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6 Best Travel Apps to Navigate South Korea : Mastering Your Korean Adventure

by Ethan
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When embarking on a journey to South Korea, the last thing you want is to find yourself lost in translation, stranded without a clue on which bus to take, or struggling to understand the intricacies of Google Maps written solely in Hangul. Fear not! The era of uncertainty is long gone, thanks to a plethora of robust and user-friendly Korean travel apps tailored for international tourists. In this guide, we unveil the top-notch apps that will become your trusty companions for an enriching South Korean adventure.

– Maps Apps –

Best Travel Apps : 1. Naver Maps: Your Bilingual Guide

The Naver Maps app is a game-changer for travelers, boasting a comprehensive array of features, including subway routes, bus information, taxi fare estimates, and more. It was initially available only in Korean, but now offers a convenient 뚷English or Chinese interface.  Naver Maps can become your go-to app, with maps and directions available in English or  Chinese, making navigation through South Korea a breeze. However, it’s important to note that some place names remain in English letters and translations are in simplified Chinese.

Best Travel Apps : 2. Kakao Maps: An Alternative to Naver

Kakao Maps is another solid choice for navigation. While it may not have a Chinese interface, it offers features like 3D maps, bus arrival times, and distance calculations similar to Google Maps. The app primarily supports English and Korean.Navigating through Kakao Maps is quite similar to using Google Maps. However, note that bus stop names are still displayed in Korean, which might pose a challenge for non-Korean speakers.

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– Language Translation Apps –

Language can often be a barrier when traveling, and South Korea is no exception. These translation apps will ensure you’re never lost in translation:

Best Travel Apps : 3. Naver Papago – AI Translator

Naver Papago Translate is an excellent choice for travelers seeking reliable translation. It supports multiple languages, including traditional Chinese and English. The app allows you to translate text, voice, and even images, making it a versatile tool for navigating Korean menus or signs.

Best Travel Apps : 4. Line Korean Translator

If you prefer not to download additional apps, Line offers an in-app feature that translates between English, Chinese and Korean. While not always 100% accurate, it’s a handy option for basic conversations and quick translations.

Best Travel Apps : 5. Conversation Translator

For real-time voice translation, Conversation Translator is your best bet. It supports a wide range of languages, including Cantonese, making it a useful tool for seamless communication with locals.

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– Hailing a Cab in Korea –

Best Travel Apps : 6. Kakao Taxi

Kakao Taxi is a familiar name among travelers in South Korea. It’s the go-to app for booking taxis, but do note that you’ll need a Korean phone number to use it effectively. With Kakao Taxi, you can track the location of your taxi and the estimated time of arrival, making transportation a breeze in South Korea.

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