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8 Best Hotels in Los Angeles 2024: From Glamour to Comfort

by Ethan
8 Best Hotels in Los Angeles 2024: From Glamour to Comfort

Dive into the wonders of Los Angeles with our guide to the top places to stay in this dazzling city. Whether you’re here for the star-studded streets of Hollywood, the humming business scene, or the endless sunshine at the beach, LA is packed with spots perfect for every kind of globe-trotter. Come along as we explore the cream of the crop in hotels, where plush comforts, extraordinary service, and a taste of the high life come together to craft memories you won’t forget.

Best Hotels in Los Angeles: The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles

Tucked into downtown Los Angeles’ bustling core, The Ritz-Carlton raises the bar for opulence. Sitting at 900 W Olympic Blvd, it drops you into the lap of live entertainment and thrilling sports action. With views that stretch across the city, the hotel woos its guests with a heavenly rooftop pool, a soothing spa, and swanky places to dine. The guest rooms—with their soft beds, sparkling marble bathrooms, and the latest gadgets—swaddle visitors in a cocoon of peace. Staying here isn’t just a simple visit—it’s a custom-crafted slice of elegance that truly captures LA’s spirit.

Best Hotels in Los Angeles: Hotel Bel-Air

Slide into a slice of refined grace at Hotel Bel-Air. Hidden in a grove, this legendary retreat offers a serene getaway. The enduring class of this spot, nestled in one of LA’s fanciest corners, welcomes folks into a realm of unique splendor. With rooms that fuse timeless charm with a dash of modern grace, Hotel Bel-Air is the gold standard for subtle richness. Here you can feast on fancy food, chill by the private pool, and enjoy spa treats designed to refresh and awaken your spirits. You won’t need directions to this well-loved haven of Hollywood’s A-list and savvy voyagers.

Best Hotels in Los Angeles: The Beverly Hills Hotel

As ‘The Pink Palace,’ The Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunset Boulevard is a symbol of everlasting glam and style. It shines as a beacon in the region, serving up plush stays that whisk guests back to the heyday of lush living. The storied hotel dazzles with stylish rooms, vibrant tropical gardens, and stellar guest care. The famed Polo Lounge, a serene spa, and the iconic pool keep it at the top of the list for those chasing a ritzy escape right in the buzz of Los Angeles.

Best Hotels in Los Angeles: Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

Settled at 300 S Doheny Dr, the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills wraps you in the fame and lux that its name suggests. A sanctuary glittering with high class, every twist and turn from the snazzy decor to the thoughtful service aims to elevate your visit. The rooms and suites gaze out over LA’s skyline and lush greens, setting the scene for rest and daydreaming. With a health hub and prize-winning eateries, including an open-air spot, your time here turns into a feast for the soul.

Best Hotels in Los Angeles: The NoMad Los Angeles

Sitting in Downtown LA’s historic Giannini Building, The NoMad Los Angeles bursts with flair and heritage. Inside, you’ll find a fusion of European elegance and LA’s lively culture, promising an enigmatic visit. Each room is skillfully decked out, offering a peaceful nook to wind down. The hotel’s rooftop pool, eye-catching eateries, and meticulous attention to detail ensure a visit that stays with you. Feast beneath the restored Italian sky-blue and gold ceiling, and soak up the legacy of one of LA’s most talked-about hotels.

Best Hotels in Los Angeles: Santa Monica Proper Hotel

Step into a more laid-back brand of luxury with Santa Monica Proper Hotel. Lying on 700 Wilshire Boulevard, this establishment crafts an experience for those who treasure thought-out style. The perfect mix of inside-outside living showcases Southern California’s carefree vibes. Airy rooms, a rooftop pool and bar, and a full-service wellness oasis serve as your sanctuary for maxing out on leisure. The hotel’s devotion to natural elements and local craftsmanship infuses every moment with a slice of Santa Monica’s allure.

Best Hotels in Los Angeles: Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

The Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills is the true face of this posh town’s grandeur. At 9850 Wilshire Blvd, this bastion of chic affords sweeping views, matchless service, and extravagant design. Each room showcases the height of pampering and ease, decked with top-notch comforts and a personal touch to make your stay utterly magnificent. The hotel’s dining spots, including an elevated terrace restaurant, serve up visual and tasty treats that tickle your fancy.

Best Hotels in Los Angeles: The Peninsula Beverly Hills

The Peninsula Beverly Hills centers on coziness and service tailored just for you. This five-star sanctuary at 9882 S Santa Monica Blvd spoils guests with lavishly styled rooms and a refined atmosphere. LA’s warm days enhance the outdoor pool and garden dining, painting a peaceful canvas for kicking back. From the minute you stride through the doors until you bid farewell, The Peninsula wraps you in a world of discreet, customized care that’s hard to beat.


What amenities can I expect at luxury hotels in Los Angeles?

Get ready for treats like sky-high pools, spa escapes, chef-driven restaurants, workout spots, and service that knows just what you need before you do. Many of these hotels also whip up special moments, like cooking classes with big-time chefs, VIP shopping, and spa treatments right in your room.

Are these hotels pet-friendly?

Lots of swanky LA hotels roll out the red carpet for your furry pals, providing comfy beds, bowls for chow and water, and yummy snacks. A few even offer pet pampering like walks and special menus. It’s a good idea to ask each hotel about how they treat four-legged guests.

How can I pick the best hotel for my LA adventure?

Think about what you’re after—spots to explore, a peaceful retreat, or how much you want to spend. If sights and sounds are your thing, choose a place close to the action. If unwinding is the goal, look for hotels that are like a spa paradise. Also, mull over the kind of fancy you’re up for and which perks matter to you the most. Scrolling through reviews and peeping at traveler snaps can help you nail down the best spot for your LA story.

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