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15 Best Cheap Weekend Getaways in Washington State 2024 (Award-Winning)

by Ethan
15 Best Cheap Weekend Getaways in Washington State 2024 (Award-Winning)

Looking for a getaway that’s easy on the pocketbook? Washington State serves up a menu of low-cost weekend adventures, perfect for anyone eager to chill out without emptying their purse. Whether you’re drawn to seaside sanctuaries or cozy mountain nooks, come and explore the Pacific Northwest’s magic with our list of cheap weekend getaways in Washington State for 2024. Dip into the gorgeous scenery, dive into hometown traditions, and make long-lasting memories while still keeping an eye on your budget.

1. Olympic National Park: Nature’s Marvel

Roam the wilds of Olympic National Park without spending a fortune. Its variety of landscapes means you can wander mossy rainforests, hike up mountain trails, or walk on windswept beaches. Snap up a low-cost camping spot or find a snug room in neighboring Forks or Port Angeles with off-season bargains, landing this park a spot on our list for cheap weekend getaways in Washington State.

2. Leavenworth: Bavarian Charm

Tucked in the Cascade Mountains, Leavenworth is Washington’s slice of Bavaria. Festivals happen all year and they’re free, boosting the town’s budget-friendly appeal. Wander the German-style streets, munch on tasty food that won’t cost a bundle, and hit the trails. Sleep tight in homey inns and lodges that won’t break the bank when you visit during quieter times.

3. San Juan Islands: Secluded Serenity

Set sail to the peaceful San Juan Islands on a shoestring budget. Consider camping or bunking in a hostel to slash sleeping costs. The ferry trip doubles as a scenic tour, with chances to see wildlife. Once there, enjoy no-cost fun like walking, beach strolling, and park visits. These islands are a treasure for wallet-friendly weekend trips.

4. Spokane: Urban Adventure

On Washington’s eastern edge, Spokane offers a city break that’s kind to your cash. Dive into free or cheap attractions like the impressive Spokane Falls and the sprawling Riverfront Park. Embark on a do-it-yourself tour of the city’s art and gobble up a wide range of food that’s as affordable as it is delicious. With plenty of budget sleeping options, Spokane is a steal for your excursion.

5. Mount Rainier National Park: Majestic Peaks

Rise to the view of Mount Rainier’s snowy peak without spending much. Camp out or find a cozy cabin nearby. You can hike through flower-filled meadows and past tumbling waterfalls just for the low park entrance fee. Visit in the off-peak season for cooler prices and smaller crowds, making stays nearby kinder to your wallet.

6. Walla Walla: Wine Country on a Dime

Sip on the tastes of Washington’s wine hub in Walla Walla without splurging. With its warm small-town atmosphere, Walla Walla welcomes you to wine rooms with free or low-cost tastings. Meander through the historic streets, enjoy the market or an art walk without spending a dime. Sleep in delightful bed-and-breakfasts or guesthouses, especially cheap outside of peak season.

7. Bellingham: Coastal College Town

Nestled between Seattle and the Canadian border, Bellingham merges seashore style with a lively atmosphere. Venture through the charming Fairhaven Historic District or hike in Whatcom Falls Park. The town sparks with budget-friendly or free events focused on music, art, and community life. From hostels to inexpensive hotels, a weekend here suits those hunting for cheap weekend getaways in Washington State.

8. Columbia River Gorge: Stunning Scenery

Marvel at the Columbia River Gorge’s beauty and fill your days with adventures that won’t drain your funds. Camp in the scenic wilds or find a modestly priced room in towns like Stevenson or White Salmon. Your days could be packed hiking to dramatic waterfalls, like Multnomah Falls, or taking in the views from plentiful lookout points. Much of the hiking and sightseeing is free, gifting you a value-packed weekend.

9. Long Beach Peninsula: Beachside Bliss

Relax on the Long Beach Peninsula, where sand stretches for miles and your dollars stretch further. Fly kites, comb the beach, or visit fun spots like the World Kite Museum without big bills. Pick from economical motels or campsites, and dine on local seafood that’s as affordable as it is fresh. With gentle sea air and many cheap things to do, it’s an ideal spot for a budget-friendly beach holiday.

10. The Palouse: Rolling Hills and Rural Charm

For camera buffs, The Palouse paints a picturesque scene with its undulating hills and country allure. Pocket-friendly attractions like the Codger Pole and Steptoe Butte showcase the area’s history and offer sweeping views. Sleep in family-run motels or B&Bs with heart and low rates. Visit in the quieter seasons to fully embrace the area’s calm and low-priced charm for your getaway.

11. Tacoma: Cultural Experiences on a Budget

Cultural seekers, Tacoma is your call for an affordable experience. Dive into free museum days at places like the Tacoma Art Museum, or wander the bustling waterfront. Relish cheap eats that mix international flavors with Northwest staples. Cozy inns offer special weekend prices, making cultural enrichment accessible without the high costs.

12. Methow Valley: Outdoor Recreation Haven

In Methow Valley, outdoor buffs can play without spending a packet. Tackle the trails, whether on foot or skis, and stay in a cute cabin or campground with off-season bargains. Winthrop and Twisp offer quaint cultural spots and a small-town feel that won’t strain your wallet, perfect for those after an outdoorsy, economical mini-vacation.

13. North Cascades National Park: Alpine Adventures

Plunge into the wilderness of North Cascades National Park, with towering peaks and lush forests, all for free. Camp beneath the stars or snag a deal in nearby towns. With no park entry fee and loads of trails and sights, your adventurous weekend promises to be as gentle on your bank account as it is exciting.

14. Sequim: Lavender Fields and Wildlife Viewing

Hit Sequim for a sunny break, even when the rest of Washington might be under clouds. Visit in summer to wander among blooming lavender for little or no cost. Seek out wildlife at Dungeness Spit or hike the Olympic Discovery Trail free of charge. With a mix of budget motels and camping options, Sequim is a sweet spot for a frugal jaunt.

15. Coupeville: Historical Whidbey Island Town

Step back in time in Coupeville on Whidbey Island, with history alive in Victorian buildings. Roam the streets or check out historical spots and natural reserves at no cost. Guesthouses and inns often have weekend specials, making this historical treasure a steal for a cost-effective escape.


What are some tips for finding the best deals on accommodations in Washington State?

  • Visit during the quieter times for lower prices.
  • Snag last-minute offers or specials straight from the places themselves.
  • Think outside the hotel box—try campsites, hostels, or rent a vacation spot.

How can I save money on food while traveling in Washington State?

  • Chow down where the locals go—food trucks, market stalls, or family-owned diners.
  • Pick places to stay that have kitchens so you can cook sometimes.
  • Catch deals during happy hours or early dining times at eateries.

Are there additional fees I should be aware of when visiting parks or natural attractions?

  • Some parks might ask for day-use or parking fees; look up their websites for specifics.
  • If you’re hitting multiple parks, think about an annual Discover Pass to save more.
  • Keep an eye out for no-fee days when parks let everyone in for free.

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