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12 Top Gift Ideas From Japan : Must-Buy Japanese Souvenirs for Your Trip

by Naoi Rei

12 Top Gift Ideas From Japan : When visiting Japan, it’s not difficult to find souvenirs, but the real challenge is choosing from the plethora of options. If you’re having a hard time deciding, consider our recommendations for 12 must-buy Japanese souvenirs. Some of these are personal favorites and can save you a lot of time on your trip.

After indulging in your own food and experiences, don’t forget to buy Japanese souvenirs to show your appreciation to friends and family. The great thing about buying souvenirs in Japan is that each visit offers something new. Whether it’s food, decorations, toys, memorabilia, medicines, cosmetics, clothing, or more, you’ll find a wide variety to choose from. And no matter which prefecture you visit in Japan or the time of year, you can discover unique or seasonal Japanese souvenirs. Let’s dive into our top 12 recommendations and provide the latest information on duty-free shops and transportation.

Top Gift Ideas From Japan : 12 Must-Buy Japanese Souvenirs

1. Japanese Souvenir: Dean & Deluca Jam Cookies

此為 10 件裝,屬節日限定

Photo By Trip.com

Dean & Deluca is a beloved brand in Japan and Hong Kong. In addition to their well-known tote bags, their jam cookies are also a top choice for gifts. During special occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Valentine’s Day, they offer sets of 10 jam cookies made with high-quality jam, both delicious and beautifully packaged. When traveling outside of specific holidays, you can buy 45-piece rectangular tin boxes with 11 flavors, including sugar glaze, jam, caramel, and nuts, which make great gifts for family, friends, or colleagues.

  • Price: JPY 1,296 (10 pieces), JPY 3,456 (45 pieces)

2. Japanese Souvenir: Royce Chocolate-covered Orange Peel Bars

Royce 出品的朱古力一直是手信之選

Photo By Trip.com

Royce chocolates from Hokkaido are beloved by many in Hong Kong and are known for being considerably cheaper when purchased in Japan. The champagne-flavored chocolate on the right in the picture is a personal favorite. However, if you find it a bit repetitive to buy the same one every time, the chocolate-covered orange peel bars on the left are also worth recommending. These bars feature a perfect balance of non-bitter orange peels covered in delicious chocolate. They come in packs of 16 bars (two packs, 8 bars each).

  • Price: JPY 891

3. Japanese Souvenir: Tiger Confectionery Small Yokan Sweets


Photo By Trip.com

Yokan is a popular Japanese souvenir known for its authenticity. Yokan is made by boiling red and white beans and turning them into a special bean paste. The production process requires careful inspection by skilled artisans to ensure consistent quality. Yokan comes in various flavors to suit different tastes. Travelers can buy individual pieces, sets of five (packaged in gift boxes), sets of seven, as well as sets of 14, 18, and 96 pieces, with prices ranging from a few hundred yen to 30,000 yen. The gift sets come in various flavors and will surely not disappoint.

  • Price: JPY 1,620 (5 pieces), JPY 2,160 (7 pieces)

4. Japanese Souvenir: Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten (General Store) – Chūken Hachikō

每個忠犬八公只是 JPY 400

The Japanese souvenir we recommend this time is the palm-sized Hachikō. It’s adorable and compact, featuring a fortune slip inside, allowing you to check your daily fortune. If you visit Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten, you might be tempted to buy an entire box of Hachikō at once. These cute Hachikō figures can be placed in your home to pay respects daily. In addition to these loyal dogs, the store offers Daruma dolls, beckoning cats, Nara deer figurines, and other items, which you’ll likely love to share with friends who share the same preferences.

  • Price: JPY 400

5. Japanese Souvenir: I’m Doraemon Cookie Tin

鐵盒內的曲奇印有多啦 A 夢不同的臉容表情

Photo By Trip.com

What’s a visit to Japan without some Doraemon? This box of popular Japanese souvenirs is beloved by people of all ages. Inside, you’ll find 10 individually wrapped cookies, each featuring a different facial expression of Doraemon. The tin box is also beautifully designed, with Doraemon characters on all sides. If you have a friend who loves Doraemon but has trypophobia (a fear of irregular patterns of holes), this could lead to a humorous reaction.

  • Price: JPY 864

6. Japanese Souvenir: Japanese Shinshu Apple Girl Pancakes


Photo By Trip.com

This is another personal favorite. Just looking at the award label in the upper right corner of the box tells you it’s a must-try. Each piece in this Japanese souvenir box of Shinshu apple girl pancakes is individually wrapped and consists of apple slices. The pancake shell is thin and crispy, bursting with the rich flavor of apples. After eating one, you’ll quickly become addicted, and there will be a lingering apple taste in your mouth. These Japanese Shinshu apple girl pancakes come in different packaging sizes, and since they are lightweight, they won’t add much weight to your luggage.

  • Price: JPY 1,000 (24 pieces)

7. Japanese Souvenir: Blue Bottle Coffee Organic Coffee Beans

Bella Donovan 原粒有機咖啡豆,帶有果香和朱古力味

Photo By Trip.com

Originating from the United States, Blue Bottle has been a beloved coffee brand among Hong Kong residents. While there are cafes in Hong Kong, the variety available in Japan is even more extensive. Apart from coffee beans, you’ll find various merchandise with the iconic “Blue Bottle” logo, including tote bags, cups, instant coffee powder, and more. You can also find limited-edition coffee bean sets at specific times, making them a great Japanese souvenir option.

  • Price: JPY 1,587

8. Japanese Souvenir: Sakakado Moto Honten (Yukari) Original Shrimp Chips


Photo By Trip.com

Following the traditional Edo period production methods, these shrimp chips are baked for over seven days. They’re so delicious that it’s hard to describe the sensation; it feels like you’re eating a whole shrimp! The original shrimp chips come in an 8-piece bag and in black tin boxes ranging from 12 to 56 pieces, with a variety of seafood flavors available to cater to different preferences.

  • Price: JPY 691 (8 pieces), JPY 1,080-5,400 (12-56 pieces)

9. Japanese Souvenir: Eitaro Ameya Eitaro Sweets


Photo By Trip.com

What sets these Japanese souvenirs apart is their crispy texture. They melt in your mouth instantly, and some flavors feature two layers in one piece, offering a perfect blend of sourness and sweetness. They come in packs of five, but you can also find special edition gift boxes that are equally worth considering.

  • Price: JPY 594 (5 pieces)

10. Japanese Souvenir: YOKUMOKU Cigare Cookies


Photo By Trip.com

These cookies are not a rarity among Japanese souvenirs but are incredibly popular. What makes them a must-buy is not their uniqueness but their affordability. They have a rich Hokkaido milk flavor and are a favorite for many. Even famous figures like Lin Chi-ling chose them for their wedding.

  • Price: JPY 972 (14 pieces), JPY 1,458 (20 pieces), JPY 2,160 (30 pieces)

11. Japanese Souvenir: First Sun Love Lotion Sheets


Photo By Trip.com

These cooling sheets, known for their effectiveness, can provide relief for discomfort from rashes and irritations. Unlike regular adhesive bandages, these dissolve naturally after 30-60 minutes, leaving no odor or residue. They don’t cause irritation, making them a top choice for Japanese souvenirs.

  • Price: JPY 1,320 (12 pieces), JPY 1,980 (24 pieces) (It’s advisable to compare prices at different pharmacies)

12. Japanese Souvenir: ROIHI-TSUBOKO Acupressure Patches


Photo By Trip.com

When it comes to buying souvenirs in a drugstore, Hong Kong residents are likely familiar with this heat-sensitive acupressure patch. It’s handy for relieving neck and shoulder pain by increasing blood circulation through heat. In summer, it can provide a cooling sensation. Many travelers buy several boxes for personal use and as gifts.

  • Price: JPY 1,036 (156 pieces) (It’s advisable to compare prices at different pharmacies)

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Remember to check the latest travel restrictions and guidelines before planning your trip. Enjoy your Japanese souvenir shopping!

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