the country, ultimately reducing the duration of their quarantine period.

Lastest Update : Korea Eases Travel Entry Requirements

Starting July 15, 2023, visitors to Korea will no longer need to register for Q-Code due to the decrease in COVID-19 and mpox cases. The new screening procedures will only involve a simple temperature check, unless travelers are arriving from designated quarantine inspection required areas. These areas include countries with outbreaks of diseases such as Ebola virus, cross-species virus transmission, and MERS. Travelers coming from these areas will still be required to register for Q-Code in advance.

Applying for a Q-Code: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Prepare your supporting documents

In order to register for your Q-Code, you must ensure that you have the following information prepared for your application: personal details such as your passport number, entry information including the country of departure, flight details, and accommodation details in South Korea (including address and contact number), as well as your vaccination records. It is advisable to have all this information ready before applying to ensure a seamless process.

Step 2 : Apply for your Q-Code online

Do you have all your travel documents prepared? If so, please proceed to the Q-Code Application Portal to register. Once you have entered and submitted all the necessary information, you will receive a Q-Code instantly. Here’s a helpful tip from Klook: Don’t worry if you’re still uncertain about your flight or accommodation details. The Q-Code application system allows you to temporarily save your progress. Just remember to complete your application and have your Q-Code ready before boarding your flight.

Step 3: Present your Q-Code upon arrival in South Korea

Make sure to bring this QR code with you as it is the crucial step. The QR code is an essential document that will be inspected by the Immigration and Quarantine Control officers upon your arrival in South Korea. Therefore, it is vital to have a copy of it readily available. If all the information on your QR code is accurate and there are no issues, you can expect a smooth and hassle-free entry into the country.

Frequently asked South Korea Q-Code questions

1. Who needs a Q-Code? 

Regardless of the purpose of their visit (such as tourism or visiting family), foreign travelers are obligated to obtain a Q-Code when traveling to South Korea.

2. Is there a fee required to apply for a Q-Code?

Applying for a Q-code does not incur any charges!

3. Is it guaranteed that I can enter South Korea without undergoing quarantine if I have the Q-Code?

It is important to note that the Q-code does not necessarily ensure exemption from quarantine upon entering South Korea. Upon arrival, the Immigration and Quarantine Control officers will assess and determine the requirements for your entry and quarantine. Please keep in mind to prioritize your health.

4. What should I do if I mistakenly included incorrect information in my Q-Code application?

If you make any mistakes while inputting information into your Q-Code application, you have the option to start over and receive a new Q-Code. It is important to make all necessary changes before your arrival to avoid being required to quarantine during your trip.

5. What is the duration of validity for my Q-Code?

Once you have completed your immigration process, your Q-Code will be valid for single-entry only and will expire. If you intend to travel to South Korea again, you will be required to register for a new Q-Code.

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