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8 Best Hotels in Las Vegas 2024, Near Strip (Cheap+Luxury Options)

by Ethan
8 Best Hotels in Las Vegas 2024, Near Strip (Cheap+Luxury Options)

Going to Las Vegas is a huge treat, and picking the perfect place to stay can turn your trip to this glittering city into the best time ever or a total flop. Vegas shines bright with its flashy lights, non-stop fun, and fancy hotels. There’s a spot for everyone, from those who adore living it up in luxury to those who want a nice, snug base for their adventure. Let’s dive into the cream of the crop places to bunk down that’ll make your Vegas adventure unforgettable.

Best Hotels in Las Vegas: The Venetian Resort

Imagine luxury wrapping around you like a warm blanket—The Venetian Resort is just that. Step into a world inspired by the charming streets of Venice, cruising on gondolas through impressive canals right inside the resort. Packed with swanky suites, yummy eats, and endless fun, The Venetian is like a slice of Italy tucked away in Vegas.

Best Hotels in Las Vegas: The Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Dripping with class, The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is what Vegas posh is all about. Catch the amazing fountain show, or cozy up in rooms with jaw-dropping sights and plush extras. The casino buzzes with thrills, and don’t miss the jaw-dropping Cirque du Soleil act. Plus, top chefs dish out knockout meals to make your time here truly magical.

Best Hotels in Las Vegas: ARIA Resort & Casino

ARIA Resort & Casino shines bright with its sleek look and super-cool room tech. Dig into a mix of food spots, party the night away, and try your luck at their fresh-as-can-be casino. ARIA’s all about new ideas and luxury with a fun twist, treating you to a top-tier stay that’s second to none.

Best Hotels in Las Vegas: Wynn Las Vegas

At Wynn Las Vegas, they really know how to lay on the fanciness. You’ve got designer stores, top-of-the-line nosh, and a super green golf course. And get this, rooms come with massive windows that show off killer views, plus there’s no end to the cool things to do. Don’t forget to check out the enchanting Lake of Dreams show, without even stepping outside the hotel!

Best Hotels in Las Vegas: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Cool, snazzy, and on-trend, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas leads the pack. Smack in the middle of the Strip, this hotel has living spaces that feel like swanky apartments with outdoor spots to take in the amazing city sights. Big on nightlife, clever dishes, and unique pools, it’s the spot for a stay with style.

Best Hotels in Las Vegas: MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

The MGM Grand Hotel & Casino is your ticket to the mega-fun Vegas stuff. Famous for shows like the mesmerizing KÀ by Cirque du Soleil, it’s got a giant casino and a posh pool scene. Plus, celeb chefs dish up awesome eats—making every second at the MGM Grand spark with wonder and taste.

Best Hotels in Las Vegas: Caesars Palace

Take a trip to the lap of luxury at Caesars Palace. It stands grand with its epic builds and statues inspired by ancient Rome. It’s a hot spot for the stars, with ritzy shops, a big gaming area, and the famous Colosseum hosting stars galore. Soak up the lush vibes and live like kings and queens while you’re here.

Best Hotels in Las Vegas: The Palazzo at The Venetian

Go all out at The Palazzo at The Venetian, where luxury is limitless. Boosting the plush factor from its sibling, The Palazzo dazzles with huge suites, dreamy pools, oh-so-fancy eats, and classy shows. It’s a haven of ritzy comfort amid the buzzing city vibes.


What are the best family-friendly hotels in Las Vegas?

For a trip with the kiddos, The Venetian Resort is a great pick with stuff to do for all ages, and the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino has massive pools and shows that kids just love.

Can you find luxury stays in Las Vegas that also offer great value?

Totally, you can live it up in luxury without breaking the bank in Vegas. Places like ARIA and Wynn give you fancy amenities for a good price, especially if you snag a room when it’s less busy.

Are there any Las Vegas hotels that cater to adults only?

Yep, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is the place to be for grown-ups, with parties and pool scenes that are just for the adult crowd. It’s ideal if you’re after a vibe that’s all about mature fun.

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