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Mandarake Japan Location : Gateway to Japanese Pop Culture Treasures

by Naoi Rei

Mandarake : Japan is renowned for its rich and diverse pop culture scene, encompassing anime, manga, video games, and more. For enthusiasts and collectors, Mandarake is a name that holds immense significance. With its numerous locations across Japan, Mandarake serves as a treasure trove for all things related to Japanese pop culture. In this article, we will explore the significance of Mandarake Japan locations and why they are a must-visit for pop culture enthusiasts.

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The History of Mandarake

Mandarake was founded in 1980 by Masuzo Furukawa, who started the business as a small store specializing in used manga. Over the years, the company expanded its offerings to include a wide range of pop culture merchandise, including anime, video games, figures, and collectibles. Today, Mandarake is one of the largest retailers of used manga and pop culture items in Japan, with multiple locations spread across the country.

Mandarake Location

NAKANO BROADWAY Nakano 5-52-15, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
(Press 51 to connect with office)
E-mailorder-en@mandarake.co.jp (English)
nakano@mandarake.co.jp (Japanese)
Access[Nakano Station]
•JR Chuo Line
•JR Chuo-Sobu Line
•Tokyo Metro Tozai Line
5 minutes walk from JR Nakano Station North Exit.
Business hours12:00 noon to 8:00pm.
(Reception for buy back stand closes at 7:30pm)
Open every day of the year.
DirectionsLeave Nakano station via the north exit and head north, straight away from the station.
Cross the road and walk through the covered shopping street.
At the end of this street you’ll see a big red sign that says “Nakano Broadway”.
As you enter, you’ll see one our stores, Mon, on the right.

Mandarake : A Wide Range of Pop Culture Treasures

One of the key reasons why Mandarake Japan locations are so popular is the vast array of pop culture treasures they offer. Whether you are a fan of classic anime series like “Dragon Ball” or “Sailor Moon,” or prefer the latest releases, Mandarake has something for everyone. From rare manga volumes to limited edition figures and vintage video games, you can find it all at Mandarake.

For example, at the Mandarake Complex in Nakano Broadway, Tokyo, you can explore multiple floors dedicated to different aspects of pop culture. The manga floor houses an extensive collection of manga from various genres and eras. The figure floor showcases a wide range of collectible figures, including popular characters from anime and video games. The cosplay floor offers a plethora of costumes and accessories for cosplayers. With such a diverse range of offerings, Mandarake ensures that every visitor can find something of interest.

Mandarake : Authenticity and Quality Assurance

One of the concerns when purchasing pop culture merchandise, especially collectibles, is the authenticity and quality of the items. Mandarake addresses this concern by implementing a rigorous quality assurance process. The company thoroughly inspects and verifies the condition of each item before it is made available for sale. This ensures that customers can trust the authenticity and quality of the products they purchase from Mandarake.

Mandarake : Online Shopping Convenience

While visiting a physical Mandarake store is an experience in itself, the company also offers the convenience of online shopping. Through their website, customers can browse and purchase a wide range of pop culture items from the comfort of their homes. Mandarake ships internationally, allowing fans from around the world to access their extensive collection. This online presence has further expanded the reach of Mandarake and made it accessible to a global audience.

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1. Are the items at Mandarake Japan locations only in Japanese?

No, Mandarake caters to a global audience and offers a wide range of items in various languages, including English. You can find manga, anime, and other pop culture items in both Japanese and English languages.

2. Are the prices at Mandarake Japan locations reasonable?

Mandarake offers a mix of new and used items, allowing customers to find options that suit their budget. While some rare and limited edition items may be priced higher, there are also affordable options available for those on a tighter budget.

3. Can I sell my pop culture items to Mandarake?

Yes, Mandarake accepts the sale of pop culture items from individuals. You can bring your items to a Mandarake store, and they will assess their condition and offer you a price. This is a great option for collectors looking to sell or trade their items.

4. Are there any Mandarake Japan locations outside of Tokyo?

Yes, Mandarake has multiple locations across Japan, including cities like Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. Each location offers a unique selection of pop culture items, making it worth exploring different Mandarake stores.

5. Can I find rare and limited edition items at Mandarake Japan locations?

Yes, Mandarake is known for its extensive collection of rare and limited edition pop culture items. Whether you are looking for a vintage manga volume or an exclusive figure, Mandarake is a great place to find such treasures.


Mandarake Japan locations serve as a gateway to Japanese pop culture treasures. With their vast collection of manga, anime, video games, figures, and more, Mandarake offers something for every pop culture enthusiast. The company’s commitment to authenticity and quality assurance ensures that customers can trust the items they purchase. Whether you visit a physical store or shop online, Mandarake provides a convenient and exciting shopping experience. So, if you are a fan of Japanese pop culture, make sure to visit a Mandarake Japan location and explore the wonders it has to offer.

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