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The Louvre Museum : Ticket Discount, Price, Opening Hours & History

by Ethan
The Louvre Museum

Discover the Treasures of The Louvre: Priority Access and Exquisite Artworks Await

Dive into the rich tapestry of French culture and make tracks to the famous Louvre Museum in Paris. Overflowing with jaw-dropping art from all corners of the globe, this grand palace of creativity calls out to dreamers and knowledge-seekers everywhere. Snag a priority ticket and you’ll zip past the long lines, plunging right into the Louvre’s wonderland of masterpieces. More than just a museum stroll, it’s a voyage through time, unfolding stories upon stories through each art-filled space.

The Louvre Museum: A Portal to the Past

The Louvre stands mighty, weaving together centuries of history within its walls. As the largest treasure chest of art on Earth, it cradles an astonishing 35,000 artworks. With your special early entry ticket, you’re free to come face to face with the mysterious Mona Lisa, stand in awe of the elegant Venus de Milo, and get swept up by the powerful Raft of the Medusa, plus so many other gems.

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Skip the Line: Fast-Track Your Art Experience

One of the sweetest perks of your priority ticket is jumping over those snake-like queues. More time soaking in opulent galleries, and less time twiddling thumbs in line. Whether you’re tight on time or just itching to drink in as much art as you can, this is your golden key to an efficient, memorable day.

Package Options: Tailor Your Louvre Adventure

When planning your Louvre escapade, you’ve got a bunch of ticket styles to pick from, each serving up the museum in its own special way:

  • Entrance Ticket: Take your time and meander through at your whim with this basic priority pass.
  • Entrance Ticket with Multi-Language Audio Guide: Add layers to your visit with fascinating tidbits about the masterpieces around you.
  • Entrance Ticket with Access to Mona Lisa: Lock in your chance to stand before the world’s most famed painting.
  • Entrance Ticket with Seine River Sightseeing Cruise: Pair your art day with a spellbinding float down Paris’ iconic river.
  • Entrance Ticket + Eiffel Tower and Cruise Ticket: Hit up Paris’ top spots for a day packed with awe and adventure.

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Seamless Booking and Unforgettable Memories

Folks rave about the smooth booking and easy-as-pie entry these fast-pass tickets offer. They’re not only a steal, saving you both dough and precious moments, but also a no-brainer addition to any Paris journey, according to ecstatic Klook user reviews.

What to Expect: A Glimpse into the Louvre’s Wonders

Your Louvre visit is your golden ticket to a treasure trove of artistry. From age-old statues to Renaissance gems, diversity is the name of the game. Thanks to your speedy entry, jump headfirst into the splendor, taking your own sweet time, chasing down whichever art tickles your fancy.

Before you head out, grab the Museum Map to master the maze of exhibits. Plus, hit up the Official Website to stay hip to any cool events during your trip.

Practical Tips for Your Louvre Museum Visit

– Book up to 90 days ahead to make sure your spot is locked in, picking the prime time and date for your art adventure.
– Leave big bags behind—only small items stash away in free lockers here.
– Double the fun with a visit to the Eugène Delacroix Museum, included with your Louvre ticket.
– Dodge the crowds by sneaking in through the quieter underground entry.

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Explore Beyond the Louvre: Additional Parisian Wonders

Paris bursts at the seams with jaw-dropping spots and serene scenes. Tack on a trip to the Eiffel Tower or glide down the Seine with bundled tickets. Save a bundle and map out a magical Parisian script, ensuring no stone is left unturned in this captivating city.

Maximize Your Paris Stay with the Klook Pass

– Nab the Klook Pass Paris for a steal, whisking you into the Louvre and 17 other city attractions while shaving up to 31% off standalone tickets.
– This pass is your wallet-friendly wand to more of Paris, sweeping you from historic spots to cool new sights, spicing up your travels.



Can I cancel my Louvre Museum priority entrance ticket if my plans change?

It depends on the ticket type you select. Some tickets allow you to cancel and get a refund if you give 48-hour notice, while others may not offer this option.

Are there guided tours available at the Louvre?

Yes, take in the Louvre with a guided tour in different languages, and discover secrets of the museum’s star attractions.

Is it possible to visit the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower on the same day?

Absolutely! You can book special combo tickets that include the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and a river cruise, all in one go.

What should I do if I have a large bag or suitcase?

If you come burdened with big bags, smaller ones can be stashed in free lockers—just remember to pick them up the same day.

How can I avoid the crowds at the Louvre?

Your best bet to dodge the bustle is with a priority ticket. And slipping in through the underground entrance will help you get ahead of the pack.

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