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Sai Kung Hoi Arts Festival 2024 : Embracing Art and Nature

Discover the Uniqueness of Sai Kung Hoi : An Artistic Haven

by Ethan

Nestled in the heart of Sai Kung’s picturesque islands, the Sai Kung Hoi Arts Festival 2023 presents a spectacular fusion of art, history, and nature. Expanding beyond Yim Tin Tsai, the festival now includes Sharp Island, Kau Sai Chau, and High Island, offering a canvas where culture and natural beauty coalesce.

 Sai Kung Hoi Arts Festival 2023 Theme: “Joy Again, Isle” – A Journey Through Art and History

The theme ‘Joy Again, Isle’ marks the festival’s commitment to blend the area’s rich historical tapestry with contemporary art. The islands of Sai Kung Hoi transform into vibrant stages where visitors can immerse themselves in the local heritage and the transformative power of art.

“Joy Again, Stories” – Narrating Sai Kung’s Hidden Tales

In its second year, the festival introduces ‘Joy Again, Stories’. This theme celebrates the untold narratives of Sai Kung, brought to life through innovative artworks inspired by local stories and materials. Experience a unique blend of past and present, where each piece narrates a chapter of Sai Kung’s hidden history.

 Sai Kung Hoi Arts Festival 2023 Event Overview: Dates, Venues, and Access


November 15, 2023, to January 14, 2024


Spanning Sai Kung Town, Yim Tin Tsai, Sharp Island, Kau Sai Chau, and High Island.


Open to all, free of charge.

For detailed timings and schedules, visit skhartsfestival.hk/en.

What to Expect: Art, Tours, and Engaging Activities

Interactive Art Installations

Delve into the creative minds of artists who have crafted pieces that resonate with Sai Kung’s essence.

Guided Tours and Thematic Programs

Join free guided tours to uncover the stories behind the artworks and the islands’ heritage.

Public Programs

Engage with various thematic programs designed to enhance the festival experience, catering to all age groups and interests.

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