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Ascott Macau Reviews: Best Deals, Address & Facilities

by Ethan
Ascott Macau

Explore the cozy and easy-going vibe of Ascott Macau, nestled in the lively heart of Macau. If you’re hitting the road for work or just to have fun, this top-notch stay will wow you from the start. It’s packed with top-tier amenities, sits in the perfect spot, and dishes out a bunch of mouthwatering food choices. Ascott Macau really stands out. Dive into this full guide to snag the hottest deals, read real talk from guests, check out the cool things you can do there, and lots more!

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## Ascott Macau Overview

Ascott Macau shines bright as a fancy and stylish place to stay, treating guests to a fancy spot in this buzzing city. Every suite at Ascott Macau is super fancy, giving you the best in cozy and posh vibes. The hotel has all sorts of rooms, from big studios to fancy two-bedroom suites that are just right for families or folks in town for work who want to feel more at home. Mixing Portuguese and Chinese vibes, Ascott Macau lets guests dive into the cool culture mix that’s special to Macau.

## Ascott Macau’s Best Deals

Smart wanderers know nailing the best deals means a more awesome visit, and Ascott Macau’s got your back. With different promos and packages, you can live it up in luxury without breaking the bank. Planning to stick around for a while or just popping in for the weekend? Ascott Macau has deals that fit your plans and wallet. Check out the specials, early bird deals, and last-minute steals for a real good bargain.

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## Ascott Macau’s Reviews

Ascott Macau is super proud of its top-notch service and sweet places to stay, and the rave reviews show it. Guests on Trip.com give big props to Ascott Macau for making them feel at home. People really dig the friendly staff, the big, fancy rooms, and how easy it is to get around from the hotel. Like one visitor said, “Ascott Macau was a dream come true! It’s swanky but so friendly – the best home base for seeing all of Macau’s cool spots.”

For more reviews, please check out [Trip.com](https://www.trip.com/hotels/w/detail/?Allianceid=3993212&hotelid=2801651&locale=en-XX).

## Ascott Macau’s Key Facilities & Services

Ascott Macau’s got everything to make your stay easy-peasy and fun. There’s super-fast internet for work stuff and in-room dining for those chill nights in. Everything at Ascott Macau is made to keep you comfy.

For more Facilities & Services, have a peek at [Trip.com](https://www.trip.com/hotels/w/detail/?Allianceid=3993212&hotelid=2801651&locale=en-XX).

## Ascott Macau’s Restaurants

Food at Ascott Macau is as varied as it gets, and every bite’s a treat. Craving world flavors or local bites? The hotel’s eateries have your back. They put as much thought into the vibe as they do the food to make sure your meal’s as fancy and refined as Ascott Macau itself. Chefs pick only top-notch stuff to cook with, so you’re in for a tasty adventure.

Wanna know more about the restaurants? Take a look at [Trip.com](https://www.trip.com/hotels/w/detail/?Allianceid=3993212&hotelid=2801651&locale=en-XX).

## Ascott Macau’s Location

Ascott Macau
No. 339 R. Cidade de Braga, Nape, Macau

Right in the buzzing Nape area, Ascott Macau’s just a hop, skip, and jump from the Macau Ferry Terminal and like 15 minutes by car from Macau International Airport. If buses are your ride, no sweat – the hotel’s hooked up to Macau’s smooth bus system so you can get around and explore with no fuss.

## Ascott Macau’s Nearby Attractions

Chill at Ascott Macau and you’re all set to uncover Macau’s gems. From the old-school Ruins of St. Paul’s to the bright lights of the Cotai Strip, there’s a heap of cool places waiting for you. And if bouncing between Hong Kong and Macau is in the cards, give the [Macau Golden Bus](https://whynotholiday.com/destinations/asia/macau/macau-golden-bus/) a go. With a prime location like Ascott Macau, your adventure in this enchanting city is just starting.


## FAQ

**What are the check-in and check-out times at Ascott Macau?**

Roll in and check in from 3:00 PM and head out by noon.

**Does Ascott Macau have special packages for long stays?**

Yep, Ascott Macau hooks you up with sweet deals for longer stays. Call them up or look online to see what’s cooking.

**Does Ascott Macau have a ride to the airport?**

They sure do. Hit up the hotel ahead of time to arrange a lift to the airport.

**Can I grab a bite to eat at Ascott Macau?**

Absolutely! Ascott Macau has some killer places to eat, from worldwide eats to hometown plates.

**Is Ascott Macau kid-friendly?**

You bet! Ascott Macau welcomes families with open arms, offering rooms and stuff that make staying with kids a breeze.

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