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LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong Reviews: Best Deals, Address & Facilities

by Ethan
LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong

Tucked into the lively heart of Seoul, LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong shines as a cozy and elegant home away from home for visitors from all around. If you’re hitting up the South Korean capital for work fun, this hotel delivers a top-notch experience mixing the latest comforts with amazing service. In this deep dive, we explore the sweetest deals, location details, and amenities that make LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong a perfect pick for choosy folks.

LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong Overviews

LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong sits in the middle of one of Seoul’s hopping spots. It features a polished look, up-to-date rooms, and cutting-edge perks for all kinds of travelers. Part of the LOTTE Hotels & Resorts family, famous for top-tier hospitality, this place guarantees a stay to remember with its stylish flair, snug feel, and handy setup.

LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong’s Best Deals

Hunting for a great bargain for your time at LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong is smart for those watching their wallets. Cool discounts and deals are up for grabs, giving you a rich experience without thinning your purse. Holiday specials, bundle offers, and club markdowns can mean big bucks saved. Always peek at the hotel’s own site or trusted trip pages for the freshest deals before you snag your room.

Grab the best deals now:




LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong’s Reviews

Rave reviews for LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong give a shoutout to its amazing service and cool spots. People love it on Trip.com, often cheering for its spotless rooms, warm staff, and prime spot. One happy guest said, “The room was sparkling clean and loaded with goodies, and the crew did everything to make our visit awesome.” For more real talk and high-fives, zoom over to Trip.com.


LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong’s Key Facilities & Services

Fitness CenterTop-notch workout space rocking the latest gym gadgets.
Business CenterAll day, every day zone with computers, printers, and all the office bits and bobs.

Swing by Trip.com for a full rundown of perks and services.

LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong’s Restaurants

LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong is proud of its yummy food spots to suit every taste. The hotel’s head cookery whips up local and worldwide tastes in an elegant room. You’ll dine like royalty with an amazing view of the city lights. For a light snack or a chill drink, the hotel’s café and bar is a snug place to relax after a full-on day.

For all the foodie info, go to Trip.com.

LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong’s Location

LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong is at 362, Samil-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea, where you’re just steps from all the city’s cool places to see and ways to get around. The closest subway stop, Euljiro 1(il)-ga, is a quick hop away and connects you to Seoul’s big train web.

LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong’s Nearby Attractions

Seoul bursts with both old and new must-sees, and LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong is smack in the middle. From old royal digs to hip shopping zones, there’s a little something for all. Don’t miss the Best Things to Do in Seoul and remember to grab the South Korea Tax Refund to sweeten your trip even more.



What are the check-in and check-out times at LOTTE City Hotel Myeongdong?

You can check in starting at 3:00 PM and need to check out by noon. This gives you loads of time to enjoy your stay.

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